Friday 21 February 2014

Some thoughts about professionals

No, no! Not "The Professionals". Whilst I like old tv shows my taste is more towards old Doctor Who (I like new Doctor Who as well) than this macho rubbish.

My wife still lusts after Martin Shaw though.

Anyway, back to the point. Or, actually, let's charge towards the point for the first time in this blog post, shall we? Just for novelty value, like.

I read a few message boards, and, as previosuly mentioned, one is ITC Spanking. 3 recent posts on there got me thinking.

Firstly there was a thread about pure disciplinary sessions, in which one pro spanker opined that she specifically offered 30 minute sessions, to cater for this.

Then there was a post from a new dom, saying she had taken 12 bookings in her first week, and they were all time wasters.

Finally I noticed an advert (that I think was taken down by the moderators) headed "Spank and Wank" and offering 30 minute spanking sessions, with a "happy ending", for £50. Or 60 minute ones for £80. And offered them on the day.

Now, I'm going to make a few assumptions. If you know that any of these are wrong please let me know, I won't change this post, but I will gratefully acknowledge your input. I genuinely would be interested to know.

1. Most professionals do not work from home, especially spankees

2. Professionals get less guys not turning up when their bookings are with repeat clients

3. Most professional spankees will only see one client per day.

4. Few spankees make their actual living from being spanked; it's usually a sideline, bringing in a bit extra.

In my experience, most spankees charge around £110 to £150 per hour (partly dependent on the area in which they are based). Most offer a small discount for anything over an hour. Venue hire is generally on top of this.

I can entirely understand the high cost of the first hour; the pro often has to travel to the venue, and therefore any appointment uses up at least half a day. They have the cost of implements and costumes. And, you know, they get their bottoms beaten, often by men they've never met before.

I don't know how many clients prefer longer sessions. My first time was an hour, but, since I have discovered the joys of role play, I have only had 90 or 120 minute sessions.

I would have thought that, if my assumptions are correct, there is a real benefit to the pro spankee in extending session times (provided their bottoms are up to it!). You are already on location, you have a guaranteed client (well, duh) and if you only make half as much (for instance) for a second hour, it has cost you very little in terms of time in comparision with the first one, and it's still money you wouldn't get if the client only books one hour.

I think that this is especially true for switches, because the variety tends to lend itself to a longer session, and for ladies who genuinely enjoy spanking or being spanked. After all, if you're having fun and getting paid, why not?

There is clearly a benefit to the professional in increasing the likelyhood of the client turning up. This likelyhood increases dramtically with repeat business. Logically then it would make sense for professionals to offer discounts for regulars. And I'd define a regular as anyone you see more than twice.

If you work from home, or see multiple clients in a day (as a number of mistresses seem to) the arguments break down a bit although because they can work more frequently some tops (although by no means all) offer lower rates anyway.

My favourite is a lady in Brownhills who offers a flat rate, based on 2 sessions a day, where she spanks the client for as long as he needs it. Or can take it, I guess. She's been around for a while, has a stable of regulars and so doesn't need to advertise, and offers very low cost sessions from her home.

I like to see ladies who switch. I've tried a pure top once, and while it was okay, I didn't really get everything that I wanted from the session. I did talk to a lady who is a pure bottom, but ultimatly I like to experience both sides of the equation, so I will generally stick to switches.

However, despite all that, I think that advert I mentioned above is a great idea. Not the wanking part particularly, but just the short session booked at short notice. If I could phone up and arrange a short spanking session for today, at a reasonable cost, I'd be tempted. 30 minutes over a ladies knee, ending with a sore bottom would, on some days, be my idea of a fun time.

The lady in question was in London (I think), and clearly worked from home, This wouldn't be practical at a hired venue, for all of the obvious reasons.

So there you have it, I guess. Why don't ladies offer a much cheaper rate for second hours, and why don't they offer discounts for repeat customers?

I may be missing the point (or a point, or some points) but this seems a very reasonable idea to me. Of course, I might just be trying to get cheaper sessions for myself!

Please let me know your thoughts.

All the best


Pictures this time are from Triple AAA spanking; lovely site which I reviewed a couple of years ago, and run by the Chief, genuinely one of the nicest guys around the scene. Hi John, if you're reading this. And the pictures are from video captures; there are much clearer ones on the site itself

Friday 14 February 2014

So guess what? Some spankos are shitheads!

All right. I may be hopelessly naive, but I always though that most of us involved in this thing we do were above average in the intelligence and pleasantness categories.

