Sunday 30 December 2012

Sometimes a session just doesn't work.

I'm aware that, in comparison with some of my readers, I'm woefully inexperienced when it comes to spanking sessions. I've only had a handful, and all of those were with professional spankees/switches.

Early in the year I detailed at some length my very first session, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm not sure how much most readers got from it, but I did receive two emails from longtime spankers who were inspired by it to book their own first sessions, both of which gave them a great deal of pleasure.

This, naturally enough, gave me a very warm feeling inside (no, not acid indigestion - I can get that from stilton and port, without trying, thank you very much).

I recently (well, a month or so ago) had the first disappointing session of my spanking career; I'm sure that others have had similar experiences and I thought that talking about it might ensure that one poor experience does not put anyone off for good.

Also, I must stress that the experience was disappointing. It wasn't a disaster. It just wasn't quite what I'd hoped for.

A little background. I'd talked to a switch who appears on Spankee Finder  about the possibility of a session, to be arranged about 6 weeks in advance. The lady in question is about my age (which I prefer when switching), she looked nice in the photos, she used a domestic setting (which intrigued me), and she was a little cheaper than some people I had contacted. Let's call her Wynona.

We arranged a 90 minute session, with both mature aunt/wayward housewife and naughty/strict school nurse role plays being discussed. In the view of the length of the session I felt a change of costume would be fine.

Unfortunately I had to cancel the appointment at a few days notice, as I managed to injure my wrist quite painfully.

Wynona was fine about this, and we rebooked for three weeks later; she emailed to check if the nurse thing was still required (which she felt was appropriate in view of my injury) and we arranged to speak at the telephone to confirm. We spoke a week ahead of the session, and she seemed very down to earth.

On the day of the session I travelled to the town where it was to be held, arriving early as ever. I had a coffee, let Wynona know that I was nearby and got a taxi to the address, a neat little terraced house in the middle of a quiet street.  I knocked, the door opened, and Wynona let me in.

At which stage things went a bit wrong.

Firstly, there was no problem with Wynona's physical appearance; she had a very trim figure, that stuck out in the right places, and looked at least 10 years younger than her stated age. She had nice long legs, and a pleasant friendly face.

She was wearing the nurse's uniform. First problem. It was an Ann Summers sexy nurse outfit. She filled it very attractively, but I had, from our correspondence, expected something more traditional and realistic. For me the nurse role play was already blown.

I am inexperienced at role plays, and, when I mentioned this in an email, Wynona suggested in a very take charge manner that she would guide me through it. Sadly, in person, she was much more tentative, really a natural bottom. In fairness to her, that is how she advertises; she only offered to switch when I asked if she did that.

For all that I love to spank I'm not really a natural dominant, and sessioning is still new enough to me that I find it difficult to take charge, but this was clearly what Wynona expected me to do. I began by putting her over my knee on the settee, and spanking her for around 10 minutes or so.

At my request we switched places, but she never took charge when spanking me, only taking down my trousers and pants when I specifically asked her to, despite the fact that I had bared her when I felt it was the time.

She had a bag of implements, which we went through. There was a rubber soled slipper that was too light to feel even on bare flesh. There was a wooden backed paddle-like hairbrush, which she would only take a handful of smacks from. There was a whippy cane, but only to be used on others.

There was a leather paddle I liked a lot, and a flogger which felt nice. The crop gave a decent sting too.

We spent the entire session just alternating straight spanking, and chatting. I've spent time far less enjoyably, of course, but, after 3 months or so of anticipation, it wasn't quite what I expected either.

I did enjoy the crop, and I also got 12 swishy strokes with the cane across my underpants. I'd never had that before, and the fairly gentle application was just right. Certainly it's something I'd like to explore again, but another time I'd also like to apply it.

We finished out the 90 minutes, chatting pleasantly enough. Wynona is a nice lady, but she just wasn't what I was looking for.

So, what went wrong, exactly?

Firstly, I need to use a bit more care selecting my partner. I do need someone with experience (Wynona has only been doing this for around 18 months), and, more to the point, I need someone who is prepared to be a bit more assertive when it comes to switching.

Secondly, I need to be more specific about the role play element of my session. I must check the type of costume being planned (one lady offered me a choice of 4 different school girl uniforms, from exaggeratedly sexy to formal and accurate). I think role plays must rely on as much authenticity as possible, so the clothes worn are important.

Thirdly, I must manage my expectations. After waiting three months, with one session cancelled because a model injured herself, and another cancelled because I was hurt, I think I expected too much. It's possible that I would have been disappointed however good this one had been.

