Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Well, hoo fliippin' ray - my first spanking party tomorrow

Yes, I'm sorry; I have been away a while. Just too many other things to do sometimes.

Anyway, just a quick post today; tomorrow afternoon I'm off to my very first spanking party, in Nuneaton, here in the (currently) sunny West Midlands.

It's one of Central Spanking Parties regular dos, and I'm primarily going because the delightful Fae Corbin (who I'm sure you all remember from her interview here) encouraged me to try one; she says she'll look after me and guide me through it, so here's hoping!

I've done quite a few one to ones (including a wonderful two hours on Monday this week) but I admit to being nervous about a group encounter. Apart from anything else I've never witnessed an adult being spanked in real life; videos don't count, and it really isn't the same when I'm doing the spanking!

So, I'm hoping for a good time, and I plan on telling you all about it - no names or anything, of course, but what happens and how it feels. 

If you happen to have read this, and attending the party, please come and say hello to the fat guy who goes by the name "Tim"; I'd hate to feel lonely or left out.

So, there you have it, and hopefully I'll be back soon to tell you how it went.

All the best 


Pictures provided by the generosity of Spanking Digital - why not have a look at them?