Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Do You Remember...Amy Denison?

Good morning, fellow enthusiasts of the spanking world, and welcome to a new occasional series, in which I reminisce about spanking models that have either retired, or simply vanished from view.

I'd like to begin with the stunning Amy Denison, a 5 foot 11 inch brunette from Texas who appeared in around 30 videos for Firm Hand Spanking between 2002 and 2008.

She is unique, I think, in refusing to ever totally bare her bottom for punishment; whilst her firm rounded cheeks often received chastisement without the benefit of protection she always at least wore a thong. Amy felt that the videos were being made to excite us with spanking, not to flash her intimate parts at us. I have to agree.

Amy had a wonderfully bratty personality, and, especially in the early years, she often addressed the camera directly, discussing what she had done and what was to come. I know that some fans don't like this approach but with her doe eyed looks and almost hesitant air of regret I found it incredibly appealing.

She could certainly take a sound spanking; her butt cheeks often glowed red at the end of a shoot, and they jiggled and wobbled enticingly. Several clips feature slow motion replays, and you can see the hand or paddle disappear into her flesh before setting of a seismic event!

Sadly in 2008 Amy dropped out of the scene; she came to it fairly late, whilst at college, and only entered it when it was suggested she might model for FHS. She had no previous experience, outside of some school CP. Perhaps it's no surprise she left us, as I don't think she was ever as into spanking as many models are.

Nonetheless we salute you Amy Denison; with your long hair, your blur/green eyes and your smoking hot figure. You'd be welcome back any time!

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