Monday, 30 January 2012

New feature! My favourite scenes.

Hullo, and welcome back, to the show that never ends!

Take a seat in the Big Top; the clowns will be along presently, once their tiny car has been serviced. Ah, repaired, that is. No kinky car sex here please!

We promise you thrills, spills and chills, as out highly skilled acrobats gambol across the skies, risking life and limb in the name of popular entertainment.

Right then; glad I got that out of my system. And now, to resume our normal service...

Whilst I have a lot of different pieces in the pipeline, I had nothing actually ready to go today. Idle fingers and a keyboard are the Devil's playthings (without the keyboard they tend to lead to masturbation, and there's nothing evil about that), and so, after nearly 18 seconds of constructive thought, here is the first in a new series.

At the end of my review of My Spanking Roommate I listed several favourite episodes, and I thought it might be interesting to talk about why a particular video works for me.

I'm not saying that it will be interesting for you to read about it, mind.

Still, there are those pretty pictures; always give the public what they want, don't you know.

Is it just me or is the style of this piece all over the place today? Um. Regional stuff. Upper crust. Maybe the odd moment that lowers the tone.

I have several of these things loosely planned, with videos from a number of different producers. However, for now, I'll start with my absolute favourite from MSR - episode 36.

This features two performers; the incredible and gorgeous Snow Mercy, who is eye catching as either top or bottom, and Dee Dee, about whom I know absolutely nothing. Never seen her before.

The story briefly; Kay phones and asks Dee Dee to pass on a message to Snow, that she wants her to be her bodyguard while she spanks another girl. Instead Dee Dee tells Snow that
Kay wants her to spank Snow, which she does, at some length, with hand and hairbrush.

Kay then phones back and speaks to Snow, who, upon getting the real story, turns the tables and spanks Dee Dee.

This video works especially well for me for three specific reasons:-

1. It pushes my buttons, in that it's two attractive girls spanking each other OTK. I love OTK, and I love turn about stories.

2. The performances, which are extremely well judged; their tone is
perfect for the piece, which is fairly tongue in cheek throughout. Dee Dee in particular is very entertaining - I love her "No, I have a tender ass!" line, delivered in a slightly quavery high pitched voice.

3. The overall sense of fun; yes, there are two decent spankings, but no one really gets hurt. The costumes, worn for a party, are ridiculous but great for spanking. The girls seem comfortable with each other; it's easy to believe that they are friends and roommates. There is a lightness of tone here which contrasts massively with the sense of threat so often pervading spanking clips.

I suppose if you're a big fan of the Dallas Spanks Hard school of strictly disciplinary beatings this all looks rather mild, and perhaps not worth your time. That may be, but I always enjoy spankings at the milder end of the spectrum (hurt but no harm), and this is just so goddamn good natured.

Yeah, I think that's it. The whole thing is good natured; nothing vicious or cruel. Two friends basically fucking around.

The performers are having fun, and the camera faithfully records this; there is no attempt to make it more than it is.

Whilst the models obviously take a huge amount of the credit for the entertainment value of this piece the producer/writer must also be acknowledged, for a job very well done.

Like all of the videos on MSR this is very professionally produced, using simple but realistic sets.

I really really like it (ya think? Two reallies? Ah, is that the correct plural. Can you have a plural form of an adverb? Ah shit, sorry, back to the
random waffle again).
So anyway, I regret to inform you that there are going to be at least 2 more of these; the next clip discussed will be from Northern Spanking, featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford, Lucy McLean and Stephen Lewis, and it's one of my favourites of all time.

Okay, enough already. I have to go and clean the patio doors now and then I want to whip up a large pan of my delicious corn beef hash for breakfasts for this week (and I don't even like corn beef!).

See you around.

All the best


All pictures are from My Spanking Roommate (although I'm sure that you guessed that), and, now that I look at them again, they really should be presented in reverse order.


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