Saturday, 7 January 2012

Why I Like...Danielle Hunt

Welcome back (or, indeed, for the first time if you haven't been here before); today I have another in my series of model appreciation pieces.

This time I'd like to recommend to you the effervescent Danielle Hunt, a 21 year old English girl.

As you can see from the adjacent pictures she has a truly spectacular bottom (I know, it's shallow to focus on looks, but it does draw the eye); in addition she is very pretty, with bouncing black locks of hair.

As you may guess from her age, Danielle hasn't been around the scene for all that long, having answered an ad while looking for modelling work. That was for Redstripe Films, and, while she initially found being spanked a painful experience, her limits grew rapidly.

She has now appeared in videos for a number of producers, including Wellspanked (look for the clips on Spanking Tube), Spanking in Uniform (a site I have already reviewed on this blog) and, most recently, Triple A Spanking. She will appear on Spanking Sarah in the near future.

Danielle is also one of those performers who still schedule one to one sessions (which, if you are a long time reader, you will know always endears models to me), and she is available all over the country. Check out her page on Spankee Finder, where you can also see some more photos of her.

So, why do I like Danielle? She's pretty, has a great bottom, a bubbly personality and, if her webpage is any guide, a real love of spanking. It's delightful to see her rear wriggle as a spanker's hand bounces off it, and she acts quite convincingly. Check out Spanking in Uniform especially.

She is accessible and down to earth, and I'd love to put her over my knee sometime.

Who knows? It might happen.

All the best



  1. Danielle is a fabulous spankee who has a great looking bottom. She is a good actress and compliant. Her bottom can take a good thrashing, and she dresses to please. I love her long black hair and sparking eyes.

  2. Danielle is fabulous! Nothing short of wonderful!!!! she's a lovely personality and gives 110%. Perfect!

  3. She is an angel - pure and simple! I'm in love with her!!

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  5. I wish Danielle would put me over her lap she is so beautiful cant find many vids of her playing the mistres roles . stephen lang

  6. I wish i was Danielle slave i would love her to put me over her lap and spank me so hard wish she would play more dominant roles