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Superstar Spanking Interview - David Pierson of Punished Brats

Good morning, and welcome to a new week; the periodic slap in the face that is Monday.

It's a lovely day here back in the old country; clear, dry and very warm for this time of the year. Later on I'm going to cut the back lawn and then take a sun lounger, a beer and my Kindle out, and just laze around.

Ah. Sounds lovely.

First, to business! Or at least the sort of fun that passes for business on this blog. Which, I'm sure you all know, means another spanking-related gem. In this case, another celebrity interview.

I hope you all saw my Punished Brats site review last week; to complement it I now have an interview with one of the co-owners (and a frequent video star) David Pierson.

Please settle back, and enjoy.

1. I don't know a lot about you; could you give me an idea of when you first discovered spanking?

Truthfully, I can’t remember a time it didn’t fascinate me. I’ve been spanking since I was very young. I was always coming up with spanking games. I remember getting into a lot of trouble one time. I was about five or six years of age. I was in our backyard pool swimming with several girls of my age from the neighborhood. I talked them all out of their swimsuits and spanked them. My mother saw this activity from the widow. She sent the girls home and gave me quite a smack.

2. Are you in a serious relationship, and if so, is it a spanking based one?

Well, I’ve been married for many years. She is into spanking very much. However, she is an official with an agency of the US Government and keeps a low profile. I have many spanking friend as well. My wife is a silent partner in Punished Brats. There are times I wish she was more silent.

3. Another personal question; what are your interests outside of the scene? Are you a sports fan?

I have many interests. I love visual arts, music and literature. I think all great art has to do with passion and, or sex. As for sports, I’m a big hockey fan. I like baseball and football too. Mixed Martial arts is terrific in my opinion.

4. You are a masterful top; have you ever been spanked as an adult, and, if so, do you think it helps for a top to have experienced the other side of things?

That depends on what you mean as adult. I’ve been part of the fetish scene since I was eighteen. I used to be in, what was then called, underground films. Yes, it was shot on film. It was all very Andy Warhol. S&M was part of that scene. I was eighteen and looked much younger. The girls liked to spank me, or worse. During one session I was treated to the bite of a bullwhip. I was sort of into pain. Like many, as I grew, my dominant side took over. I think it is helpful to have had the experience of being on the bottom. I know what it feels like.

5. I'm not generally a big fan of male tops, but I find your fairly laid back style, without a stream of abuse or clich├ęd platitudes aimed at the spankee, quite effective; how did this evolve?

Well, glad you asked that one. When I first started in the scene you didn’t just proclaim yourself a top. You had to earn that appellation. There is more to being a top than being proficient in inflicting pain. I learned that internal control is as important. Some of what you see now in my work with Punished Brats evolved as I learned how to be on camera. I find that less is often more as far as words go.

6. How did Punished Brats come about?

PunishedBrats is a labor of love. I had been writing for SPREVIEW since 2001. I had always wanted to shoot videos that were based on my fantasies. My brother, Rick, was also into spanking. He was a professional videographer and photographer. He taught this art at a local University. We decided to shoot a series of videos with a very cute blonde girl who contacted me to see if I knew of anyone looking for a spanking model.

On July 2, 2005 we shot several video featuring Amber Pixie wells. Pixie was amazing. She, Rick and I all got on very well. We learned that Pixie was a girl of many talents. She is an accomplished webmaster. So we teamed up. My brother died last June after living with cancer for ten years.

7. How does the average shoot work? Where do the ideas come from. and how much scripting is involved?

We used to do very large shoots. We’d have three bottoms and two tops on set. We shot an average of twelve scenes. Pixie was always one of the bottoms. For me the role play is everything. I need a reason to spank.

We now have moved to smaller shoots. One theme for five or six scenes.

Where do our ideas came from? Good question there. Some ideas come from real life situations and spanking is added to the story. One of my things is the spanking of over-privileged girls. I am often spanking Paris or Nikki Hilton. Rick and Pixie would often say of my contributions, “ Oh no, not another rich girl scene!” . Recently, Pixie came up with an idea that became ‘Audrey’s True confessions’. She found a magazine article in which girls talked about the bad thing they’ve done. As I said before, just add spanking.

