Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The OTK Files - Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking Classica

Ah, good to see you back, old chap. And you're wrapped up nice and warm against the Winter chill, I see. That's a nice scarf; the red in it really sets off your eyes.

Sit down, sit down. Pour yourself a drink; that Somerset cider brandy is particularly nice, a lovely mixture of a dry start crashing into a fruity sweetness.

Comfy? Oh good. Time for some panty warming spanky goodness then.

Let us chat for a moment about the glorious Chelsea Pfeiffer and her Good Spanking Classics; as you may know the site presents cleaned up versions of some of the older spanking films that Chelsea produced for her sites. This does mean that some are of lower quality, from a technical point of view, than we are used to, but it also means that you see some different models, and a lot of these films just have a different vibe.

They are all F/F, and many, if not most, have at least an element of over the knee spanking, so there's lots of material there for us to admire.

So, with only a modicum of further ado, here we go.

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks (Natalie Minx in this case)
Chelsea spanks Clare Fonda
But it's not long before Clare gets her own back
Amber Pixie Wells spanked at the beach
Our very own divine Miss Amelia Jane Rutherford
Amelia's bottom - I know it's hard to tell but she is still over Chelsea's knee
See, I told you so.
While we're on a British theme - Amy Hunter
Ashley spanks Asia
Asia spanks Ashley - is this balanced reporting or what?
The wonderful Carolyn Reese spanks Tori
Ah, Carolyn spanked
The splendid Darby Daniels
Darby again, spanking Meitze
Chelsea spanks Darling
Chelsea spanks Eve Ellis
I really like Eve - here's another picture of her
One more, as I'm getting to the bottom of why I like her now (Boo! Hiss! Crappy Pun of the Week Award nominee)
Natalie Minx spanks Molly Matthews
Olivia spanks Tascha
Sam Woodley - beautiful from all angles
As I was saying
My friend John's main squeeze - Sarah Gregory
Chelsea spanks Sascha - lovely positioning
Chelsea spanks Clare again
Nicely reddened bottom
Chelsea spanks the lovely Miss Reece
Sinn Sage spanks Jewell
Stacey Burke spanked; I spent hours hunting for this film when I first discovered the wide world of Internet Spanking
Stacey again, this time spanking Amber
Tori spanks...well, guess who!
To finish up, Eve spanks Chelsea
Let's have another look at that
With a bit less protection perhaps?
Ooh, Chelsea's got a red bum!
That's the last one, honest!
As usual, I had a thoroughly delightful time meandering my way through a whole bunch of fun spanky videos, and I hope that these pictures give you a bit of a taste of what pleasures you might expect from the site.

All pictures are my screen grabs from films that I downloaded from Good Spanking Classics; I really like this site, for it's retro feel, it's focus on OTK F/F spanking, and, well, I really enjoy Chelsea. Especially when the tables are turned and it's her rather lovely bottom on the receiving end.

The site is well worth a look, with lots of photos and plot summaries for even the casual surfer. 

That's my lot, me hearties. Yo ho ho and a bottle of Glenlivet Founders Reserve (I never much cared for rum).

All the best


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