Finally, I think I prefer to spank someone who reacts to what's happening; I never got Wynona to make a sound, and her bottom barely  changed colour, despite my best efforts. I don't want the exaggerated crying at first touch thing you see in some videos, but I would like at least a little uneasy shifting, and the occasional gasp.

Still, despite all of my caveats, I still got to do a lot of spanking, and I experienced a couple of things I hadn't previously, so that's good.

I'm not sure when I will be in a position to pay for a session again, as our costs have recently increased a fair bit but, whenever it is, I'll think more carefully before I book it.

All the best


All pictures have been shamelessly borrowed from various tumblr blogs, who probably knicked them in the first place. If anyone wants any of these removed or accredited I'll happily do so.

Saturday 29 December 2012

Website Review - Good Spanking Classics

Were you paying attention? No checking your notes now - how closely did you read the review of Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking site that I published last week?

Do you remember the mention of it's sister site, Good Spanking Classics? You do? Oh, of course you do! How could I ever doubt you?

Anyway, when you join Good Spanking there is the option to simultaneously join Good Spanking Classics (hereafter to be referred to as GSC, in order to save the tips of my poor battered fingers just a little work), for a very decent saving over their individual prices.

You can, of course, join the site as a stand alone too, for the very reasonable fee of US S20.99.

GSC is different to most spanking video sites, in that rather than producing new material, it presents old films made by Chelsea Pfeiffer Enterprises back in the day when these things circulated almost entirely on video.

The introductory screen, which also serves as a preview screen for the curious, explains the idea behind it, and boasts that the site contains 124 photo stories (some entries feature more than 1 story), split into 973 video clips. It also has 4122 still photos.

The screen also gives a summary of each recent clip, along with a couple of photos from it. The descriptions are great; they're chatty, and kind of gossipy, talking about the performers with massive affection, and placing each film into a historical context (in terms of the history of CPE, that is).

I'd really like to learn more about the clips, such as when they were filmed for instance.

As with Chelsea's other site, the films here are 100% female spanking female. Actually, the last entry to the site makes me a liar here, as it is one of only two M/F films that CPE ever shot. However, unless you enjoy F/F films (as I do, to a massive degree) you might prefer to stay clear of this site.

When you log in, you come to a two page Table of contents, which is similar to the introductory screen, but with rather more movies on it.

Each film has the aforementioned summary, and 2 sample shots, along with the date of posting, links to collections of still images from the film, and further links to download the actual video files. Each film is typically made up of around 10 clips, although there are shorter ones, and several much longer ones (one recent presentation runs to 18 parts).

File sizes are fairly small, averaging around 20 meg, so downloads are fast, and I haven't come across any download limits at all. As with Good Spanking, file names can be a bit variable so it's worth downloading each film into a separate folder.

The site can also be navigated via an Index of Girls, with a linkable list of each girl's performances. This is a nice idea, and makes tracking down your favourites extremely easy.

All of which brings us rather inevitably to the clips, which are both the major strength and the weakness of the site.

First of all I have to say that the films are massively entertaining, and it's difficult not to feel nostalgic whilst watching them. The acting, especially in some of the earliest videos, would not be generally acceptable today, and many of the spankings seem extremely mild. It's clear that a number of the performers have never really topped before, with the first slaps being tentative at best.

Some of the plots seem a little over-familiar, but that is not the fault of the producers. You have to bear in mind that these films were made 15 years or so ago (in the case of the earliest ones), and while the, for example, spanking therapy plot is commonplace now, it was fresh back then.

There are several things that I particularly like:-

1. many of the spankings are of more realistic length than we tend to see nowadays, to such an extent that several films feature multiple spankings, often in totally different stories that just feature the same performers. The CP Theatre entries are fine examples of this (but I'd love to see Parts 2 and 3!)

2. we get to see the first of the Chelsea Spanks films (see the review of Good Spanking for more details of these)

3. I can't really explain this, but many of the films have an innocence and charm that tends to be missing from modern day films. It may be a combination of models that I haven't seen before, a slightly less professional approach to production than Chelsea's current work has and an awareness of the age of the films, but somehow they seem quite sweet.

4. lots of over the knee hand spanking. I'm still a traditionalist at heart, and these type of clips turn me on more than any others. Which is why we're here, right?

What don't I like? Easily answered (although this may be a factor in no. 3 above); the quality of the clips is very variable. Clearly these films have been transferred from a video source, and, in some cases, the source is far from perfect. This is perhaps to be expected given their vintage nature.

