Friday, 23 October 2015

A Day in the Spanking Life......

Well, howdy. How are y'all?

Okay, I'll come clean; I've been watching Nashville on Amazon Prime and, after two seasons of backstabbing, lying, cheating, drinking and some pretty good music, I'm feeling a little hooked.

And, of course, this post is absolutely nothing to do with that.

I don't sleep much. I'm up most days by 4.30, after about 4 or 5 hours sleep. It's nice then, deep and quiet, and I can kid myself that the whole world belongs just to me.

It's also a fine time to stroll around the Internet, without any worries as to what prying eyes or interested ears might get to see or hear. I have a daily routine of internet sites that I visit. For a change of pace I thought that I'd tell you about them - well, as they are now, 'cos I often chop and change.
Public Spanking from Someone's Gonna Get It

I have a list in my bookmarks, under the heading of "Stuff" and I pretty much just follow the order in which they appear. so then, to launch right in, we start with British Spanking Community.

This is a bit of a throwback really, as I was a regular there a few years ago. Still, I arranged my very first spanking session through it's forum, and there often some nice pictures posted there, so it's worth a couple of minutes of my time.

Next we move on to the one and only Chross, and I'm sure that you all know why. Chross is the single most useful spanking resource currently on the Web, particularly for those fans of mainstream spanking. There tend to be posts several times a week, including the entirely invaluable Spankings of the Week that turns up most Saturdays.
Kiki gets spanked on Institute of Discipline

My next port of call is ITC Spanking which is a great place to find professional spankers and spankees in the UK, along with a forum where registered users can post on topics of interest. These are reviews of the various ladies themselves, matters of general spanking interest and other fun stuff. It does get a bit heated from time to time.

Where now? Oh yes, Richard Windors's Spanking Blog. This isn't a blog that sees daily updates, but most of the time it gets 2 or 3 each week, and of particular interest are the pictures of spankings from school and amateur productions of mainstream plays. Sadly Richard has recently suffered a bereavement (and I'm sure that all of our thoughts are with him) so posts have been somewhat sporadic, but we can hope for this to change in the near future.

For now, if you haven't looked around, I guarantee you'll find enough to keep you busy for an hour or so. The folders of on stage spankings are well worth seeking out.

Another click takes us to Spankeefinder, a UK based site that provides free page hosting for professional and semi-professional lady spankees. Even if you're not looking to arrange a paid session this site is well worth a look, as many ladies provide photos on their page, along with details of their services and/or spanking philosophy.
Ladies Who Spank (sometimes other ladies!)

Of course, it is only updated when a new spankee is available, so you never know when to visit; hence the daily check up.

To follow up this delight we have a site I suspect many of you will already visit; the splendid Spanking Tube. For those of you who don't know this is a free site that hosts spanking videos. Many of these are clips from professionally produced films, presented for promotional purposes, although a number of amateur films are uploaded too.

This leads nicely into The Spanking Bloggers Network, and if you're reading this the chances are that you are already familiar with this site. I like to glance down the list of updates, but usually I'm looking for 2 particular blogs that I follow religiously.

The first is Consensual Spankings, which focuses on a mutual spanking relationship, but adds lots of general spanking stuff, and, in particular, a lot of pictures. I don't altogether agree with the blogger's politics, but they don't infringe often, and the site itself is a lot of fun.

The other blog worth a daily look, and it really is updated each and every day, is Old Fashion Girl Spanking, written and staring the rather wonderful Veronica. She is in a spanking marriage, and posts lots of pictures of her frequent punishments, along with a number of other features, such as Saturday cartoons, Friday Spankables and much more.
Veronica where she often finds herself

Veronica herself is lovely, and always willing to chat by email. Plus, y'know, she reads my blog sometimes, and has commented here. She's basically perfect.

