Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Why I Like...Sarah Gregory

I know that there are a lot of gorgeous and talented spanking models out there but even so I can't believe that it's taken me this long to get to the vivacious and multi-talented Sarah Gregory.

What do me know about Ms Gregory? Well, she is a US citizen, 5 foot 7 inches tall.

She was always dark haired, but now, magically, she is a blonde (the records do not show if she now has more fun).

She is in her (ahem) late 20's, and seems to have been appearing in spanking shoots since the world (of spanking videos) was young. I believe that her first shoot was for Punished Brats, and that she had not been seriously spanked until then. It came as something of a revelation to her.

Sarah has a bubbly bratty personality, and is clearly highly intelligent; she has a degree in Psychology and Elementary Education, and is working towards another in Art and Theater.

Sarah likes women, and for quite a long while, she was only spanked by them. A couple of years back she consented to be spanked by David Pierson at Punished Brats, and now seems to have taken to it.

In addition to modelling Sarah also, unusually for a US model, participates in one to one sessions, which is always something I like to know. She does so as a switch; well, that certainly sparks my imagination!

Sarah has, for some years now, run her own paysite, Sarah Gregory Spanking, which has a large number of tremendous videos, featuring Sarah as both top and bottom. In a number of clips she actually switches roles, which is one of my favourite things!

In addition to her own site Sarah has appeared pretty much everywhere, on both the US and UK scenes; the following list (which may not be exhaustive) has been taken from her Model Mayhem page:-

Punishedbrats. com 

So then, why do I like Sarah Gregory? Well, look at the photos. She is stunningly photogenic, with a delightfully rounded rear end that cries out for the application of a flattened palm.

In addition to her fierce intelligence she has a strong personality which shines through; in an interview she said that, even when bottoming, she did not consider herself a submissive, just a brat in need of discipline, and I think she's right. I can't imagine Sarah acknowledging anyone as her Mistress.

Sarah is instantly believable as either a naughty school girl or a

I think Sarah is the closest thing we have to a world ambassador; there aren't all that many models who've worked as widely (both in terms of the content of her videos and the geographic area covered), and she just keeps cropping up everywhere. She is always a delight.

Also, she is the star of one of my favourite videos, both entertaining and erotic; the film was shot for Spank That Brat, and features her as a librarian with Kat St. James. The film, simply called "Librarian Fantasy" runs for 25 stunning minutes, as the two girls spank and caress each other into advanced states of nudity and ecstasy. It's worth joining the site for that video alone.

I don't believe that I've ever been disappointed in a Sarah Gregory film, and she has blossomed as both a performer and a writer/producer since starting her own site.

Again then, why do I like Sarah Gregory?

Ah come one. Look at the pictures.

All the best


Pictures this time come from a variety of sources; Sarah Gregory Spanking, My Spanking Roommate, Spanked Call Girls and Northern Spanking.

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