Thursday, 5 January 2012

Why I Like...Jodie Carnell

Hullo everyone, and welcome, on this windswept miserable day (well, it is in Birmingham anyway). Today I thought it was time for another in my model appreciaiton series, and today's goddess is Miss Jodie Carnell.

What do we know about Jodie? Well, for a start, sometimes she's known as Jodie Karnell; I can't confirm this definitively but I think she uses the "K" when she tops. I do like a switchy woman!

She's a Northerner, from, I think, Sheffield, and she's in her mid to late twenties; she's been around the scene for a good number of years, and has appeared in a whole load of videos, most notably in those produced by Xerotics (from whose videos a lot of the photos here originated).

I first saw her in several clips on the Spanking Over Skirts site, and there are a couple of shots from there included.

She has also appeared as a top on the Strict Women site; yes, you guessed it, a couple of pictures from there have been used.

Physically Jodie is very attractive, with a plum shaped bum, just above which sits an elegant tattoo. She has a further one on her right shoulder. Her hair in generally a mix of black and blonde, and it really suits her, looking most alluring as it frames her reddening face during a spanking.

I believe she has stated that she hates the slipper but loves the cane. I think that may make her unique.

Jodie has a bubbly personality, and that peculiarly Northern bluntness that, rather than offending, seems actually to attract; she has a tendency to cast shy glances at the camera, especially then she herself is giving a spanking.

She takes a caning as comfortably as she does a hand spanking, and she just seems to be having a lot of fun, all of the time.

Sadly Jodie does not appear to have her own website; if anyone could put me in touch with her, or get her to email me, I'd be extremely grateful. I'd like to check some of my assumptions.

If you haven't seen any of Jodie's films I urge you to check them out soon; she is a delight to watch.

All the best


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