8. What equipment do you use for shooting? Are the clips usually done in one shot, with multiple cameras?

Yes, we try to keep the cameras rolling once the spanking starts. Sometimes you need to stop for a few seconds to adjust the cameras. Girls often kick and flail about. We shoot with three cameras.

9. Going back a few years there were suggestions on some forums that the spankings on Punished Brats were too mild. I always thought they were moderately severe, but, most importantly, they were of a sane level. Any thoughts on this?

When we first started I think we went a bit overboard with the severity of the punishments. That may have had to do with the fact that we were mostly shooting Pixie who has a pain tolerance second to none. Over time, we decided that the punishments should not exceed the level of the crime. For those who think we are mild, I will refer them to a few of our recent productions. Pi took five hard spankings in ‘A Daughter’s Discipline Series’. We just debuted a new series entitled ‘Prep School Brat’ with a lovely girl named Tara. She cried through each scene. I could go on but….

10. One of my favourite things about Punished Brats is the amount of humour often displayed in the videos; where does this come from?

I just think the material lends itself to humor. Rick was naturally funny and Pixie has a flair for whimsy.

11. How much are the actual shoots tailored to the models involved; for example a lot of Juliet Valentina's films use humour. Is this intentional?

We actually hire according to the requirements of the material we plan to shoot. In Juliet’s case, she is a professional actress with amazing range and talent. We used that.

12. Further to the above; I miss Juliet. Any chance of her shooting with you again?

I honestly don’t know. Juliet’s acting career has taken off. She has been on Broadway for much of this year and has toured with travelling shows. She has an amazing voice.

13. Is there anything you've been unable to do on PB that you would have liked to?

I suppose, due to my brother’s illness we’ve not been able to shoot on location. In the near future we will do a special production.

14. You seem to find a regular stream of new Brats; where do they all come from?

Truthfully, they find us. I have more applicants then I have openings. I pick the girls based upon their appropriateness for the material that we plan to shoot, and a phone interview.

15. Some sites are showing an increased tendency to long multi-part storylines; any thoughts about doing that on PB?

We’ve been doing that for several months now. We’ve stopped doing our larger shoots in favor of shooting a series of videos with a single storyline.

16. How important is it for your spanking models to be competent actresses?

What we need is for our brats to be comfortable and natural on camera. I am amazed at the talent of the girls who have worked for us over the years.

17. I may be wrong but I think you were the first man to spank Sarah Gregory in a video; how did that come about?

You many not know this, but Sarah started her career with us. She had next to no pain tolerance either. Over the years she came a long way. She wanted to expand her horizons and work with male tops. Because of our friendship, she wanted me to be the first. It is one of my favorite scenes

18. One of my regular questions; I've found people in the spanking scene to be unusually polite and intelligent. Any thoughts?

I agree. I find that those in the spanking scene to be highly educated and well behaved. Over 90% of the brats are college graduates.

19. I have a stock, although kind of pretentious question to finish with. In a book I was reading recently the following statement appeared:-

"No one should ever impose their own perceptions of fulfillment on anyone else" How do you think this applies to the spanking scene?

Some do not understand what it is we do. For people in my circle, it is a way of being. I should say that I do not apologize for living as I do. If people don’t like it, too bad.

On which note we end things for this post; very many thanks to David for his time, patience and generosity.

I'll be back with a review of a UK based website later in the week, and that will also be followed up by a very interesting interview with one of it's proprietors and stars.

All the best


PS sorry about the differing fonts; I can't seem to fix it. I'll keep trying though.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Website Review - Punished Brats

Ah, good day, come in, come in, may I take your coats? I'm feeling a bit chilly and I'm sure you'll never miss them. No? You'd rather hang on to them? Selfish bastards!

So then, to the grandaddy of spanking paysites; the US based Punished Brats.

It's difficult to find much new to say about such a well respected site, but let's begin with the basics, shall we? Damn fine idea, old man. Let's!

