Friday, 28 November 2014

Surely you wouldn't hit a girl with glasses on? The spanked in spectacles showcase

Well, normal service is resumed once more; our cat is trapped in the living room and kitchen, so she can't sneakily sabotage my blogging efforts.

(What do you mean, bring back the cat? Shut up, you git!)

Ahem. Bloody hecklers! they need to learn their place (which, if they are female, is across my knee, of course).

Onwards, ever onwards. Back into bed Mr Crockett (and if you understood that reference you're probably 50 years old and in the UK - it's from an old advert for something that has since jetted away from my memory).

So the topic; there's something about the spanking of girls who are wearing glasses. Spectacles seem to make them look cleverer (awful stereotype, I know), and therefore kind of less deserving of a good spanking. The two things in no way equate, but nevertheless, that's how it seems to me.

There are several models who always seem to wear glasses, and presumably need their corrective focus, and a handful who sometime wear them, in certain role plays. I've selected a few of my favourites, and present them here for your Saturday morning pleasure; please enjoy.

So for our first set of three pictures, the delightful Sophie Parker, and her ever-present glasses. First 2 pictures from the Institute of Discipline, and the last from English Spankers.

Three shots of Alisha Strauss from Firm Hand Spanking, another young lady who is always spanked in glasses. I know the second picture has no spectacles, but, hey, this is a spanking blog, and I thought you'd like to see her bottom

Yet another threesome, this time of Ashley Thomas, again from Firm Hand Spanking. The very attractive Ashley usually wears glasses, but I have seen at least one film without them.

Three pictures of one of our favourite ladies, the wonderful Molly Malone, all taken from English Spankers. The other girl in these shots is known here as Bow Jangles, but appears to be Camilla Scott from the FHS site. Molly is an occasional specs girl, and I know the first picture is a cheat, but I love to see Molly spank too.

What blog post could possibly be complete without a handful of shots of the divine Amelia, who sometimes can be seen in glasses, often when playing a researcher (as in these ones) or a secretary. These three are from a Firm Hand Spanking series

Just to finish off, a couple of ladies who only wear glasses in the odd shoot. These two pictures are of the extremely hot Lola Marie, here spanked by Thomas in a Dreams of Spanking shoot

And we finish off with a couple of pictures of our good friend Pandora being spanked by Molly; I'm sure that there are more Pandora pictures around somewhere. She looks lovely in glasses, and I rather think that she wears them in real life (sometimes anyway). These are, once again, Dreams of Spanking piccies.

That was fun, wasn't it? I'll do a follow up I think, with more shots of occasional speccies, but for a quick 20 minute trawl through the Spanking Archives (as I'm now rather pretentiously calling my hard drive) that's not a bad haul.

Right. bacon sarnie time. I'll see you lot again (I hope).

All the best


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Trapped under the cat....sorry

No proper post today because our cat, who is generally antisocial and avoids contact with mere humans, has curled up on my left arm.

Typing one handed on a wobbily keyboard is far too much hard work for me.

And those of you yelling "bloody move her then" at your computers are clearly not cat people. Those who are understand that cats are always in charge, and we are subject to their whims.

All the best


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Alex Reynolds goes to Amsterdam

Hah hah! I bet you though I'd forgotten all about these Dutch spanking posts, didn't you?

I know that it's been a little while, but you need to have more faith. Like the song says, faith will be rewarded.

Busy day today; new cooker to buy, shopping to put away, cat to take to vets. Lots of other stuff. Oh, and Jesse Malin in Wolverhampton tonight, so I need to sort out a route to get there.

Just time though for some fun pictures, this time featuring the delightful Alex Reynolds. Alex hails from the US, and is the author of the splendid blog Alex in Spankingland, which you really need to check out. Of course, if you're here then you clearly have impeccable taste so I'm sure that you're a regular there already.

