Thursday 25 December 2014

Seasons Greetings

Just taking a few minutes from the important job of turkey roasting to wish all of my readers the very best for the Christmas season; I hope that you, and your loved ones, are all well, and have a fine day.

Just to ensure that you don't forget what this blog is all about, a favourite spanking drawing of mine to cheer you through the post Christmas dinner depression.

The picture is from Red Rump, and you really should out his blog for more wonderful pictures. just follow the handy link in his name!

I'll be back with new posts next week.

The very best of wishes to you all


Wednesday 17 December 2014

Oh look, it'a another paysite review - English Spankers

You know that I'm a sad spanking obsessed old git, and that I spend far too long messing about on the World Wide Web of Spanking (and let's face it, we all know that spanking was the real reason the internet was conceived).

Despite the long sweaty hours I've spent wandering around various sites, I've just realised that I missed one. And it has quite a lot of films to devour too!

Welcome then, to English Spankers. You're all bright people (I wouldn't let you visit if you weren't) - take a wild guess at where this site is based (and incidentally, given the UK population in comparison to the US one we seem to generate an inordinately large number of video spanking producers).

I must confess that I wonder how the crappy ATVOD legislation will affect them all.

Where should we start? Well, how about with their mission statement:-

English Spankers features the punishment and discipline of young girls, schoolgirls and mature ladies in video & pictures

Well, that seems pretty self explanatory, and very satisfactory.
And, of course, all models are aged eighteen or over.

Membership costs £16.61 per month at present, on the usual recurring basis with payment through CC Bill. You can pay £65.89 for 180 days on a non recurring basis instead.

So what do you get if you decide to fork over your hard earned pennies? Quite a lot of spanking, actually.

The site has apparently been running for over 10 years, and there are currently in excess of 250 videos available for download, produced during that period.

New films are uploaded on at least a weekly basis.

The films run from around 5 minutes up to, well, quite a lot longer, and they feature a wide range of spanking models, from a number of ladies that I've never seen elsewhere to several of our regular favourites. It's safe to say that Pandora, Amelia, Molly and Dani all make an appearance!

The plots of the films cover many of the old standards, including, of course, a fair number of schoolgirls receiving their just desserts. In addition there are a number of themed clips; spanked in pj's, cash strapped girls, the sexy cleaning co and audition clips.

Of these the audition clips are generally my favourites; the girls speak frankly about their experiences and interests, and then are soundly spanked. I mentioned (I think) the film that Kiki Devine did for this segment, and I think that one is almost worth the admission price alone.

One of the real strengths of English Spankers is the diversity of their spankees; whilst this is limited in a racial sense (which in the UK seems largely to be dictated by the lack of availability of ethnic spankees) they do feature all body types, and probably the widest range of ages you will see.

Perhaps it's because I'm an old fart but I do like to see a more mature lady being punished from time to time. Don't get me wrong - I love to see the young hotties with their bottoms being reddened, but it's nice to have variety, and you'll certainly find that here.

The majority of the spankings are carried out by Mr Stern, Sarah Stern and Katie Didit, with the ladies also being on the receiving end too. There are other men but I don't think that I've come across them elsewhere.

I've already commented on the mix of spankees, but it really does seem that some of these girls are actually new to spanking.

Site navigation is straightforward, if a little uninspired. Log in and you are presented with several (quite long) pages, prsenting films in date order with the most recently uploaded videos first. There is a description of each scene, and you can simply right click and download.

Whilst the films themselves generally have titles (although rather frustratingly not all parts of one film have the same title), the downloads just use a letter/number code, similar to that on Sarah Stern's own website, Spanking Sarah. In fact this site resembles Sarah's in many ways, although Ms Stern's site is a little bit more attractively presented.

The films are a mixture of lengths, with 1, 2 and 3 parters. Image quality is very nice, and they are shot using a good variety of angles. 

Most films use a fairly standard progression of implements, although there are some that just feature one; luckily (from my point of view) many of these are OTK hand spankings. I do love those.

The spankings shown range from comprehensive to fairly severe, especially when the cane is used. The vast majority are within my comfort zone though. 

What else might you want to know? This is a good website to check out, as there are masses of sample videos to download. The clips are short but give a good flavour of the longer films.

