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Inside the mind of Danielle Hunt - superstar spanking interview time

If you are a regular reader of this blog (and if you aren't, well, why not pray tell? It's no good sneaking in there at the back of the class and hoping I won't notice you - Tim sees all!) you'll know of my admiration for the delightful Dani Hunt.

Furthermore you'll likely recall that I very recently enjoyed a spanking session with her, and my report it here for all to read.

To enhance the experience I now present an interview with Ms Hunt; she is quite forthright and holds strong opinions on most subjects. I've added my own comments in a couple of places because, well, you know me - gobby sod who can't keep his thoughts to himself. Ah well.

Anyway, enough of me (no, I know that isn't really possible, but hey, let's pretend shall we?) and over to the questions. And the joys of variable font sizes!

1. I know that you weren't spanked as a child. How did you come to gain an interest in spanking?

I was always a bit intrigued by spanking.

When I was at school {I went to a Girls School….I was good, the rest of the class weren’t} I would always think that if we were taken back in time to the days when corporal punishment was legal, the whole class would have to take six of the best! I would sometimes daydream at how I thought the “naughty girls” would cry and scream when they received their dose.

Going on from that, some of the naughtier girls seem to be a bit over-experienced with getting detentions, or suspended, therefore it was very ineffective from stopping them fighting {I have seen many earrings ripped from ears}, smoking, shoplifting at lunch time or giving the “likely lads” oral sex through the gaps in the school gates……..

I used to see some of my teachers get so very exasperated and red-faced when dealing with some of these girls. I used to wonder how the teachers kept so restrained. I often wondered if the teachers wanted to revert back to the days of spanking and caning.

Tim: ah, so many school girl fantasies. Might be some ideas here for next time we meet!

2. Which came first; sessions or videos?

I first got into spanking by doing spanking videos. The first time I was spanked was October 2010. It came about because I saw an advertisement placed by Sarah Bright {of www.spankingsarah.comand www.englishspankers.com} looking for girls who would like to be spanked on video.

I was very na├»ve at the time, as I thought that spanking was done only by parents to naughty children. I didn’t realise that adults indulged in this. I had not had any friends or boyfriends who had wanted to try. So I got in touch with Sarah and we set a date, the shoot took place in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

The video which was made – which produced real tears and a bottom so sore that I couldn’t lie on my back for two days – was named The Thieving Maid.

The spanking sessions came a little later. It is funny thinking back to the days when I started, as I was confused by the names of all the implements. I couldn’t tell my straps from my whips!

3. Do you get spanked in your personal life?

I am a spinster with three cats. I lack the social skills that would allow me to get {or keep} a boyfriend… I blame this on my very wicked sense of humour and sense of entitlement.
Because of this I do not get spanked in my personal life.

I frequently get asked if I would seek out a boyfriend who would spank me, or split from one that wouldn’t. I have thought about this, I don’t think so. I say this because I wouldn’t get in a relationship with a boyfriend that was going to boss me around, so if said boyfriend said I must stop doing spanking session… he would be shown the door. Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you…you idiot!

On the flip side, I MAY find someone who isn’t comfortable spanking me, in which case the spanking sessions and spanking videos that I will continue doing may be my only salvation.

Tim: I find it hard to believe that you lack any social skills; I thought that you were excellent at relaxing me when first we met. and I was a little stressed.

4. Given that most spankers are middle-aged white guys do you find that they react differently to you as a young black girl? Do some guys specifically seek you out because of your colour, do you think?

That’s an interesting question. I have met a few people who have said they have never spanked a black or mixed race {my Mother’s family is White Jewish, whilst my absent-father’s family are from a British owned colony in the Caribbean called Montserrat} woman, and that they wanted to see for themselves if black/brown bottoms turned red. Some people have became a bit flummoxed when their best attempts to spank or cane me do not produce the normal red lines that would appear on white girls.

I am not sure if I would go as far as saying that these men react differently to me. That is something I will give some more thought to over the next few months.

Currently there are 2-3 black/mixed race spankees in the UK that meet for professional spanking sessions, so I am not sure that I would state that the market for black/mixed race spankees is underserved. That said, I don’t know of any Chinese / Indian spankees, so that would be interesting to see.

5. I did an interview with Pandora a while ago, and, as she had expressed an interest in shooting with you, I asked to what she attributed the lack of ethnically diverse spankees. She felt that the question should be better addressed to a black model, so, guess what? What do you think?