Various clips have video interference, variable volume levels and noise interference too. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit that, in some clips, these factors do affect my enjoyment of the material on offer.

I must stress however that this is not a problem with the majority of the films, where the image quality might be a little soft but is otherwise fine.

So, should you plonk your hard earned cash down on the table for Good Spanking Classics? The monthly cost is very reasonable, you'll see films and models that you can't do anywhere else, and, especially if you've been around the scene for some time, you'll get a snootful of the whiff of nostalgia. The clips are fun, and the spankings frequent.

I think that the site is well worth a visit; most spanking fans will find much to treasure and enjoy here.

I think that'll do for now.

All the best


Photos are taken from Good Spanking Classics

One final image; when I first started searching the internet for spanking I came across this shot, and I was desperate to see the video that it came from. The spanker just seemed to be having so much fun, and i found the outfits to be extremely hot. It's taken me a few years but finally I've found it. It didn't disappoint me either. Thanks Chelsea.

Friday 28 December 2012

The Big Bang Theory Spanking - an idle thought

I know, I know; I've seen it, you've seen it, my neighbour's daughter's ferret's girlfriend has seen it; Sheldon spanking Amy has appeared everywhere on the spanking net.

I had a thought about it that I haven't seen anyone else discuss yet.

However, before we get to that, one further observation; I think that this is the first mainstream spanking clip that I've ever seen that does not arouse me in the slightest.

I know Amy isn't the most attractive woman around, although that on it's own wouldn't be enough to turn me off. The build up between the two characters would, even without a payoff, usually serve to create at least a little stiffening (yes, I am just that obsessed by spanking!).

In this case I just laughed. I thought that the scene was genuinely funny, and just a little touching.

I think that the reason I didn't react sexually is the character of Sheldon Cooper; Jim Parsons does such a great job of ensuring that no suggestion of sexual interest, or pleasure form inflicting a little pain, features in Sheldon's actions that he manages to remove all sexuality from the spanking.

You may react to it differently however. Amy clearly does.

All of which is beside my point.

What I wanted to say about the spanking is this; I believe that this is the first mainstream spanking of a woman by a man for purely disciplinary reasons in 20 years or more. There is an increasing trend for all on screen spankings to be mutually agreed sexual acts, whoever the participants are, which is fine, of course, and how it should be in real life.

In the fantasy world of the screen things can be different. If you go back to the great screen spankings of the 1930's to 1960's, men spanked women to punish them, Of course there was often a sexual undercurrent, especially as it is often put forward that spankings on film were a short hand for sex, when sex itself could not be shown, but the primary intent was to put right the wayward woman.

The spankings were largely paternalistic (whether the spanker was a father or not); Sheldon's comments in Big Bang explicitly place his punishment of Amy into this class of spanking.

Of course much of the humour of the scene derives from Amy's eager agreement to her punishment, which is clearly sexually motivated. Sheldon's rather baffled line that "You're not supposed to be enjoying this" underscores his naivety, and emphasises the punitive element.

I love the scene, despite my lack of sexual response to it; I think it is subtly scripted and the acting is, as ever, first rate. Whilst i think all of the cast are great, the two involved here are probably the best of the bunch.

Anyway, I digress once more; can you name any other recent male/female spankings (not ones between father and daughter) that are given purely as punishment? I suspect that there are some in South American telenovelas, but outside of that, I'm stumped.

Comments welcome as ever.

All the best


Sunday 23 December 2012

A Lovely Christmas Freebie

Just a quick note today; I'm far too busy sorting out the final details of my family Christmas to bother with you lot; actually that's clearly not true, as here I am!

Anyway, I just wanted to point you to the delightful Sarah Bright's website Spanking Sarah, where she is offering a totally free 20 minute spanking video to anyone who cares to download it.

You can also get it from another couple of places, but I had no trouble getting the 379 meg film from the address linked above.

It's a really fun little film, and I recommend that everyone give it a try; you might also treat yourself to a month's Christmas subscription at the very reasonable cost of £11 while you're there. Incidentally that's purely my thought; the website makes no such suggestion.

Anyway I hope that you choose to have a look at this film, and that you enjoy it as much as I did.

While I'm here, is it too early to wish all of my readers, regulars and casual fans alike a very Merry Christmas? I don't think it is.

A very merry spanking Christmas to you all!

All the best


All pictures are from this free video; enjoy.

Friday 21 December 2012

Website Review - Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking

Well, it has been a long time, hasn't it? But here I am, once again, hanging on.