For what it's worth, my opinion is that the vast majority of the films are very enjoyable, and I'm sure that most fans of ladies being spanked will find much here that they like. The monthly cost is relatively modest, and there are a lot of films to choose from, with an enviable array of spankees.

Many of the plots of the films will be familiar to you (although that it true on virtually every site, with perhaps Dreams of Spanking and Northern Spanking being excluded) but as I'm sure most subscribers will be here for the spankings and not for the plots, this may not be much of an issue.

Is this site worth your money? I believe that it is - I was happy enough with what I got for my month's membership anyway. I suppose that a lot of viewers won't like all of the clips or spankees, but I would imagine that to be the case with all websites.

A lot of the early films start out with an on screen logo declaring them to be "A traditional spanking video", and that is the single most notable thing here; these films do exactly what they say on the tin. It's good traditional straightforward fair, with little in the way of bells or whistles, but none the worse for that.

So, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it; English Spankers. Christmas is a time for tradition, so this might be the perfect site for this time of year!

All pictures are my screen grabs from English Spankers, and any quality issues are as a result of my incompetence, rather than any defects in the films themselves.

All the best


Monday 15 December 2014

It's Pixie's bottom - the result's show! The Amber Pixie Wells Trilogy Part 3

But before we get to the lovely shots of Pixie with a reddened rump, a couple of totally unconnected thoughts.

The ATVOD bollocks is starting to have an effect on UK spanking producers. The venerable Bars and Stripes site has been handed over to our good friend Mike the Dutchman, who is now the sole owner. As, of course, he is based in Holland this allows the site to continue to operate without fear of UK Censorship.

Whilst I've never been a member of the site I'll be interested to see what Mike does with it - his other sites Real Life Spankings and Spanked in Uniform are two of my favourites.

My mate John (the Chief) is officially relocating his always entertaining site Triple AAA Spanking to the US. In all fairness this was probably on the cards anyway, as his relationship with the stunning Miss Sarah Gregory has led him to spend more and more time over there, but as his blog makes clear the final push has been provided by this bastard legislation.

We know that Pandora has vowed to carry on with Dreams of Spanking with no changes, but it will be interesting to see what other UK spanking sites decide to do. I'm particularly keen to learn what Northern Spanking (another all time favourite) do.

Incidentally did you see Pandora on Channel 4? She was erudite, charming and intelligent, a wonderful advert for our kinky world, and all without offending anybody's sensibilities with the way that she described her website and interests.

You can find her interview and the supporting news story here:

Check it out; it's well worth a look.

And now onto the actual business of this post; the third part of the Pixie Trilogy, which ends, as all spankings should, with a nicely reddened bottom. And bottoms don't come much nicer than Pixie's!

As you will have spotted, the last couple of those don't actually show Pixie's derriere, or at least not naked, but I love to watch a well spanked young lady rubbing her rear.

Ready for as few more? Of course you are.

Hmmm. A combination of nude buttocks and some rubbing - a match made in Heaven. Or at least in my perverse imagination.

And to finish up for today, several more shots of Pixie clutching at her thoroughly spanked bottom.

Ah, I did enjoy that.

Well, that'll do for now; next time I think we might talk a little about a handful of my favourite female spankers. Will yours make the list? Tune in tomorrow (maybe) for the answer.

All the best


PS Of course, all of the lovely shots of the punished Pixie bottom come from Punished Brats, a site I'm sure that you are well aware of, and which is always worth checking out.

Friday 12 December 2014

There's something 'bout you baby I like - analysing the appeal of a new FHS spankee

Oh dear, not off to a great start is it? Using a line from a Status Quo song, of all things!

(To digress a little, did you have the chance to see their acoustic show from The Roundhouse, shown on the Beeb a few weeks ago? I couldn't see their stuff working in a stripped down form, but it was really entertaining. A very pleasant surprise indeed!)

But back to the subject at hand. Spanking hand, presumably.

Nothing to do with spanking, just the
same surname
Firm Hand Spanking have a new American spanking model, who goes by the slightly unpromising name of Kylee Anders. Why is this not a good name? Well, even when you spell Kylee like that it still makes one think of Kylie Minogue, and their are far too many girls of a certain age who got saddled with her moniker. Still, I like Anders. Makes me think of David Anders, the actor, who I always enjoy. I was a big fan of Alias, and I also liked him in Heroes and Once Upon a Time. And in at least a half a dozen other shows.