I follow this with a glance at Spanked Ass, which is the update page for the Institute of Discipline and it's stablemates. The site has an update most days, and features some lovely clear pictures of ladies and gents getting spanked, strapped and caned. The majority of pictures feature the guys on the receiving end, as much of the group is made up of femme domme sites.
Across my lap, young lady

I then have a look at a couple of Tumblr sites that have, so far. managed to survive the periodic purges of spanking related materials; the first of these is Ladies Spank, which is self explanatory, and Who's Sorry Now, which is too really.

Neither of these update terribly often, and both mostly feature men getting spanked, but they have some great pictures.
Who's Sorry Now (this guy, I'm guessing)

Not long to go now, only a handful more places to check out. Next we have another Tumblr photo blog, but this one does get one new picture every day, and it's Across My Lap, Young Lady. The pictures are generally very good, although not all of them show OTK spankings, despite the title.

Just two more, and they've both been around for quite some time. Firstly there's Someone's Gonna Get It, a great site with daily updates that cover more or less the whole world of spanking, leaning heavily towards pictures, usually in themed groups of six. These notably include public spankings, and there are lots of them throughout the site.

To finish my daily routine there's Spanking Minnesota, which again has more or less daily updates, on all sorts of spanking topics, and profusely illustrated with splendid pictures.
Richard Windsor's blog (on stage school spanking)

I also have a couple of sites I look at two or three times each week, which are worth mentioning. Cutiepie's Sexy Spankings features picture sets from professionally produced videos, especially from Punished Brats, Triple AAA Spanking and Clare Fonda's stable.

Chicago Spanking Review gets a visit every Friday morning, because that's when their new spanking comic panels appear.
The wonderful Snow Mercy spanks, from Vanilla Spanking

Lastly, one of my favourite blogs of all time, Vanilla Spanking, which features entirely mainstream spanking stuff, with several themed posts each week. These include Photographer of the Week (pictures from professional photographers who occasionally show a spanking in their work), On Stage Spankings (indepth reports on spanking scenes in mainstream plays, extremely well researched and often with masses of photos) and articles about general spanking concerns, such as, this week, spanking references used for political ends.

All of this takes me around 30 minutes each day, and it's time well spent. Some days I find more treasures than others, some days the pickings are slim, but there always seems to be something to pique my spanking tastes.

What sites do you look at? Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.

Best wishes


All pictures come from sites mentioned in this article, and I've (I hope) labelled them all correctly. Check 'em out, why don't you.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Do you think that spanking really is a deterrent?

I have a particular spanking friend, and we get together every now and then to play out a few spanking scenarios; we both switch, although I get to spank her around 60 percent of the time.

We've been discussing a Dennis the Menace scene. I should mention that, as we are both Brits, the Dennis we know is the often spanked naughty boy who appeared in 1 or 2 page strips in The Beano comic, rather than the US incarnation.

The scene would feature me, as Dennis, getting into trouble at home and at school, during the course of the day. Each infraction would result in corporal punishment; a spanking, slippering or caning, mostly over clothing and each fairly brief.

None of that is important however, except that I was doing some research about Dennis, and I came across a Yahoo group which had a lot of spanking scenes from British comics.

What struck me about them was the matter of fact way in which the naughty children accepted their punishments, as simply the cost of doing mischievous business. No bawling, no running away, and little in the way of protests. Just over father or mother's knee, or across the desk at school. and let the whacking begin.

Of course these strips were produced by adults, but for years they were massively popular in the UK, so it reasonable to assume they, at least in part, reflected the world view of their readers.

Back in the real world I attended school in the days when the threat of the cane or slipper, or, for younger children, the palm of teacher's hand, were very real. Of course, I was fairly well behaved so my encounters with these disciplinary methods was fairly limited, but I did have friends who were much better acquainted with them.

I was always amazed by the casual way they treated the ever present and, to me, rather overpowering fear of the cane. In fact, they showed no fear at all; if they were caned it was merely a few painful minutes, followed by a few hours of uncomfortable sitting.