The site has been around since June 2006, and I believe it is a joint venture between David Pierson, and Amber Pixie Wells. It features a mixture of M/F and F/F clips, and has used a vast array of US spanking stars during it's time with us.

Membership costs an incredibly reasonable £11.28 (US$17) per month, billed on a recurring basis. There are also slightly more expensive non-recurring options available. Payment is via CCBill, so cancellation is as easy as signing up.

The site is updated 3 times each week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and each clip is usually split into 2 uploads. In addition on Saturday(ish) there is Pixie's Previews to look forward to, which has photos from recent shoots, and, once a month, a preview video.

The site is very well organised, and easy to navigate. There is a single page with recent videos linked in, and then there are the archives; these are arranged by model, month and top.

The model and top pages list each film the person in question appears in, along with a link directly to it. This is a very comprehensive feature, which other sites would do well to adopt.

The month page has a chronological list of the months backwards from the current one to the first month of operation; clicking on the month takes you to a list of that month's uploads, which are again linked to the relevant videos.

There is a film page for each clip, which has the download options and a selection of stills from the shoot; clicking on a shot takes you to a full page image, which can be downloaded. The pictures are clear, crisp and well chosen.

The videos can be downloaded either as individual clips (generally 3 to a film) or as one long film, depending on your system's speed. Most full clips are between 70 and 130 meg long and download times are extremely good.

The films are in a variety of formats, and these do lack a little consistency; currently most clips are offered as Real Media (at 1500 kbps) and Windows Media (at both 1500 and 2500 kbps). Some are also available in the smaller MP4 format.

Historically the earliest films were offered as either Windows or Real Media, at (I think) 768 kbps. This has changed as standards have improved over the years. Some of the older clips have been restored, and await the real Media option. Personally I prefer Windows anyway.

Some of the very oldest films do not have the option to download in one go, leaving you with up to 6 files per clip, but this is only the case with a handful of videos. Don't let it deter you though; some fine films are only available in this way.

The improvement in picture quality over time is obvious, but the films are never less than watchable, and the newer ones are extremely well produced, with very fine picture quality and clear sound.

I can't swear to the exact number but there seems to be in excess of 600 films to download, each lasting for between 5 and 10 minutes.

So then, onto the models; the site features a nice assortment of well-known spankees and some I've never seen elsewhere. They are led off, of course, by the irrepressible Pixie; she appears in around 100 films presently on the site as a bottom (and a few as a top).

I have to say that I've been a member of this site more than any other, to such an extent that I find it hard in some cases to remember if a model is well known for appearing on multiple sites, or just well known to me through many videos here.

The following models appear here, and have definitely shot for other producers too; Pixie, lily Anna, Beverley Bacci, Sarah Gregory, Lavender Rayne, Charlie Skye, Chloe Elise, Ten Amorette, Sierra Salem, Leia-Ann Woods, Lilly Page and Clare Fonda. At least I think that I'm definite; uh, someone tell me if I've gotten any of those wrong. Please!

Unique to the site (unless I'm wrong - again) are, amongst others, Juliet Valentina, Samantha Grace, Mischa, Tina Tink, Pi, Lorraine, Amanda Rose and a host of others.

All of the models used are attractive, although with differing body types, so there is something for everyone (unless you like the real extremes).

I'd guess the site is split more or less fifty fifty between M/F and F/F spankings; David himself is the chief male spanker, and he is an understated but authoritative top. There are several other men involved, including Richard Windsor, Michael Diamond, Rad Finch and Paul Wilson. Surprisingly I do not find any of them objectionable (and, as you know, I don't much like male tops, probably because I tend to be jealous of them).

The main female spanker is Veronica Bound, although she is ably supported by Susan (who I like a lot) and several others, such as Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer and Veronica Daniels (a personal favourite of mine). A number of the spankees also switch roles, most notable Beverley Bacci (who is splendid), Pixie and Lily Anna. Even Juliet gets in on the act!