Hmm. Slipped off topic again there. Can we please return to the actual subject of this post?

(Like it's your fault that I have the attention span of....hang on, where was I again?)

Kylee Anders, is a rather nice looking blonde girl (much too young for me to call her a lady, I'm afraid) who has, to date, appeared in just two spanking films at Firm Hand Spanking, both of which she receives from the really incredibly lucky Jonny Stockton (see my blog post about his wife, the radiant Stacy Stockton if you don't believe me).

She has a bubbly personality and, wait, what's that important one again?

Yes, that was it. A firm, rounded spankable butt. The evidence is clear. I'm sure that you agree.

Hold on though. You think we should just check without any clothing obstructing our view? Well, old chap, that sounds eminently sensible. 

There you go. Happy now?

Kylee has a long but well built body, and, I would guess, is probably fairly new to spanking, at least at this level. Just judging by her reactions - lots of gasps and air forced through pursed lips. Her bottom grows nicely pink as Jonny spanks away at it. And she yells quite a lot.

Time for a few more pictures, I think.

What doesn't come across in the pictures is how well she role plays. At no stage do you question the authenticity of her reactions; her dialogue is real and unforced, and delivered in a realistic conversational tone. 

I really think that Kylee is one to watch for.

Now, the observant amongst you will have spotted that all of these pictures come from one video, although I mentioned that Kylee had appeared in two films. (Did you spot that? Give yourself a gold star, ten out of ten and a pat on the back).

The second film has her paddled with a table tennis bat, and, well, here are a couple of pictures of that (i'd hate for you to think that I was teasing you).

So exactly what is Kylee's appeal? She's a pretty girl, but that isn't particularly unusual, around the spanking scene. The spankings that she's taken so far haven't been particularly severe, yet clearly she feels them.

(I am a little concerned that she may only end up doing one shoot with Firm Hand).

She has a pleasantly bratty attitude, but so do any number of spanky girls.

What Kylee has, at least to me, is the undefinable "it". Some of our spanking models have it, and some don't. I'll happily watch almost any girls getting spanked, but some just have something more than an available bottom, and Kylee does. 

I want to watch her films again and again.

In fact I think that the difference comes down largely to personality, and the films where I sit and watch the whole thing, rather than just zooming to the spanking, are those featuring models whose on screen personality I find appealing.

Although, honestly, being insanely hot helps too! (Yes, I am a heterosexual male - this shit it hardwired into us, I think). 

Anyway, a last couple of pictures for your pleasure.


...and bottom

I just love her expression

So, that's it for another blog post. Remember that you can always comment.

All the best


PS Yes, I know, that was less analysis, and more leching, but, hey, it passed a few minutes, and I really do like Kylee. Remember, you can get her films on Firm Hand Spanking

Thursday 11 December 2014

Panties down Pixie - the Amber Pixie Wells Trilogy Part 2

Well, what could be nicer on a Friday than some pictures of Pixie's bare bottom being spanked? Very little, that I can think of.

And, of course, this post fulfills part of the promise of the title of my earlier post - trilogies require three entries and this is number two. Which you could tell from this title, I guess.

Anyway, to recap; Pixie is lovely, has a very spankable bottom, and has been spanked in lots of videos from pretty much every American site. All of these pictures are taken from the wonderful site that she co-owns, Punished Brats.

So, sit back and let me guide you, for a couple of minutes at least, through the delightful world of Pixie's bare and increasingly pink, bottom.

Oh, and stay with me until the end for an important announcement!

I was quite hoping that some witty comments might occur to me when I got around to actually writing this entry, but sadly my brain has gone into a state of premature Winter freeze, and refuses to come out with anything that isn't totally inane. I know, just like usual. 

Oh yes, and I buried the lead. So here it is:

NEWS ITEM; for those of us in the UK, BBC2 is showing the 2014 Proms version of Kiss Me Kate at 2.45 on Christmas Day, starring the rather stunning Alexandra Silber as Miss Vanessi/Kate. It's a fairly fully staged version of the play, but I don't know what they did about the spanking scene. Fingers crossed for a good one.

All the best