Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The new incarnation of adorableness - Ms Stacy Stockton

Sorry that I've been away for a few days; I'm still getting better from some major health issues, and I've had a few not so good days. Still, feeling more myself now.

One of the things that I've done to cheer myself up is to get one of my periodic memberships to Firm Hand Spanking. They post videos regularly, have some very beautiful models, and their archives are vast. I can always find something to justify the money.

This time, while checking that I had downloaded absolutely everything from absolutely every model (and I never realised that Firm Hand had a daily download quota) I found time to examine, at some length, the collected spanking videos of the totally gorgeous Stacy Stockton.

There are 32 of them on Firm Hand at present, spread across several different series, so there's quite a bit of fun spanking stuff there to wallow in.

So what do we know about the bubbly Ms Stockton? Not a lot, actually. She's American, appears to be exclusive to Firm Hand, at least as far as spanking films go, and she first appeared in 2013. She appears in several films with Jonny Stockton, who I suspect is also her husband in real life. The affection between the two of them seems entirely genuine.

What does Stacy bring to her videos? Well, first of all a sunny disposition, and bucketloads of pleasure at being spanked. Her face is lovely, and as she is spanked she purses her lips, and pulls the most appealing faces.

Her figure is delightful and her bottom juts out (just check out the shots of her in jeans being paddled). It reddens quickly and she seems able to take a fair degree of punishment.

She has bags of personality, and this comes across extremely well in her films. 

As my heading suggests, Stacy just seems infinitely adorable. I think that she is the best new American spanking model I've seen for some time, and I hope to be seeing her films for some time to come. She has just started a new series (Truly, Madly, Deeply) with Jonny, so I'm sure that we have at least a few more videos to drool over.

For now I'll just leave you with a selection of pictures of Stacy in spanking action. I trust that you'll enjoy them.

All the best


Do you think that might be enough for now? I think the pictures show most of Stacy's attributes, and illustrate quite well her pleasant happy go lucky approach.

All pictures are, of course, courtesy of Firm Hand Spanking. If you like the stills, just imagine how much more you'll like the videos that they came from. Go get a membership and have a look for yourselves.

Ta ta for now, fellow spanky fans.


  1. Gorgeous little spankee girl at Firm Hand Spanking ,yes she is Johnnys wifie ,lucky chap .

  2. I know her, she's never been married and her name isn't really Stacy Stockton - as if she'd use that. She didn't know what she'd be called until she went on set

  3. I have to correct this - she was I know living with him, but married - not sure now

  4. anyone know how to contact her for a private shoot?

  5. Stacey has the best legs.