I don't think that knowing they were likely to end up bent over their Housemaster's desk, with a stingy rod whacking across their tight trouser seats, ever stopped them from misbehaving.

I have one more example; in the 1970's there was a British children's TV show called The Tomorrow People (the inspiration for the recent failed US reboot). There was one story which introduced Liz, a young black secondary school teacher (at a time when having a black actor portraying a major part on a kid's show was unusual enough to be noteworthy) who turned out to have telepathic abilities.

She had a discussion with several boys in her class, after she threatened to send them to the Head. They told her that they were frightened of the Head, because he used a cane, but the knowledge of this did nothing to change their behaviour.

I've commented before that I think the corporal punishment of kids is little more than bullying, however much the adult inflicting it may believe it's for the good of the child. At the end of the day it's just proof that the physically stronger adult can get away with dealing violently with a smaller weaker adversary.

I'm pretty sure that constitutes bullying.

All of the evidence that I've seen suggests that kids don't really think of the consequences when they misbehave, whether they are physical or not. At the end of the day naughty children don't really expect to get caught; hell, we all think we'll get away with it some of the time!

Whatever it might be. This theory has, of course, ended many marriages.

Another aspect of this is that kids live in the moment, far more than adults do (or realistically can, when the end of each month just brings more bills). Because of this they are far more likely to dismiss the transient nature of a sore bottom than an adult would be.

This should not be seen as me arguing for adult corporal discipline. I'm fine with those couples who do practise it (although when only one party is liable to be spanked I wonder about the strength of the relationship) but for me spanking is a consensual and fun way to spend time.

It does perhaps mean that adults consider the threat of a well smacked bottom to be more fearsome than the children threatened with it do. I dunno; it's too long ago for me, and I didn't really get spanked, other than by girls my own age in play.

As I understand it, the rational for spanking children is two pronged; either they are too young to realise that they shouldn't do something, in which case a quick slap and a brief pain will give them a reason to behave (and I must say that, for very young kids this kind of makes sense to me) or they are old enough to understand that actions have consequences, and therefore attaching an unpleasant consequence to any particular action makes it less likely the child will undertake it.

Now I think about it, that's pretty much one reason expressed in two different ways.

Let's sum it up in one little, but oh so large word, fear. 

All punishment is based on fear, whether of being fined, jailed, executed or spanked. Difference is a matter of degree only.

The real reason that most parents smack their children is anger, plain and simple. Humankind has not advanced beyond the impulse to strike out when confronted, and a sharp smack is easier than explaining why something is wrong.

Of course, some children are naturally naughty, however they have been brought up. And some people are naturally dishonest too. For them no amount of threats or actual punishments will work.

Whew. Hey look, I've rambled on, once again.

This is a lot of words to say that, in my opinion, corporal punishment is a poor and ineffective tool in child rearing. We've never spanked our two kids, and they turned out well.

Maybe we're just lucky.

And, of course, none of this stops me using parental and educational authority figures in role plays; it's not real but it is just plain fun. For consenting adults.

Best wishes


Pictures used are either extremely appropriate or the total reverse; those ladies are only for the entertainment of adult spanking enthusiasts!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Well then, are spanking parties for you?

Back before the dawn of time, or earlier this year if you prefer, I promised to tell you of my adventures at my first spanking party. I hope that you haven't been dangling on tenterhooks ever since - I suspect that might be a tad uncomfortable.

Anyway, better late than never. Ah, I love a good platitude.

What I'll do is tell you the tale of my party adventure, and then make a few comments about what I liked, and what I didn't. If you're thinking of dipping your toe there might be some information that you find useful. 

So then, I enrolled to attend a Central Spanking party, in the Midlands. The company also run parties in Sheffield, and have been doing so for a good few years.

The immediate impetus for going was the wonderful Fae Corbin, whose interview here you may recall. She mentioned that she was a regular at these things, and suggested that I might like to come along.

