Wednesday 4 January 2012

Website Review - Strict Women

Hello my friends; something a little bit different today. Here is my first (and quite possibly only for some time) review of an F/M paysite.

Strict Women is a British based female domination site that has been around for a good number of years; the videos and galleries hosted there are strictly F/M (even when there is mention of an attempted M/F spanking it isn't shown).

The site updates regularly, twice a week, on Monday and Thursday. Each update incorporates both a new spanking gallery and 3 video clips. The clips themselves are relatively short, and are part of a longer series in each case.

Whilst each story is made up of a number of parts (in some cases as many as 15 or so) there are a lot of stories, with masses to download. There do not appear to be any download limits.

In addition to the UK section, which has videos featuring some 46 different spankers, there is also a large section of US videos. These have not been updated for around 3 years, but there are clips featuring approximately 35 spankers, again arranged in storylines comprising several clips.

There is one further addition; an archive section featuring the work of another 20 or so women, arranged once more into various storylines. Slightly annoyingly these are stored as ZIP files, meaning that each one needs to be unpacked before viewing.

There is also a story page, with a fair number of decently written F/M stories.

Clearly then there is a lot to look at here, and the cost is an incredibly modest US$19.95 (around £13.50); this is for a 30 day recurring membership. The cost is very slightly higher for non-recurring members, and there is a nice discount for 90 days membership too. Payment is via the ever popular CCBill.

There is a very decent preview section with some nice video clips and stills, each collected thematically, which is unusual.

Currently clips are provided in WMV, and average around 15mb per video, so downloading doesn't take too much time. Older clips are in realplayer, with a slightly noticeable drop off in quality. As already stated the archive files are Zipped, opening into Realplayer format.

Picture quality on the UK clips is very nice; the US ones tend to have a slightly softer image quality, but nothing too distracting. The stills are crisp and clear, and generally very well chosen.

The spankers are an attractive bunch; sadly the only ones that I have any familiarity with are those who have appeared in videos where they themselves were spanked (there are multiple videos from Dublin, Leia-Ann, Jodie and Amy, all of who do a very nice job in their switchy roles; I'd certainly be happy for any of them to take me across their knees).

The spankings incorporate multiple implements, in multiple positions, often within the same storyline. To be honest the stories aren't up to much; they serve very much as a reason to get some man across a shapely knee. There isn't a lot of build up, but you rarely have to wait for the action to get started.

There is one wonderful (supposed) outtake where Jodie Karnell takes exception to her fellow actor, and punishes him at length in between shots. Oddly the camera is always rolling! Very entertaining set of clips though.

The spankings are of moderate severity; I often find femdom sites have horribly violent beatings, and these are steered away from here, which I find most welcome. Also while the miscreants are upbraided for their errors this is not usually done in an offensive "you snivelling worm" way.

The site could be better organised, although I suspect it's a bit rambling because of the amount of content. On the home page you can select US or UK videos or galleries, which then leads you to a non-alphabetical list of spankers.

Clicking on any name brings up a list their storylines, with direct links to download any given part. The file names used are unhelpful, and, while it is of course easy to change these for your own purposes, it's a bit long-winded with so many fairly short sections.

So, is it worth joining this site? Well, if you like sane and reasonable levels of F/M spanking then clearly it is. The extremely low cost, combined with the vast amount of material, leave little room for doubt.

No, the site isn't perfect (but then which sites are?). The vast number of fairly small clips, the slightly disorganised set up, and the lack of choice of video quality aren't ideal, but the disadvantages are hugely outweighed by the positives.

Why not give it a go?

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