Thursday, 11 February 2016

It is with some regret....

I must offer my apologies for those of you who have kept coming back here, and especially to those of you who have commented or contributed in other ways, but this is the last post I intend to make to this blog.

There are a number of reasons for this:-

1. Practical one - the hard drive on which I had 2.5tb of spanking films, and from which I drew all of these lovely pictures, has suddenly packed in. It's a decent make (Seagate) and just 2 years old, so this is disappointing on many levels.

I'm not currently in a position to replace it (funds are too limited I'm afraid) and, even if I could, the files may not be recoverable. I'm certainly not in a position to rejoin all of those sites in order to collect the films again, and some, such as Pandora's Dreams of Spanking, and Shanelle's various sites, are no longer operational anyway.

2. Health issues - my recent health scare has passed, and I'm feeling pretty good (thanks to those of you who asked/sympathised), but I'm not getting any younger, and I do have a number of ongoing issues that I have to manage. 

3. Time matters - I'm going to be working more this year, and a lot of my free time is spoken for, so finding the hours each week that it takes to post here regularly is problematic.

4. Oh, let's call it apathy - I used to love writing this blog, but at the moment it just seems like too much effort. I think I may not be the only one who thinks this - I've had several ladies agree to interviews in the last few months, who haven't actually followed through after I sent them some questions.

In the main I've loved my time as a blog creator, and I've particularly enjoyed interracting with those of you who have commented, and those people involved in our spanking obsession that I've contacted.

I'm sure that, in a few days, I'll feel the odd twinge of regret, and I'll think about putting up some sort of post. The absence of all of my lovely spanking videos will certainly harden my heart, and allow me to fight off temptation.

I'd just like to wish any and all of my readers, regulars or just occasional visitors, the very best of health and luck, and, maybe, I'll run into some of you on one of the very many fine sites and blogs that continue to rattle along.

I'll leave this site up for as long as Blogger let it stay, so I hope that some of you will check back here and reread the odd favourite piece. Or just spend a happy few minutes browsing some of the lovely spanking pictures.

Thanks for your time.

I wish you all well.