Monday 9 January 2012

The Beginning of a Great Adventure?

Hello everyone, and I hope the beginning of a new week is treating you well.

So firstly, did anyone catch the Lou Reed reference in the title of this post? From his brilliant "New York" album? Yes? No? If you didn't you should rush out and buy it. Or download it, I suppose.

Anyway, second question. Hands up. I'm watching you there in the back, shuffling guiltily. I know what what you're doing under the desk.

Ahem.. where was I? Oh yes. My question. Have any of you readers out there ever attended a 1 2 1 session with a professional spankee. Or spanker, come to think of it? Or even a commercial spanking part?

I've been thinking about doing just this for several years now, ever since I came across the Spankee Finder UK link off the S F & R Website (back when it was regularly updated).

I'd look at each model's page, and read all of their terms and conditions carefully. Then I'd focus on the ones listed in the Midlands, and try to decide which one I liked best.

I've spent hours on this over the years. For a long time I thought that, if I ever worked up the nerve to see one of them, I'd travel and see Liz in Maidstone. She seemed to be safe; a bit more mature, and looking like someone I would meet in the street. It didn't hurt that you could see her in action in any number of videos.

Still, it was just an idle fantasy. I never planned to go through with it.

My wife would hate the idea. It cost too much. Travel would be inconvenient. I just didn't have the nerve (I'm a shy boy, damn it!). Isn't it like being unfaithful?

In recent years I've become more open about my spanking obsession (I would never have written a blog about it even 3 years ago), and my wife understands my needs, without, sadly, sharing them at all. As I grow older I care less about what other people think, and my self confidence has grown. I understand that an hour of playing spanking games with a professional doesn't mean I love my wife any less.

For the first time I can see myself wandering into a room with a woman I don't know, but intend to spank, and not be entirely tongue-tied. And red-faced.

So my intentions became a little firmer. I began to study local spankees in earnest.

I needed to establish a criteria for choosing one; firstly proximity. I would need to use public transport, and I'm based in Birmingham, so that left me about half a dozen options.

Over the last few years I've gotten in touch with my switchy side, so if I am to go to the lengths of seeing a professional it needs to be one who will switch and spank me too. That takes out a couple.

Whoever I visit needs to have a venue available. That's another one out.

I need to feel that the spankee I visit is attractive to me. Actually that doesn't narrow it down at all. I have a wide variety of aesthetic interests.

As a first timer I think an experienced practitioner would be a good idea. That takes out one more (who had been the front runner for a while).

So I'm left with three options; all attractive, experienced and switchers. My final choice comes down to seeing one of them in several spanking films. I love the idea of spanking and being spanked by a lady who I've seen on film. (I've dreamed of visiting Leia-Ann Woods, but with travel costs as well that's not practical).

So I made my choice. Would I have the nerve to go further?

Yesterday I had the real desire for a spanking; the need struck home deep into the depths of my being. Ugh. Horrid phrase. But it is descriptive.

I mentioned it to my wife. My daughter was in Wales, and my son was still in bed for at least a couple of hours, so we could play, although sex would be difficult.

My wife doesn't like spanking on it's own. So nothing happened.

That afternoon I sent an email to my number one choice, asking about her availability in early February; I would have some money available then, and my wife would be at work, while the kids were at school.

I asked for details of cost, where the venue is located, and I detailed my preferences. I gave a few details about myself and directed her attention to this blog should she want to know more.

And now I have to wait and see. What response I get. Whether we can arrange something. Whether I have the balls to carry this on.

I think I will though. I already have a shortlist of 2 other spankees, in case I can't come to agreement with choice number one (I won't give her name unless we do progress things).

Last night I went to sleep fantasising about spanking a firm bottom in black nylon pants, and believing that it might happen.

I'll let you know what happens.


Oh, all of the photos this time are grabbed from Hand Prints videos.

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