What do I think about the films themselves? Well, I keep coming back, so obviously I'm a fan. They are varied and imaginative. A surprisingly large number feature humourous elements, and there are clips that could be described as science fiction, fantasy, horror, melodrama and crime.

You will also find the usual parental and school spankings, although these often have their own twists too.

There are a number of films here that I keep coming back to; examples are Ninja Student, Chatty Juliet, Friends to the End, Naughty or Nice, Faulty Fairytales, The Politics of Spanking and First Time Spanker. I could easily have tripled the size of this list without running out of favourites.

The vast majority of spankings begin over clothes, moving to underwear and then bare bottoms. A variety of positions are utilised, although there are a lot of OTK ones (Hurray!). All of the ususal implements feature at some stage, although the hand is generally favoured.

One thing I like a lot is that, in most clips, only 1 implement is used. I find this to be more realistic, and less forced. Unless there is a clearly presented reason for the change I find switching instruments to be very artificial.

How harsh are the spankings? A few years ago there seemed to be a view that Punished Brats had fairly mild spankings, which I don't think was ever really the case. The punishments are set at a sane level; they are comprehensive, resulting in well-reddened bottoms, and the occasional tears. They are not attempts to see how much pain a given model can take.

All of which brings us to a positive conclusion; would I recommend this site to you? Of course I would, although, if you've been around the scene for any length of time and consider subscribing to a spanking site a good way of spending your hard earned money then you've probably been a member already.

If not, then the low cost and the vast number of splendid films makes it one to try.

Do I have any gripes about the site, or is it perfect in every way? No site can be perfect, but my issues with Punished Brats are fairly minor. Some of the acting is a bit sub-parr (Charlie Sky is gorgeously spankable but not the best actress around), I think that Veronica is a little over-used as a top (I find her a bit cold and unsympathetic in the clips, which is odd as she seems very different in the Pixie's Previews outtakes) and there seems to be less humour in recent months than previously.

All of these amount to nitpicking though; I am a huge fan of this site, and it's worth joining for Juliet Valentina's videos alone (yes, I am crushing on her, whether with blonde or black hair)!

That's it for now.

All the best


All photos are, of course, courtesy of Punished Brats; this review was made possible by David's generosity in allowing me access to the site.

I'll have a review of a UK based site next week, and there is lots more to come.

Mischa - The Pout

So, feeling more cheerful today, so let us resume (more or less) normal service, and get on with some of that damned spanking stuff!

Firstly, to avoid any confusion, this post is not about the guy who plays Castiel in the excellent Supernatural (that's Misha Collins, and I have no reason to believe that he's into spanking at all).

Now, I know that it's wrong to reduce a person to their one primary physical characteristic (I'd hate to be known to all and sundry as "Monster Dick"), but in Mischa's case the pout she has whenever she is spanked just stands out.

She's an extremely cute girl, and Punished Brats are lucky to have her; I believe that she has, to date, only shot with them. She has a delightfully round bottom, and a mischievous personality. She wriggles wonderfully.

Oh yes, and she pouts.

Please see exhibit one; the photos here from Punished Brats.

Can you imagine anything more adorable. And spankable?

Ah, be still my quivering member; ah, sorry, that should read "beating heart". Oops.

Anyway, plans in the near future; there will be a site review either tomorrow or Friday, and another around the middle of next week. There should also be a couple of interviews with people connected with the two sites, provided I get off my arse and sort out some appropriate questions.

Which I will work on now.

Anyhoo, toodle pip and jolly hockey sticks; till me meet again my little chums.

All the best


Oh I know; don't keep going on at me! Not all of these pictures actually show Mischa pouting, but she's just so adorable that I couldn't resist throwing up a few extras.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Not in a spanking mood today...sorry

Just a very quick post that will mean nothing to most of my American readers, but might touch some of my European ones.

I was watching the Spurs-Bolton cup match on Saturday when Fabrice Muamba suddenly collapsed onto the turf. I watched horrified as medics worked to resuscitate him for 15 minutes, and they continued to do so as he was carried from the pitch.