This is a topic that frequently comes up. A friend of mine suggested that as so few non-Caucasian men aren’t into spanking – or fetish things in general – they are therefore not going to try this with their girlfriends. As mentioned earlier, I have only met 3 non-Caucasian men who were into spanking, which is a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of Caucasian men. My friend then went onto explain that they thought these sorts of things are generally initiated by the males, rather than the females. I think I would agree to this.

6. I know that you have your degree now, and you talked about finding a graduate level job. Do you think that the professional spanking side of your life may be coming to an end?

I don’t think it is coming to an end. I say this because I enjoy spanking, and have become very good friends with some of the people I have met through spanking. Because of this, I would most likely do it around my job. Evenings and weekends maybe?

That said, who is to assume I am going to be able to get a job? I hear a lot of graduates are having trouble securing graduate-level positions, and that some had to search for as long as two years before securing such a position.

I do have a back up plan though. All this newfound intelligence that I gained whilst studying Economics and Finance means that I will dedicate a certain amount of each day to perfecting a multi-million pound VAT scam that I have in mind. After I do this, I will live out the rest of my days in a country which lacks an extradition treaty with the UK, sipping cocktails and listening to the likes of Bobby Derin.

Tim: Well, either somewhere sunny or the inside of a dank jail cell anyway!

7. I loved the way you incorporated my wish to see bottom rubbing into our session and the way you adopted my phone call into our role play. Do you have any dramatic aspirations? Or perhaps literary ones?

Oh gosh no. Though my Mother does know that I do spanking, she would drop down dead if I said I wanted to be an actress. Not to discredit actors, or writers, I am an avid reader and I adore the theatre. However coming from a Jewish family, the catchphrase “banker or baker” was repeated numerous times during my formative years. The majority of my family are accountants or work in some finance discipline… though some members of my extended family became engineers.

If money was no object, I would become a pilot. I absolutely adore flying! In my mind, nothing can top the thrill of taxiing an A-380 or Boeing Dreamliner down an runway and then TAKING OFF!
This is Captain Hunt speaking… we are all going to DIE”

8. You were spanked by Dallas. Was it the hardest spanking you've taken?

In all honesty, I wouldn’t say that Dallas is the hardest spanker I have come across. Personally, I would say the Amsterdam Authoritarian – Dutch Mike – of www.real-life-spankings.com and www.spanked-in-uniform.com is a harder hand spanker.

I feel really lucky that I have become friends with a lot of the people I have shot with. People I am particularly fond of are Sarah Bright, Dutch Mike {both mentioned previously}, Eve Howard of www.shadowlane.com and Jacqueline Omerta of www.pacificforce.com.

When doing spanking {videos or one-to-ones} there is a lot of trust involved, even more so when working in a foreign country. Every spanking company has treated me very well, and as an equal – with the exception of Dallas of www.dallasspankshard.com. I found some of the comments he made to be very rude and vindictive, spiteful almost. I was warned about that both in the UK and in the US before I met him. I think he was exceptionally proud of himself when he broke my skin and made me bleed, especially as that almost ruined the videos I had planned to make with other companies on that trip.

Tim: I found Dallas to be a little difficult when I talked to him about reviewing his site. It seemed like it was important to him to establish his superiority. Mike however seemed like a lovely bloke, who you might cheerfully go out for a beer with (you can see where my priorities lie!) and I think that, outside of Northern Spanking, his sites are my favourite video ones.

9. I know you have some videos available on Clips4you. Have you considered moving into the production side?

I have never really thought about that. I have no experience of working in that field, except for holding the camera a couple of times when being short of a cameraman.

I wouldn’t rule out such a move, as it is fantastic to see a good spanking film and know that you played a part in the making of that. The problem with movies today, as with most forms of media, is piracy. I think it is unjust that spanking producers are earning less profits year on year – not as a result of falling levels of demand – but instead because illegal download websites are allowed to continue operating.

It won’t be too long before spanking films will be a thing of the past, simply because all the producers {and potential producers} won’t be able to continue in their operations.

Tim: my God, I hope you're wrong about this! I get masses of fun from spanking videos. I understand the difficulties piracy causes to video site owners though from talking to John at Triple A Spanking and the lovely Miss Shanelle, who only does Clips for Sale now due to the problems she experienced.

10. Talking to you, and having watched many of your videos over the last couple of years, it seems like you know everyone involved in professional spanking in the Western world. You must have a huge network of contacts?

