Tuesday 25 September 2012

Paysite mini-review - Dallas Spanks Hard

As you may recall, before the recent blip in my blog production, I promised several website reviews, in each case where the Webmaster had kindly granted me access to their babies.

My access to these sites has now lapsed, and I don't think it's appropriate to go begging to them asking for further favour; they did their bit and I let them down.

In the circumstances I'd still like to talk about these sites, but, without access, I can't provide quite the level of detail that I have done in the past. And my finances do not allow me the luxury of purchasing a membership.

So then, I'll do mini-reviews.

I'm going to start with the accurately named Dallas Spanks Hard.

Prejudices first; I lean towards the milder side of the spanking fetish. I graduated from mainstream spankings, and, while I've grown to appreciate harder spankings as I've become more experienced, I still prefer sting and tingle to eye-watering burning.

In light of this I've tended to steer clear of Dallas, who is a watchword for hard spanking. When I contacted him we exchanged a couple of (for me) entertaining emails about the nature of prejudice, and, more specifically, my claim that my reviews are unbiased. I found Dallas to be extremely intelligent, and a thoroughly reasonable chap (yes, of course, I am English).

So then, a few details about the site itself. You enter through a page that spells out what the site is about; pretty girls spanked hard. The monthly cost is a very reasonable £15.54 (US$23.95) on a recurring basis, and as usual this is payable with CCBill.

The opening page is kind of in your face; large images, bright colours and lots to explore, including details of all recent updates.

It is easy to locate the download section, and there are masses of videos to collect. There is plenty to entertain you here.

Given the site's reputation it's easy to dismiss the content as simply models spanked hard, but there is a good deal of wit and invention here too. I particularly enjoyed the "I Love Lucy" styled series of films, and "I Dream of Janie" is tremendous too.

In fact, it's worth noting that while the punishment spankings are very hard, the more fantasy related ones are probably no harder than you can expect to see on Firm Hand or Punished Brats. Well, some of them aren't. Oh, just look around!

The technical quality of the videos is extremely high; Dallas has been doing this for a while, and it shows, with well-positioned cameras and smooth editing. Picture quality, in MP4 format, is very nice indeed.

You will recognise a lot of the models here, who include Audrey Knight, Samantha Woodley, Pixie, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Nikki Rouge, Abigail Whittaker, Ten, Sierra Salem and Danielle Hunt. There are lots of others too.

Dallas makes a lot of the fact that many of  these spankings are real, often at the request of the models themselves, for offences that they have committed. He certainly pounds home the message.

The spankings themselves? They are hard, often prolonged, and Dallas isn't afraid to employ basically every implement you might wish. Fans of pretty much every spanking position are catered for, including quite a lot of my favourite OTK. The girls' bottoms redden quickly, and comprehensively, and there are often tears in evidence.

To be honest, some of the spankings are too intense and painful for me. This is purely a judgement based on my own taste. The odd thing is that, despite the extreme pain the girls experience, a lot of them come back for seconds. And thirds.

You could be forgiven for assuming that these Draconian punishments are rather grim, but I really don't think that this is the case. The models clearly get on well with Dallas, and both trust and like him.

So then, do I recommend the site? Well, slightly against my own inclination, I do. There's lots to see, there are some truly entertaining films, and the cost is very reasonable. Also, whatever your preference in the severity of spankings (and if you like them hard you really must join up), you owe it to yourself to see Dallas in action, if only so that you can say you've seen hard spankings, and can make an informed choice about what turns you on.

My advice? Give it a try.

All the best


Pictures are from Dallas Spanks Hard

Mainstream spanking - a formative experience?

I may be off base here (and maybe the poll alongside this will give me some clues) but I get the impression that the majority of spankos like to see mainstream spanking videos.

There are a number of sites which spend much of their time tracking down and cataloguing both spankings in mainstream media and real life spankings. These include the wonderful Chross, the invaluable The Spank Statement and, to an extent, Spanking Facts and Research (the forum can be a bit creepy though). These primarily are concerned with adult spanking; others collect spankings of children, but they are not our concern here. This is an adults only site.