I've been floating around the spanking world for a good few years, and everyone that I've dealt with has been polite and helpful. That's certainly not been the case in several other spheres of life that I interact with.

At one stage when I did interviews I used to ask is this had been the experience of my interviewee, and generally it had been.

All of which leads me to the message boards at ITC Spanking.

I've lurked here for a couple of years, primarily because of the advert section for professional spankees and spankers. Now and then I'd have a glance at the messageboards, and, on a couple of occasions, I started threads to ask questions, and the responses I got were all pleasant and on point.

I have observed a ribbon of nastiness that runs through some posts, particularly from some specific members.

The other day one of these "gentlemen" started a thread to attack Danielle Hunt. He alleged that the photo with her recent advert was of someone else, as the model was too thin. Someone else agreed, alleging the use of photoshop, and a third made a comment about pictures being doctored in order to entice people into imaginary sex.

All of the posts were nasty in tone; there was nothing jovial about them, and, so far as I can see, they were basically unprovoked. I know that Dani did get involved in an argument about the degree to which spanking can be considered a sexual service, and, in the course of it, she made a major factual mistake, but she owned up to it when it was highlighted. None of this seems to be a reasonable basis for personal attacks.

I don't usually get drawn into this purile type of shit flinging, but the thread just pissed me off. I posted a brief note that I had recently met Dani, and found her better looking in person than her pictures anyway. Further I said that the other posters seemed too bitter; had they sessioned with her, propositioned her, and been turned down on the grounds that they were self obsessed assholes?

Yes, I sank to their level.

Mick and Jan, the moderators and board owners, quite rightly deleted the thread overnight; I don't know if any of the other posters responded to my crude attempt to offend or not. I don't really care.

The thing is, we often refer to ourselves as a community, and that suggests inclusion, We're all in this thing together; why would you go out of your way to attack someone for the Hell of it?

Unless you're a little shit with low self esteem, I suppose. Oops, there I go again.

So I guess I'm not much better. My motives may have been purer, wanting to defend a friend, but I could have just reported the thread, instead of adding to the hatefulness.

At the time it was satisfying, and I can't say I entirely regret it, but I'm not sure it's how I would handle the same situation again.

Ah well.

Not a very appropriate Valentine's Day sentiment is it?

On which note, a heppy February 14th to you all out there in spanking land; and may your palms and bottoms feel whatever sensations they require!

All the best


Pictures are of Dani (yes, they really are) and are taken by my friend Roy, from the Topcat Club in Cradley Heath.

Monday 10 February 2014

I've got a theory...

It could be bunnies. No! What? Shut up! (Just a shout out to all of you who still count yoursleves fans of Buffy).

I really do have a theory though. Or at least the elusive slip of an idea.

We've been watching Doctor Who DVD's; just catching up on the last 2 or 3 seasons (or series, I suppose, as it's a British show, and that's more our terminology).

I've just realised that there are three spanking references in the last couple of series; is Steven Moffat a secret spanko?

The first one if in the extras on season 6; there are 4 specially filmed "Night and the Doctor" inserts, which start off fluffy and light, but buld into something more sinister and serious. In (I think) the third of these the Doctor and River (his kind of wife, if you don't watch the show, played by the marvellous Alex Kingston) are arguing; she yells at him

"So what are you going to do? Spank me?" There is a mischievious glint in her eye, as she says this. The Doctor, turning away, starts to reply:-

"That's not..." before he is interrupted. "A bad idea". Might have been.

Then there is the season 7 episode "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship". For no very good reason Queen Neffertiti and the big gsme hunter Riddell (from Britain in colonial days) accompany our hero as he ends up on a huge spaceship approaching the Earth. The Queen and Riddell are clearly attracted to each other, and flirt entertainingly. At one stage Riddell threatens to "put you over my knee and spank you". to which she spits back a threat herself.

And finally, in the relatively recent "Time and the Doctor" the man himseld lands a smack on the very cute bottom of his assistant, Clara.

We have a new doctor now, the older and much more stern looking Peter Capaldi. Moffat has said that, initially at least, the relationship between the Doctor and his assistant will be adversorial. What do you think the chances are that he will spank her?


Lovely idea.

Utter bollocks of course.

Unless it happens, in which case, remember that you saw it here first. Well, you know, read about it, at least.

All the best


Pictures are unselfishly provided by the lovely Firm Hand Spanking purely because I'm a member there at the moment. Please enjoy and check them out.

What's that/? Why no pictures of Doctor Who? Well. 'cos I like spanking, and girls. And it's my blog.