Thursday, 9 February 2012

Spanking Star Interview - Leia-Ann Woods

There are a number of obvious superstars in the spanking field, both in the US and the UK; if you are a regular reader of this blog it will come as no surprise to you to learn that I consider the luminous Leia-Ann Woods to be one of the greats.

Just why this is I have covered in my Model Appreciation Piece about her (go on - shameless plug; check it out! It's still on here) but for now, let's just say that she is beautiful, generous and talented.

Leia has been on the Scene for years, and has appeared in spanking videos for just about every decent producer; she started her own site Bars and Stripes a while ago (although she no longer works with them) and her most recent project has been the setting up of the Bottoms Up spanking parties.

She very kindly consented to answer a few questions for me, and here they are, along with her illuminating and thoughtful responses.

1. Sorry but I had to start with this. Your name; is someone a Stars War fan?

No it is a good question! When I first came on the scene I had a habit of wearing my hair in buns on either side of my head. The first time I went to a public scene event the gentleman I was with asked me what I would like to be known as. I was unsure because I had not thought about anonymity until that moment! He took one look at my buns and said, “How about Leia”. It has stuck ever since. I added the Ann Woods later on so I could have the initials LAW.

2. You’re much admired as a spanking model; how do you feel about so many people basically fixating on one part of your body?

I find it lovely in many ways. Most people on the scene are really good people and there is nothing that brightens my day more than a gentleman writing to me telling me how much he enjoyed a video he had seen me in.

3. I love that you continue to do one to one sessions; what do you get from them, and do you intend to carry on with them indefinitely?

Oh I get so much out of sessions. I love role-playing and some gentlemen I see really come up with original ones that I can get totally lost in. It is great I can experience different takes on corporal punishment too from the different gentlemen I see. No one person sees this scene in exactly the same way another person does.

4. Sorry, still curious. How many one to ones do you do a week on average?

That varies, but I do not see more than one person in a day as a sub.

5. You were never spanked as a child and neither was I. Do you think this makes it easier to accept CP as it has no inbuilt negative connotations for you?

I am not sure as I do not know how I would feel about the scene if I had been spanked for a while, but I do know many that were, either at home or at school and those experiences are the driving force for many of their fantasies today so maybe it is not all a negative thing. It is a complex topic and like many things I am guessing people react differently to childhood experiences.

6. Do you regularly dream of spanking? If so you do you find you do so more often when you’re stressed?

I do indeed, but they generally happen when I am in a relaxed state of mind. If I am stressed or unwell I tend to have dreadful nightmares, but we won’t talk about those too much!

7. Perhaps I've just been lucky in the people that I've interacted with, but I've generally found Spankos to be of above average intelligence and politeness. Do you have any thoughts on that?

I totally agree with you. In all my time on the scene I have had very few negative experiences. I have some very close friends on the scene who are intelligent, kind and funny, if a little eccentric!! I cannot tell you why this is the case, but it does seem to be true.

8. Going through the earlier Northern Spanking stuff, whenever they wanted to branch out into BDSM you seemed to be the go to girl. How wide is your experience of fetishism outside of spanking?

Oh I would not say that, Northern have done many BDSM scenes with quite a few models. However, my experience with fetishism runs far and wide. I have done many, many things in my private life under three different slave relationships and my present one is no different. One of the many things I love about the scene is that there is
always something new to discover.

9. I know that, in common with most who relish both roles, you came to switching some time into your career; actually I was surprised to find some relatively old topping stuff you did on Northern Spanking. Personally I find the act of topping to be sexual, and whilst bottoming arouses me in anticipation, I find the act more cathartic and emotional than physical. How do you experience the two roles?

Yes I did do some topping for Northern when I was fairly new to the scene, though I am far more experienced now and would like to think I am much better at it nowadays, but I cannot be objective. For me it is almost in reverse. I find submission to be an erotic experience (though it does not have to be), where the psychology can really play with my mind, especially where there is complete power exchange. In topping my enjoyment comes from my skill and accuracy with the implements and the joy of (hopefully) taking them to the places I go to with in that position.

10. After all these years in the scene does hearing someone say "spank" still give you a tingle?

Yes it does indeed! I did a session recently where the role-play became quite dark and I was being threatened with a public caning. He was asking me to imagine my bitter humiliation at having to bend over a trestle for a beating with my knickers round my knees. I found that rather hot!

11. You strike me as strong, intelligent and independent; does the patriarchal tone of many spanking videos bother you? So many seem to be “I’m a man and I know best, so get over my knee”. I still enjoy the spankings as much but the context sometimes bothers me.

I don’t think it is like that at all. Some of the biggest on-film ‘clashes’ I have had are with my best mate Lucy McLean of Northern Spanking where she was Matron and I was Mrs. Woods. This was when I was still co-running Bars and Stripes. I find the alpha-male rather hot so I guess I am a bit of a failed feminist, but as someone who does not do Father/daughter scenes there is nothing patriarchal about what I film.

12. I had an exchange of views with Thomas Cameron, of Dreams of Spanking, in which he said, for video purposes, it is more important that the top is a good actor than spanker. Do you have a view on this?

