Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A slight return - for a good cause

Hello everyone. God. that's presumptuous, isn't it? There might be no one out there reading this.

I hope that a few of you are though. Actually, I hope that lots of people read this, because it's here for a good cause. The wonderful and very charity minded Danielle Hunt, whose interview here several thousand of you read, is doing her annual charity walk, this time in support of a Prostrate Cancer support group, and she'd like you to get behind her,

I think that this is an extremely worth while charity (as all of those that Dani has chosen to support are), and I hope that you can help her out.

I'll leave it to Dani to tell you more:-

I lay myself at your feet, cap in hand. Yes I want your money
but here is why. *Drumrolls* 
On bank holiday weekend next month – Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August 2016 - I am walking 60 miles {100 kilometres} to raise money for charity.

I obviously did not learn from my sprained ankle last year! *tsk tsk* 

The charity which I am supporting this year is Prostate Cancer UK, who are quite unknown and receive very little coverage in the media. 
I am supporting this particular charity this year as they do fantastic work with both prostate cancer sufferers and their families, as well as carrying out vital research. 

Supporting this particular charity is very important to me as my Grandfather {who has now passed} contracted a very aggressive form of Prostate Cancer when I was very young. Had this not been diagnosed at the time it was – he would have died within a year. Had he not been operated on straight away – he would have died within a year.

Last May, I did a 60 mile sponsored walk raising money for The Brain Tumour Charity and raised £6,250.00 in total. I was sore and crippled for a few weeks, but it was absolutely worth it. I am hoping to raise more this year. I have been spending a lot of time training recently.

The sponsored walk is part of the South Coast Challenge and takes place on Saturday 27th August 2016. The walk begins in Eastbourne, East Sussex, along the South Downs and ends in Arundel, West Sussex. When I finish the race, I will receive a medal, a certificate of completion and have my photograph taken at the finish line.

PROSTATE CANCER BEWARE, I'm going to walk all over you!


As well as doing the sponsored walk, I have also organised a Sponsored Spanking Party with spankees Mia Collins, Chloe, Scarlett – who is a brand new spankee, and this will be her very first party, and myself.

Gorgeous girls with gorgeous bottoms who want a firm spanking...strictly in the name of charity!

The parties will be held on Thursday 18th and Saturday 20th August and will take place in Birmingham and start at 1.30pm on both days. Lots of spanking fun guaranteed! 

ALL of the proceeds from the party will go to Prostate Cancer UK. It would be great if you could attend and give us all a sore bottom

If you are unable to attend a party, I really do hope that you will consider sponsoring me, as I do believe that Prostate Cancer UK are doing some amazing work, They receive no funding from the UK government and need every penny.

If you would like to sponsor me to do my walk, please email or ring me and I will add your pledge to my sponsorship form

Now, I better go and put my walking boots on.... just 5 weeks to go! Wish me luck! Pray to whoever your God is that I finish unscathed! A swollen ankle is a lot worse than a sore bum.


07763 870 589

Charity information:
Prostate Cancer UK
Registered charity number in England and Wales (1005541) and in Scotland (SC039332).
Registered office: Fourth floor, The Counting House, 53 Tooley Street, London SE1 2QN
Charity website: www.prostatecanceruk.org
Events coordinator Ms Bardha Krasniqi - bardha.krasniqi@prostatecanceruk.org

Party Information www.stingingtails.co.uk
South Coast Challenge information www.southcoastchallenge.com

I hope that you can help her out.

Best wishes


Thursday, 11 February 2016

It is with some regret....

I must offer my apologies for those of you who have kept coming back here, and especially to those of you who have commented or contributed in other ways, but this is the last post I intend to make to this blog.

There are a number of reasons for this:-

1. Practical one - the hard drive on which I had 2.5tb of spanking films, and from which I drew all of these lovely pictures, has suddenly packed in. It's a decent make (Seagate) and just 2 years old, so this is disappointing on many levels.

I'm not currently in a position to replace it (funds are too limited I'm afraid) and, even if I could, the files may not be recoverable. I'm certainly not in a position to rejoin all of those sites in order to collect the films again, and some, such as Pandora's Dreams of Spanking, and Shanelle's various sites, are no longer operational anyway.

2. Health issues - my recent health scare has passed, and I'm feeling pretty good (thanks to those of you who asked/sympathised), but I'm not getting any younger, and I do have a number of ongoing issues that I have to manage. 

3. Time matters - I'm going to be working more this year, and a lot of my free time is spoken for, so finding the hours each week that it takes to post here regularly is problematic.

4. Oh, let's call it apathy - I used to love writing this blog, but at the moment it just seems like too much effort. I think I may not be the only one who thinks this - I've had several ladies agree to interviews in the last few months, who haven't actually followed through after I sent them some questions.

In the main I've loved my time as a blog creator, and I've particularly enjoyed interracting with those of you who have commented, and those people involved in our spanking obsession that I've contacted.

I'm sure that, in a few days, I'll feel the odd twinge of regret, and I'll think about putting up some sort of post. The absence of all of my lovely spanking videos will certainly harden my heart, and allow me to fight off temptation.

I'd just like to wish any and all of my readers, regulars or just occasional visitors, the very best of health and luck, and, maybe, I'll run into some of you on one of the very many fine sites and blogs that continue to rattle along.

I'll leave this site up for as long as Blogger let it stay, so I hope that some of you will check back here and reread the odd favourite piece. Or just spend a happy few minutes browsing some of the lovely spanking pictures.

Thanks for your time.

I wish you all well.


Monday, 11 January 2016

Some apologies

Hello everyone; it's been a little while hasn't it?

I hope that all of you had a lovely Christmas, and a fine New Year, and that getting back into the routine of normal life hasn't been too jarring.

I'm sorry to say that I have had some health issues, and that the resolution of them is likely to keep me away from my blog until February, at least. 

So I'll have to leave you to all of the other fun spanking sites out there.

You might just want to have a quick peep at this video though, for some entertainment to keep you occupied; it's certainly one of my favourites! View it full screen for the maximum amount of fun.

Best wishes to you all