Tuesday 24 January 2012

Website Review - My Spanking Roommate

Ah, hullo, hullo! Come in, quickly now! Wipe your feet on the mat and shake that icy rain from off your shoulders. Do you need a towel to dry your hair? No? Okay then. let me pour you a drink, and we can get started.

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Anyway, we are here today to have a look at My Spanking Roommate, a US paysite that is run by the stunningly energetic Clare Fonda.

The site is a little different than most, styling itself as a spanking soap opera with a consistent (but substantial) cast of characters; at present there are 97 separate episodes on line, often of up to 30 minutes duration each.

Each episode has build up, and at least one spanking; many clips have multiple punishments, often of different girls. There are also a number of videos featuring one of my favourite spanking things; the tables being turned, with the spanker becoming the spankee.

The site is extremely good value at £16.88 per month, billed on a recurring basis by CCBill. The preview section is very good, and well worth checking out.

The site updates 3 times each week, with each episode being broken down into a number of relatively small clips (often 8 or 10 for each), before being collected into a larger single (actually in practice between 1 and 4) larger file once completed. There is also a splendid photo gallery for each episode.

Personally I can't be bothered with the smaller updates, so I've downloaded each episode using the large full episode option; these downloads can be quite substantial (the longest I recall was 298 meg, but there are a lot that run over 100 meg at a time). This reflects not only the length of the clips but also the very fine image quality.

All clips are provided in WMV format, and, as stated, are of very nice quality. They look like a real tv show when expanded to fill the full screen of my 19 inch monitor; there is no fuzziness or degredation at all.

The site is fairly well organised; the episodes are grouped onto menu pages, each of which contains 25 stories. Clicking on any story takes you to a still image gallery and a menu of downloads (either small or large clips depending on your taste and download speed).

There is a comprehensive update schedule provided; this is a very nice touch, covering up to a couple of months at a time.

There is also a stars of the site page; this details the characters within the soap opera, along with the actors playing them. In the case of some of the lesser frequently seen characters there are links to the episodes in which they feature, although this doesn't appear for everyone (Leia Ann Woods character, for instance, only appears once but has no link).

Due to the soap opera nature of the site, it is to be expected that some models appear more frequently than others. This series is based around the misadventures of two roommates, played impressively by Kay Richards and Madison Martin. Both are very attractive (there is quite a bit of nudity, in addition to the expected bare bottoms), and can take a hard spanking. More importantly both are pretty convincing actors, with Madison in particular appearing to gain in confidence as the videos progress (Kay always seems to have bags of confidence).

In addition to these two the site features an all star gala of US spanking stars, including (but not limited to) Clare Fonda, Snow Mercy, Chloe Elise, Veronica Ricci, Kailee Robertson, Lana, Madison Young, Sarah Gregory, Amber Pixie Wells, Audrey Knight, Abigail Whittaker, Beverley Bocchi and Jenni Mack. Leia Ann Woods represents UK spanking in one scene. Danny Creighton and Steve Fueller are among the male spankers.

That brings me to the only real element that may disappoint some readers; the spankings are 85% F/F, with the remainder being M/F. Personally I love F/F stuff, but I know that this isn't the case for everyone.

The stories themselves are fairly well written, and often quite inventive, imagining a world where putting a pretty girl over your knee for a spanking is the appropriate response to any bad behaviour, rudeness, lateness or even lack of comprehension. Everyone seems to accept this, and often characters propose spankings as a way of conflict resolution.

The majority of spankings are OTK (of which I'm a huge fan), although there are a fair few with spankees bending over desks, chairs, prison benches and such. Most spankings start on clothes and progress through underwear to bare bottom, and there is a good range of severity. There is no shortage of red bottoms on display, and several clips end with tears.

The open hand is the implement of choice in most videos, although paddles, canes and belts also feature, normally as an escalating punishment.

Most spanking tastes are catered for, along with a little lesbian sex, for those who like it.

The scripts are often a lot of fun, with some entertaining comedy moments. The acting is mostly at least decent; some of the models are very good but, in view of the number of actresses who appear, some fall a little short.

Overall production values are high, with the scenes being very professionally shot with multiple camera angles. You would, of course, expect no less from as experienced a producer as Clare Fonda.

So, do I recommend this site? Oh yes I do, whole-heartedly. There is a tremendous variety of clips, all of which are extremely well produced. The spankings are convincing and frequent. It is easy to believe that this is a soap opera from a different world, where spanking is an everyday thing (I don't think even Fringe would try that storyline!). They even have outtakes from some of the episodes.

So far as I can see the only readers who might not love this site are those who dislike F/F spanking videos; for the rest of us there are hours of entertainment here. At present I think I can say that this is my favourite US paysite (although I am fickle, so that may change at a moment's notice).

Go and check out the preview page; it's good fun even if you go no further. If you have the cash to spare you could do far worse than trying the site for a month; I'm sure that you will get your monies worth.

All the best


All pictures are from My Spanking Roommate image galleries; if you're interested my favourite episodes are numbers 36 (Snow Mercy and Dee Dee), 50 (Madison, Kailee and Lana), 44 (Chloe Elise and Sarah Gregory), 41 (Clare, Abigail Whittaker, Sarah Gregory and Ashli Orion) and 85 (the schoolgirl episode, with too many models to list)


  1. Tim you have a nice blog my first visit,My Spanking Roommate is a great website with beautiful girls spanked ,best ,from Tim

  2. What, you mean I'm not the only spanko in the world called Tim? I'm shocked and horrified!

    Seriously, many thanks for the comment; MSR really is one of the best sites out there. I meant what I said about it being my current favourite US site.

    All the best


  3. Clare Fonda sites are very lame.