I am not sure I agree with him. Ideally I believe a top should be both. It is all very well coming up with a verbal performance worthy of an Oscar but if, for example, your caning is lame, or worse inaccurate, then the imagery of the film is all but lost. The CP must look real so I believe someone with at least a reasonable skill should really administer the CP.

13. Are spanking videos pornography? Does it matter if they are?

Oh gosh that is quite a question. In my opinion any media that turns you on sexually is pornography, so I would go for a yes to this. I really don’t think it matters that spanking videos come under the banner of being pornography; it really is nothing to be ashamed of.

14. A vanilla question; I read somewhere that you like thrillers. Name three favourite books or authors.

Tough one. Thrillers I like but I have to say they are not the only genre of book I read. My favourites at present have been the Bernie Gunther series written by Philip Kerr. These books are fascinating because although they are a thriller they are set in Germany during the run up of the Second World War, life during the war and post war Berlin. I guess these books have reminded me that not everyone wanted that regime and that life was tough for the average German too.

15. In the interview you did with NS you referred to running a business supplying alcohol while at school. Do you still drink, and if so, what's your favourite?

I do indeed! My favourite? Dom Perignon. It melts in your mouth and is (almost) better than sex. I have only had this drink twice for obvious reasons!

16. Sorry, inspired by the last question; you studied ballet, and I was wondering if you still practice it as a fitness aid?

Not at all! I swim nowadays. I suffered a serious knee injury during rehearsal for a ballet when I was with the ENB Company. I struggled to do high-end fitness that puts strain on the knees for years.

17. What led you to start the Bottoms Up parties? Do you find these group encounters more satisfying than one to ones?

This may sound a little arrogant but I believed I was able to bring something to the party aspect of the scene. I have done many parties myself and so I had the experience of them from the point of view of one of the girls. I hoped that if I came up with something new for a party then gentlemen would enjoy spending the afternoon with us. I really care about both the ladies AND the gentlemen h
aving a great afternoon of spanking joy!

18. How do you choose the models to book for the parties? I would imagine compatible personalities are the most important thing?

I will have ladies I know and I do prefer to have ladies who are really into the scene passionately. I think you are right with the personalities aspect but since most of us get along just grand that is not really a major issue. The main thing is that the ladies and the gents are happy to play with each other, that way everyone gets the most out of the day.

19. How big are the Bottoms Up parties? That is, how many girls and customers on average? And are there switching opportunities? Yes, I admit this question is really here because I am interested in trying to get to one at some point.

The numbers of gentlemen are 15-18 with 7-8 ladies at a party so they are no cattle market! There are indeed switching opportunities with the ladies present so gentlemen who believe they deserve it may bare their bottoms!

20. Have you thought about taking the Bottoms Up parties on the road at all? Birmingham would be a nice central place to hold one.

Sadly this is not something I can do because of the volume of equipment I need to take to a party and the fact that I would probably have to stay in a hotel the night before. Sadly it is just not a viable option, I am sorry! I hear Virgin trains are good though for those in the Midlands!

Well, I've had mixed experiences of our train network, but it's a fair point; I'm just a bit lazy and was kind of hoping for everyone to put themselves out, to come to me. Life is so unfair!

Anyway, very many thanks to Leia for donating her time to answer my questions, even the slightly inappropriate ones. She is a charming lady and I look forward to meeting her at one of the Bottoms Up parties later in the year.

Hope you enjoyed this post; I have several more interviews in various stages of preparation. Please let me know what you think, and whether there is anyone in particular you'd like to see interviewed here.

All the best


Pictures are originally from the sites they are stamped by; Northern Spanking, Punished Brats, Bars and Stripes, Strict Women and Leia's own Bottoms Up


  1. Excellent interview! I particularly enjoyed Leia's answer to number 5, which is spot on in my experience. I used to think that childhood experiences would be a negative thing but since then I've met so many people who eroticise their own childhood encounters - especially school experiences - that I've had to open my mind about it. Everyone is different.

    Lovely description of the joys of topping too: "In topping my enjoyment comes from my skill and accuracy with the implements and the joy of (hopefully) taking them to the places I go to with in that position." I can really empathise with that.

  2. I second that description :) Lovely to read your thoughts, Leia; I particularly liked the reversal of views between how you interact with switching and how Tim does.

    I am going to have to pick one slight nit, though, Tim: when we discussed Tops on film, I'm fairly sure I didn't say being an actor was more important than being accurate, having presence, etc. I was agreeing that some Tops fail at the acting, even if they have accurate implement technique (which is also not always true!) The good, professional Tops I've seen are all good Tops and actors: Stephen Lewis, The Gov'nor, Lucy MacLean and Miss. Hunter spring to mind, though that's not an exhaustive list. Here's the previous conversation, I'll let people make up their own minds :)

  3. Hey Tim. Thank you for posting this and I am pleased that so many have read it and have not found my meanderings too tedious ;-)

  4. Leia Ann is a lovely young lady who ive enjoyed seeing spanked and given whacks to other girls at Northern and Dreams Of Spanking and others ,best from Tim S.

  5. Of all the spankees in Britain I would have liea at the top in any poll, would love to spank her of course but would also love to see her post spanking with a view to rubbing it better just for a different form of the scene