I must say that I'm tremendously impressed by the number of page views I continue to get, despite there having been no new posts for, well, I can't be bothered to check, but I know it's longer than a week. Or a month.

What's new in my life? Ah, who cares? That's another post.

All you need to know for now is that, as a Xmas treat, I joined Good Spanking, and now I'm going to tell you all about it.

So, as ever, let's start with a few basics. Good Spanking is a fairly long running site, owned and operated by US spanking legend Chelsea Pfeiffer (no relation to Michelle or Deedee, I'm sure), and it's strictly an F/F site, so those of you who insist on guys as tops really won't like it.

The monthly cost of membership is an initial US$25.99, renewing at US$20.99, which is a decent incentive for hanging around after that first orgasmic month.

The site is very regularly updated, with at least 40 new photos and 4 3 minute clips per week. You can also link into Chelsea's bio, and her online journal, from the site's front page.

Logging in you come to the site's only real weakness; it's not the easiest site to navigate around.

Initially you come to a table of contents, that merely lists the recent updates. Actually to call them recent is a bit misleading, as the page today covers from February 2012 to date. The appear in reverse chronological order of posting, and each video is given a title.

Each title is made up of a number of the aforementioned 3 minute clips, generally between 4 and 10, but with a couple being shorter and an (increasing) number being longer. The most protracted that I recall seeing was 17 parts.

The videos are in WMV format, and there is a substantial increase in image quality in the more recent entries. Even the most recent though generally do not have a file size of above around 22 meg, so downloading is very quick. I found the best way to do this was to create a separate folder for each film; as some of the filenames on download differ between parts this is an especially good idea.

At the bottom of the Contents page are two more sections; Completed Stories and CS Archives. Completed stories run to 8 pages of clips, with a heading and brief description, below which appears all of the parts of that film, in order, and links to images from it as well. This makes downloading these films exceptionally easy.

The films themselves are good fun, but generally not too complex, from a plot point of view. Most feature a short discussion, before launching into the spanking. Even so, the reasons for the punishments are well thought out, and quite varied, with a reasonable amount of humour present too. A fine example of this would be the film Space Girls, which made me laugh out loud.

The CS Archives features something a bit different (and a number of these films appear in the recent films off the Table of Contents too). They are basically 30 minute spanking sessions; there usually isn't a plot (although occasionally a reason why punishment is required is given), just Chelsea spanking a model.

The spankings feature begin with hand over clothes, before progressing to the bare bottomed, and then the use of a number of implements. Chelsea and her guests often chat pleasantly while all of this is going on, although this becomes a bit harder after a while as the beatings do seem to be quite painful.

These scenes basically show someone who enjoys spanking dealing with someone who likes to be spanked (hence the reference to a spanking session); as a switch I'd love to be spanked by Chelsea, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't take a session as severe as these are.

There are 5 pages of these, and they are really entertaining. I recommend them most highly.

The spankings featured in the plot based tales also generally start over clothes, OTK, progressing much like the sessions, although often remaining just a thorough hand spanking. Chelsea herself is spanked by one of the girls in a handful of the films (although not often enough for my taste; I love to see the tables turned and the spanker punished). Her birthday spanking from Sinn Sage is tremendous.

You will recognise many of the models; notables include Amelia Jane Rutherford (her Chelsea Spanks film is incredibly hot, and she clearly has a wonderful time in it), Amber Pixie Wells, Amy Hunter, Samantha Grace,  Clare Fonda, Sophie Nova, Danielle Hunt, Cheyenne Jewel, Mei Mara, Ten Amorette, Snow Mercy, Kailee and Sarah Gregory but there are many more extremely attractive young ladies as well.

The vast majority of the spankings are carried out by Chelsea, although a handful of the models also get their turn on occasion.

Would I recommend this site to the discerning spanking fan who is careful with his money? Well, provided they enjoy F/F spankings, I certainly would. Whilst I haven't counted the number of different films available for download there must be around 200, and pretty much all of them are enjoyable.

Chelsea is one of the better tops around (even allowing for my bias against male spankers) and, while the acting can be a little dodgy, especially on some of the older films, there's no doubt that everyone involved is having fun.

The cost is very reasonable for the amount of material available, and you could do much worse than check out this slightly quirky site; there is also an option to purchase a joint membership of this site along with Good Spanking Classics, a site which I will review separately in the very near future.

So there you have it; give it a chance and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have,

All the best


Pictures are, rather inevitably, taken from Good Spanking