I paid my deposit, and got directions to the venue, which was above a pub just outside of Nuneaton Town Centre; Martin, the organiser, provided good directions, and said that he would be lurking in the pub from 12.00 onwards.

I arrived in good time (yes, alright, I was about an hour early; I can't help being compulsively overpunctual) and hung around until about 12.15. At that point I entered the pub, and looked around.  

There was a group of maybe 3 guys and a couple of ladies (one of whom reminded me of Sam Johnson), which I assumed was my party but, being shy and retiring, I bought a pint and took a seat, to see what might happen. Several more guys joined the group, and then Fae arrived and headed for them.

Using Sherlockian deductive abilities I reasoned that this was the Spanking Party, and headed over. 

I introduced myself and was soon chatting with the group. The lady who looked like the delightful Sam actually was her! I was suitably wowed by this guest spankee.

At 1.00 we headed up to the room. It was a large space, used for bands, with a raised stage at one end, a bar to one side and a horseshoe arrangement of around 20 chairs. Over the next few minutes these were filled by sundry gents, mainly in advanced middle age or older. In fact, I reckoned that I was the youngest attendee bar one.

A form was passed around, allowing you to book a short private one to one with the terrifying Ms Hastings-Gore. You could also request your level of punishment. I went for the light end of the spectrum.

After a brief while the girls paraded out, dressed in skimpy skirts. There were five in all; Fae and Sam, the spanking twins, Chloe and Candy, and a returning girl, who I think was called Sophie (come on, give me a break - this was months ago!).

Each of the girls was allocated to a gentleman, and a few minutes spanking ensued. Then each girl moved to the next gent in the seating area, for more spanking.

This continued until each girl had been spanked by each guy, which took close on an hour, I think.

It was then time to break for food, and the bar got quite a bit of custom. The girls joined in the noshing, and chatted pleasantly with anyone who approached them.

After this it was implement and switch time; 3 girls bent over for each guy to give her six strokes with his choice of a huge array of spanking toys, such as floggers, paddles, slippers and hairbrushes.

The other 2 girls invited any guys who wished to switch to an area behind the seats, where they went across the lady's knee for a few minutes of punishment.

Whilst this was going on Ms Hastings-Gore was taking the opportunity to take various victims away to a little room, so that she could administer her thrashings in peace. The distance from the main hall did a little to suppress the screams she elicited (okay, yes, I do exaggerate. Whilst firm she adhered to everyone's limits).

The afternoon finished off with mass canings, organised in a similar fashion to the earlier implements round, and once again any gent who wished to switch could move to the back of the room to experience the cane.

All in all the meeting lasted around somewhere in excess of 4 hours, including the break for food. The bar was open throughout, with two barmaids who were fascinated by what was going on. Unsuccessful efforts were made to get them to join in with the fun.

And that's just the facts, ma'am. 

Of course, this leaves us with how much I enjoyed the experience. I tell you what - I'll list the things I liked, and the bits that didn't thrill me quite so much.

Lets start with positives.

1. Lovely to meet a group of people who share an interest thats hugely important to me.

2. I got to spank 5 girls who were new to me, including two (Fae and Sam) who I have watched, and adored, in various spanking videos.

3. The girls themselves were the major plus; all of them were lovely, spankable and clearly into the whole thing. I'm sure that after all of that spanking, paddling and caning they went away with very sore bottoms.

4. I got spanked by the fearsome Ms Hastings-Gore, an experience that I recommend to anyone who likes to switch

There were a few negatives;

1. The whole thing is a bit like a cattle market; large hall, lots of guys all around, and absolutely no intimacy at all

2. I'm not wild about being spanked in public

3. It's difficult to make a connection with any of the girls in little 5 minute slots, in a crowded room

Having said all of that, I'm glad that I had the experience, and I loved meeting and spanking all of the girls. I would certainly have preferred to do that in a more private environment, but that really isn't practical with the numbers the party caters to.

I should also say that, whatever reservations I may have, the majority of the guys were frequent repeat customers, some attending every party both in the Midlands and Sheffield.