Alex has been busy recently; apart from turning up in Amsterdam with our friend Mike she's been in videos for a number of our UK producers, probably most notably at Dreams of Spanking, where she receives a very severe six of the best in Pandora's latest spanking epic (if you like schoolgirl caning you will definitely love seeing the 4 girls getting their just desserts).

But now it's picture time:-
Alex not being spanked, as a stewardess (just in case you don't recognise her!)
Alex definitely being spanked
Clearly from this shot Alex's rather lovely bottom has already been spanked, quite a bit
Mike proving there's more to him than just a hard hand
The perils of waitressing (around Mike at least)
Great shot of well smacked bottom
Spanked by Caroline Grey (in this in the right folder?)
And from another angle
The leather paddle - ouch!
More owies
Red bat, red uniforms and reddening bottom
Remember the stewardess uniform? 

Sadly our last picture today, but hey, what a view!

Well, that's all we have time for. Or at least all I have time for. Pictures from Spanked in Uniform (plus 2 from Real Life Spanking, I think).

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

If you're looking for evidence of the divine...

Well, you probably won't find it here. This blog tends to lean a bit more towards the profane. Rather like myself I suppose.

Actually I often find that I am jealous of people who genuinely have faith in the existence of a Supreme Being, and an afterlife that rewards or punishes. It must be comforting when things aren't going well to believe that there is more than all this.

Sadly I've never managed to talk myself into accepting that there is more than we see. I believe that when we die it's kind of like one of those old televisions switching off; a blob of light in the middle of the screen that slowly fades to nothing.

Whatever your beliefs I guess we all find out soon enough.

Wow! Always delightful to start with a digression. What I wanted to talk about is the physical combination of this......

And this......

And this......

Leading to this......

How is it possible for evolution to have put together the hand, the lap and the bottom, all perfectly combining to lead to well spanked cheeks?

For me there is so much beauty in this:

And this....

And this....

It almost hurts to gaze longingly at it.

I love to see a female form draped over a receptive knee, long legs stretched out and bottom balancing oh, so delicately and presented awaiting loving attention.

It almost seems like it must have been planned, doesn't it? A fleshy bit, full of nerves, for punishment to be delivered to. The perfect flat surface with which to deliver punishment, versatile enough to vary the degree of pain inflicted. The perfect platform upon which to place a body to ensure that the first two things combine exactly.

Oh, and, of course, the sheer delight we find in watching and participating.

If there is someone up there planning this, they certainly did a bang up job on the spanking thing! Now, if only the rest of the world worked as well....

Three pictures of the lovely Amelia Jane Rutherford being spanked over the knee certainly can't be enough for anyone. Why don't I leave you with a few more?

What? No, of course that was rhetorical. I wasn't calling for a vote! This blog is not a democracy; I enjoy being autocratic here to make up for having no control over the rest of my life.

Oops. Bit too confessional there.

Let's move swiftly on to some more rather lovely pictures.

All the best


A whole bunch of pictures taken, rather obviously, from Strictly English Online's series of videos focusing on Amelia

The first of a couple taken from Northern Spankings' film "Ghastly Amelia Jane", one of my personal favourites
Another picture from the same film
And yet another; there isn't just one spanking in this film, you know
From Northern Spankings film "Twins", another all time favourite. There aren't many spanking films as funny as this one.
I might have known that Mike would get involved as well
Yep, Mike the Dutchman, with shots from Spanked in Uniform videos
Finishing on a lovely shot
Did you all enjoy that? I hope so. Anyway, those pictures came from videos produced by a number of our finest, so I better make sure that they are all properly attributed.

Images 1 and 6 from Dreams of Spanking
Images 2, 3, 4 and 5 are from Firm Hand Spanking (Michaela McGowan's lap, Aleesha Fox's bottom, and then Amelia, of course
Images 7 to 11 are from Strictly English Online
Images 12 to 15 are from Northern Spankings (c'mon guys, when are you going to get this site revamp done so that I can get a proper review up here?)
Images 16 to 18 from Spanked in Uniform