I wouldn’t agree with that assertion, though I do know quite a few people. There are websites that I haven’t shot for – Bars and Stripes, Northern Spanking, Punished Brats, to name just a few.

It’s ironic that being so close to mainland Europe, spanking hasn’t developed into being a more established “scene” {I hate that word in this context}, similar to that of the spanking scene in England. I have gone to various places in Europe to meet people for 1-1 sessions, which is always fun as I get to see a new bit of the world. I have heard from various people that Canada and Australia have next to no spanking at all, which I have always struggled to understand given that it is part of the Commonwealth…. and spanking is profound in America.

Tim: I thought that you had been on Punished Brats although I must have imagined it. As mentioned above, I'm a huge fan of Northern Spanking and I'd love to see you on there. 

11. Is there anyone that you want to shoot with that you haven't yet?

Having met Lucy of Northern Spanking a couple of times at events, she has struck me as a very interesting woman, who WILL make sure your bottom is red. I would like to shoot with her.

12. What frustrates you most about the spanking "scene"? Apart from the phrase, that is.

Hmmm. Now that has got me thinking. There are a few things that I don’t like about the spanking scene. I think my biggest gripe is that is such a divide - and stigma - coming from the “lifestylers” {people who do spanking in their private life} towards those who do it professionally.

As has been a recent point of discussion on the ITC messageboards, there are some people who indulge in spanking who think that it should not be mixed with any kind of sexual activity, and that those that do – particularly women who offer both services – are nothing more than dirty whores who are going to burn in HELLFIRE!!!!

I think this is a very juvenile discussion. Who is anyone to judge a man who wants more than just spanking, or the woman that is happy to do such? In the eyes of most “vanilla” people, we are all seen as strange; many vanilla people would put a female who gets paid for spanking in the same pigeon hole as women that get paid for sex.

It seems that despite evolving for 2000 years, on the topic of women getting paid for sex, some people will not accept that it is a woman’s choice to do this. What I thought was very evident in these discussions is that few seem to understand that supply of these services stems out of demand. No demand = no supply.

13. Perhaps I've been lucky but it's seems to me that most spankos I've interacted with have been particularly pleasant and bright (I'm excluding some of those posting on ITC from that). What do you think?

As mentioned earlier in your questions, yes there is a general “type” of person that does spanking. Typically the males are white {I have only ever met 3 people of the non-Caucasian persuasion}, if they aren’t self employed they are of a medium-high level of power in their professions.

As for the women who do spanking, it is a mixed bag. You have me, who is so strange and deluded that in my spare time I dream of shooting Nick Clegg, taking power and forming my own right wing government in a coup d’etat…. I know many people roll their eyes at this!

Similarly you have women of very high intelligence who have excelled academically, some of whom have jobs outside of spanking. You also have women who are content to be home makers and do spanking on the side. And finally, you have some women that live on council estates who marry convicted criminals whilst they are serving a long stretch in jail….. a real mixed bag.

14. After all of your spanking experiences does the sound of someone saying "spank" still give you a thrill?

I have always found spanking to be a nice little break from reality. It is nice to “lose yourself” in role play and relinquish control. I enjoy meeting new people, and people I have met before. It is always nice to see the little things that set people apart.

Tim: That's interesting. I find being spanked takes me out of myself entirely, freeing me somehow, but spanking just makes me focus. On a bottom usually. 

15. You started out at a spankee, and still identify yourself in that way on your Spankeefinder ad; do you find topping difficult? In what way is the experience different for you?

I enjoy topping. I would say that I am about 60-40. 60% prefers being spanked, because I’m a bit selfish…. Topping is good because you get to get a bit of your own back and inflict a bit of psychological torture. Just a little bit…I’m not Kim Jong Un. Please don’t be frightened of me.

Tim: Dani is one of the most frightening people I have ever met. No, not really. You shouldn't be frightened of her, unless you happen to be over her knee. Whew, hard hand or what!

16. On the same subject, have you made any F/M videos? I got the idea that you had from the list of companies that you had worked with. Did you enjoy the experience?

I have done some Female on Male spanking videos. I did my first videos of this kind with www.vixen-ladies.com {sister site of www.spanked-cheeks.com} on a male who had a VERY VERY tough bottom. A female dominatrix named Mistress Lina was in the videos with me also, and she wasn’t giving him any mercy.