The question of whether I'd want to go again is a little harder. My initial thought was that I would, and in fact I did pay a deposit for the next time (at a discounted rate), but health issues have prevented me pursuing this.

Dani Hunt has been chasing me to attend one of her house based parties, and, from what she says, that may be more to my taste, I guess we'll find out when my financial situation improves, and I can afford to book with her. You'll read about it here when it happens.

Would I recommend trying one of Central Spankings parties? Extremely nice of you to ask.

It depends very much what you get out of spanking. If you find it to be primarily a physical experience then I suspect that you'll love one of them; the chance to spank a group of gorgeous and charming girls is a real temptation.

If you lean as much towards the psychological aspects of our hobby as the physical then you are likely to find the parties a bit frustrating. There's no real room for role play, there's no build up and the process is just a little impersonal.

But then there are the girls. 

If you sense that I'm still kind of on the fence, then give that man a big fat cigar - I'm still ambivalent about the experience. No, that's not true. I am genuinely pleased I gave the party a whirl, but I am unsure whether I'd care to repeat the experience.

There you go. As clear as six inch thick mud!

Oh, and while I think about it, SamFae and, more recently, Chloe all offer one to one sessions, and I think you'd have a great time with any of them - they're good people and great fun spanking gals.
Look 'em at the links provided.

I'll be back soon.

Best wishes


PS photos are grabbed from the websites of the various Parties and girls mentioned.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Just Catching Up a Bit...

Whew! Well, it has been a long time, hasn't it? I know, I don't call, I don't write, and I certainly don't blog.

I really must do something about that.

I'm not sure why I lost interest in this blog, but for a while there I certainly did. If you want to pin the blame for it restarting on anyone, pick on Dani Hunt. Whilst talking to her recently she asked why I had stopped, and I didn't have a good answer.

If Dani missed reading this stuff then I can only assume that a few more of you might welcome some new posts, so here is the first.

How has the wonderful world of spanking changed whilst I've been away? Mostly, just in the ways that it always changes of time, with comings and goings. Mostly goings where picture blogs on Tumblr are concerned; I've lost count of the number of them I've added to my daily surf list, only to find them gone moments later.

I'm starting to feel a bit like an albatross (for lunch, that is, deep fried after being dipped in savory spices, with some coleslaw and spicy beans on the side).

We seem to have lost Amber Pixie Wells from our little Universe; her blog was taken down on short notice, with an unhelpful note about changes in her life. Of course she is entitled to drop out whenever she wishes to, but I crave more information.

The UK video spanking industry continues to migrate abroad, following the draconian and ill considered new legislation; most sites now have either been transferred to overseas ownership (Triple AAA, Northern Spanking, Bars and Stripes) or their owners no longer list the UK as their country of residence.

Of course, Pandora tried to stand up to the authorities, and briefly became the public face of fetish, before being targeted by the petty minded little bastard bureaucrats. Her site, Dreams of Spanking, is currently suspended pending her appeal against the decision that she was in breach of the law, and this is likely to take 12 months or more. I'm sure that all of our thoughts are with her.

Happily, video filming in the UK is still legal, and clearly is going on, although I'd be curious to learn whether the lovely ladies who feature in these films are still finding as much work.

So, what do I have coming up? The much delayed party review (for all of those thinking about attending a spanking party), a look at some tumblr blogs which I believe are worth following, perhaps the odd story or two, and at least a couple of reviews.

Hopefully once I get back into the swing of things I'll contact a few notable spanky folks and get a couple of interviews going.

To those of you who have hung around checking back occasionally, I'd just like to say thank you for your loyalty; I'll try my hardest to make it worth your while.

If you haven't been popping back here, well, you haven't missed anything.

Ta ta for now; I'll catch you again later in the week.

Best wishes


All pictures are borrowed from the delightful Hand Spanking site, which I believe I gave a very positive review to a couple of years ago.