In addition there are other sites that focus on other types of mainstream spankings, such as those that appear in comics, books or even fine art. Oh, and on wine bottle labels.

Let's limit this to film and television though.

I was aware of spanking, and being excited by it, from an early age but it never occurred to me that other people were also interested until McLintock was shown on national television, and, the next at school, masses of kids were talking about it, and were concentrating on the spanking scenes! This was both boys and girls, and no one seemed to disapprove.

As a child I remember seeing several other adult spanking scenes; on The Tomorrow People, in The Iron Maiden, Blue Hawaii and Donovan's Reef. There was also the so brief that if you blinked you could believe you were imagining it spanking in The Two Ronnies (In "The Worm That Turned" serial).

At that time (I was around 12 or 13, I think, so it would be the mid-seventies), there was one massive bookshop in Birmingham, called Hudsons. It had a large section of film-related books, and I spent many a happy Saturday (outside of the football season) paging through thousands of books looking for film stills that featured spankings.

One of those of came across was from Bluebeard's Eight Wife, and one Sunday evening it was listed on the schedules (this was a few years later). It was before we had a video recorder, so I decided to stay up and watch it, only for it's start to be delayed due to Torvill and Dean's appearance at the Winter Olympics. Still, I hung on until it started, and was then really let down by the (basically) off screen spanking.

Even that was less disappointing than finding out that The MGM Story had misled me into believing that Elizabeth Taylor was actually spanked in Father of the Bride.

When I first got internet access, in the early 1990's, my most frequent search was "mainstream spanking", and I spent many happy (and expensive) hours browsing the grainy images my dial up connection provided.

I've spoken (or at least emailed) to many spanking fans over the years, and most of them have at least a passing fondness for these scenes.

Let's think about this for a bit; most mainstream scenes are very short, many not actually showing contact between hand and bottom. They show a handful of half hearted slaps, which somehow result in the female spankee frantically rubbing at her bottom (if we're lucky - I do love to see this!), and finding it difficult to sit.

Now, I've spanked and been spanked, and I know that a few spanks over clothes aren't going to even produce a sting in the posterior of a grown woman.

I'm all for willing suspension of disbelief; you can't watch much television in particular with any enjoyment if you insist on realism. This can be taken too far though.

Twenty or more years ago my wife and I went to Stratford, to see a revival of Kiss Me Kate at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. It was a tremendously entertaining performance but the spanking consisted of about 3 largely inaccurate slaps. And still Kate couldn't sit!

Anyone can see excerpts from spanking videos entirely without cost (just log on to Spanking Tube, for instance), which even in the limited time available are still more viable as punishments than in virtually any mainstream film.

Why then do I still get so much pleasure from these things?

I think it may go back, at least in part, to the reaction amongst my fellow pupils after seeing McClintock; spanking is, despite increased acceptance of it, still seen as, at least, a kink, and, by some, a perversion. It is considered to be deviant sexual behaviour.

Seeing it depicted on the screen, in a mainstream movie, is a type of acceptance. Whatever reason you find to spank, whether it be for discipline, sexual pleasure or just a bit of mild foreplay, you can find a mainstream film that shows it. Not as you experience it, no, but in some form that suggests it's acceptable, nonetheless.

I don't feel any shame about being a spanko; it's ingrained deep within my personality, and my life wouldn't be satisfying without it. But I don't tell people about it. None of my vanilla friends know. And, while my wife accepts that I love spanking, she still considers it a little odd.

Every time I switch on the television and see a pretty woman going over a masculine knee, there is a little validation. My lifestyle is okay.

And, you know, I always enjoy adult female bottoms being smacked, whatever the context. I love hardcore spanking videos, bare reddened bottoms that have experienced 10 minutes or more of hard spanking. I love the odd You Tube clips of birthday spankings. I love the steady stream of newly discovered spankings from films and television, across the world.

I'm starting to wonder if it might be a spanko's world after all.

All the best


All pictures are of mainstream spankings (I bet I startled a few of you with that!) and they're gathered from around the net. Thanks to all who inadvertently contributed.