Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Great Adventure...Part 3

Well, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again, as my old granny used to say. And then she'd fall asleep, rocking happily in her chair, cigarette balanced delicately between two fingers, it's burned-ash chimney tottering precariously.

So, no answer from option number one. I thought I'd try a follow up email, just in case the original vanished into cyberhell somewhere, or merely got dumped into a spam in box maybe.

So I pasted the original message into the body of a new email, and apologised for my impatience in the event that the first message had arrived and was waiting for a response to be composed. Pasted in the email address. Pressed send.

Whirling icon on screen; nothing happens for a minute or so. Then a message appears to say the programme could not send the email.

I retyped the email address, and pressed send again. The message whirrs its way off into the great unknown.

An hour later I log on to my email only to find a notice advising the email had not been delivered.

I can only conclude that the email address that appears on the Spankee Finder page is no longer valid. And like that, option one is retired.

I had a look at option two again; still sounded like a great choice, fun and bubbly and meeting all of my criteria. So, being lazy, I pasted my first email into yahoo, changed the name of it's addressee (obviously) and pasted in the email address for this spankee.

And then, finger poised over the send key, I had a panic attack. Was this a good idea? Did my initial failure mean that the Gods of spanking were trying to tell me something? Should I delete the message, and carry on as before?

You know what pushed my decision? You lot. I told you I'd have a Great Adventure, and I can't back out now.

So the message has been sent, and I'm back to the waiting game.

Sigh. I hate waiting. I'm not a patient person.

I appreciate that it will likely be a day or more before I get a response, so I'll just have to wait. Aargh!

That's all for now.


Oh, the photos are all from my current favourite spanking site, Northern Spanking. I'll do a review of them in a couple of months.

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