When in America I got to give Vinnie of www.pacificforce.com a good walloping. I have also appeared on www.strictwomen.com

17. Is spanking becoming more mainstream, and, if so, is this because it is increasingly sexualised?

I think spanking is becoming more mainstream. It is appearing in a lot of films lately – for instance Keira Knightley was spanked in A Dangerous Method. Similarly, Miley Cyrus is getting a lot of press for spanking some of her backing dancers on stage.

I think all of this is party of The 50 Shades of Grey effect. Every ten years of so there is a “scandalous” book such as this, which opens the eyes to many women to subjects such as these. I think this is part of why Ann Summers is reporting an increase in the sale of many fetish related products.

Tim: I always feel just a little as though our world has been invaded when the vanilla public get excited by fetish after something like 50 Shades comes out. It's not a rational perspective, because more mainstream acceptance is likely to lead to more mainstream spanking material, but still...

18. The degree to which spanking is considered a sexual act seems extremely vexed. Where do you stand on this?

I would say it is sexual. If someone is getting some kind of sexual gratification from spanking {I do hope my delicious bottom satisfies the men who spank it!} then it is sexual. I think that if someone told me they just wanted a bottom to spank for the sake of inflicting pain, I would just tell them to take it out on a punchbag.

Tim: Your bottom is delightful, and very satisfying to spank. I look forward to my opportunity to do so.

19. Do your vanilla family and friends know about your interest in spanking?

My family is very small. My Mom knows, my 3 cats definitely know. Fortunately I have a lot of friends who I have met because of spanking… some friends I had before this couldn’t really accept what I do, citing they were worried with my safety and the morality of it all etc etc.

20. And to finish, a non spanking question. What was the book in your bag, and who are your favourite authors?

The book in my bag was a present from a friend of mine. The book is Guilty Wives by James Patterson.

I really like a lot of authors. I like a lot of genres; however I am not so keen on sci-fi or historical
fiction. When a book’s tone is “I was walking down the street, and then I developed wings and flew away”… I put the book down at that point.

I particularly like Danielle Steel, who has been consistently good over the years. James Patterson. Martina Cole, John Grisham, Sydney Sheldon. I also read a lot of true crime, Ann Rule is a very distinguished true crime author as she is a former police officer and worked alongside Ted Bundy {before he started his killing rampage}.

Tim: And back to me once again. Many thanks to Dani for her full and thoughtful answers, and for getting back to me so quickly too. She really is a lovely approachable girl and I would heartily recommend that anyone who can do arrange a session with her. 

Once again I've borrowed some photos from Dani's site as a pleasant diversion from my endless waffling.

All the best



  1. Excellent interview Tim really good read.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it; I think it really gives a sense of what she is like. She really is a pleasure to spank!

      All the best


  2. Great interview and a great site. Hope to see more of your journalistic side. There are some interesting people in the spanking world.

    1. Thank you for your kind words; I loved doing this interview, and I'm hoping to set up a few more in the not too distant future.

      All the best


  3. Dani is a nice little spankee girl .

  4. I've met Danielle and would completely endorse your comments. She is a lovely girl and very bright. A great spankee but I also love talking to Danielle. She has an interesting and quirky view on life and is also very funny.

    1. Dani is a very entertaining conversationalist, and always keen to talk; I think we were both a little taken aback at exactly how far apart our political beliefs are, but it didn't stop us having a lovely time.

      All the best


  5. Politics borin spankin chat much better ,yes sure teachers would like to spank some brats .

  6. he'd asked if future do not think a video on bun beating fun.com

  7. Here is what I gained from Dani Hunt and her shoot with us. I gave her a hard call time ( prep involved) she called 2 hours early, which caused us to lose prep time ,as I had to go and pick her up. Then she asked me to stop by a cell phone store which ate up another hour of the day.
    Dani was the one who kept writing to us talking about her astronomical tolerance. Anyone who has seen the video will know she said throughout the shoot that is 'wasn't bad at all'. The "weeping' she was referring the was the state of her 'pad' ( caning spank spot she had developed) that was already thin walled from cane use. This is called 'weeping'. I saw that her pad was going to be an issue and used massive amounts of vitamin e oil ,because the said pad was getting dry and cracking at the beginning.
    I would love to know what 'comments' she was referring to. I do know I called her out about the call time and the stopping by the cell phone store for an hour. Anyone who has seen my films know I bring realism to the shoots and will often use real events in the story. Regardless, we wish Dani the best!

  8. I thought it was an interesting interview on an array of varied questions. Every question was answered fully with Dani's personal slant, and not what was expected. I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to spank her delightful bottom to just inflict pain, but to enjoy the sexual aspect.