Tuesday, 22 October 2013

And this Saturday? The Midland Spanking Party!

So, first of all, a few words of apology. I haven't written, I haven't called. You couldn't follow me in the news.

Sightings of me have been about as common as those of a rational politician.

I can give you a list of excuses, talk about health issues, family problems, money matters and other sundry shit, but honestly, why bother? I was gone. Now I'm back. And I'm sorry for anyone who has missed reading these mildly maddening meanderings.

So then, just a few words about my weekend plans.

Some of the lovely people over on the British Spanking Community periodically arrange meetings of 60 or so like-minded people, and this Saturday the next one occurs. It's been organised by the wonderful Winks, and long time readers may remember the two part description of my session with her from a couple of years ago.

There's a buffet, soft drinks and, this time, a demonstration by the London Tanner. There's a chance to talk to others who enjoy this thing that fucks with our minds, and chance for willing partners to indulge in a little play.

Of course should the opportunity arise I'd love to play, and going as a switch I hope to double my chances; any female, any activity. However this isn't the main reason that I've decided to attend. The best reason to go is to interact with others who think as I do, in actual person.

Don't get me wrong. I love the dialogue I have had in the past with spanking participators through this blog, and on those of others. Some of you have continued these discussions by email, which is great fun.

It's just, face to face is better.

Hmm, sounds like a lesson for the internet generation. Because, as Billy sings:-

"You can be active with the activists,
Or sleeping with the media."

Which isn't really relevant, but I love the chance to recommend Mr Bragg to anyone who will listen.

So, in the unlikely event that any of  my readers are attending the party in North Birmingham, please drop me a line. I'd love to meet and chat with you. Or anything else.

I'll really try to get back to you with another post soon; I've set myself the goal of at least weekly posts, and I owe a couple that I promised when last I wandered through here.

In particular I'd love to entertain you with an account of the party (no names mentioned of course) and there are other fun things ahead, I'm sure.

See you in the funny pages. Well, here, where I get to imagine that I'm funny.

All the best


Oh, sorry, no pictures this time. But there will be some in the next few posts. I expect.