I was convinced that he had died on the field, and I expected the next announcement to be that he had been DOA at the London Hospital. I was incredibly relieved to hear that he was in stable condition, undergoing tests, although he remains critical and fighting for his life in intensive care at the time of writing.

Football, and football fans, gets a lot of bad press, often deservedly so, but it was both heart warming and moving to see all 36000 fans in the stadium unite in supporting Muamba; they applauded and chanted his name as one. If there is a God, and he listens, the massive outpouring of support should ensure the survival of the Bolton player.

So that's it for me, today.

Life and death.

All the best


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Why I Like...Snow Mercy

What ho, old chap! Jolly nice day, eh what?

Bah, fuck it, I can't even do fake 1900's upper class properly. I am distinctly lower class, I'm afraid. Actually, I'm not unhappy about that, at all.

Onwards; to the meat in this pie.

Model appreciation time again, and today I give you the haunting Los Angeles based domina, Snow Mercy.

What do we know about Snow? She is a professional dominant, although not afraid to experience the bottom side of life, and a model/actress who is also knowledgeable about the technical side of filming.

Snow is 5 foot 11 inches tall, has porcelain skin, and naturally dark hair. She is slim and lovely to look at.

She has been around the scene for some years, but I am only aware of her appearing in videos for Shadowlane and the Clare Fonda group of spanking sites.

She has both topped and bottomed in several splendid clips for My Spanking Roommate, including the one and only entry in this blog's "My favourite scenes" series. (There will be more of those soon, I promise. Oh, are my fingers crossed behind my back? Maybe).

What makes Snow special? She's a cool sort of jazz; her face has a still quality, even though she's articulate and a very good actress. She seems somehow removed and serene, whilst still participating to the full.

As a top she is stern; her lap beckons the naughty girl to lie across it, and her petite but powerful hands fall like a buzz saw at a lumberjack contest. She sits very straight, her thighs at a perfect right angle to her torso, heels together and feet facing forwards.

As a bottom she wriggles delightfully, her dark hair bobbing around. Her backside is finely sculpted, round and receptive, almost aching to glow like a long late spring sunset. Her arms stretch forward, hands arced and clawing at the air.

Snow has a certain elegance, whatever she is wearing, whether it's a white blouse and business like skirt, or a ridiculously skimpy gold top and leopard skin briefs.

Even in bunny slippers she looks magnificently appealing.

More so than any other model I've seen she has an indefinable quality, that makes any video she appears in compelling watching, whether she's giving or receiving.

Another one on my list of models that I'd love to meet (and spank, but that goes pretty much without saying, I guess).

All the best for now


Pictures provided by Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate and Shadowlane

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Celebrity Blogger Interview - Chross; Spankologist

Hello, hello, and welcome back to our private little secret; my spanking blog!

Over the last few weeks I've brought you a number of interviews with significant figures around the spanking world (and there are more in the pipeline); today I have an interview with the producer of the one entirely indisposable blog that is out there - the one and only Chross!

Oh, and see that picture over there to the left? That is a picture of Chross's wife, taken by the man himself. So, not only does he write a blog that everyone in the spanking world reads, he has an extremely hot wife too.

Some guys do have all the luck!

And, what's more, he's a gentleman who is willing to give of his valuable time to answer a few impertinent questions. So, here we go!

1. Your blog is based around the idea of the male top; have you ever tried the bottom role? It has been suggested that having been spanked makes a top better at his role. Do you have any views on this?

Not really. I got a few whacks from different implements now and then from my wife - she just wanted me to know how that felt ;). But I am not up for more really.
Generally it's not a bad idea to know what sort of pain you are inflicting during a spanking and how much of it.
But I think it's far more important to be able to read your partner's reactions, knowing when it's too much or when you may (or even should) step it up a bit.

2. Was it a difficult decision to decide to produce your blog in English, rather than German?

No, actually not. I never really thought about setting it up in German.
German would have limited the possible readership of the site very much and I was visiting English blogs and sites all the time anyway.
I also like the English language a lot and read a lot of English books. So the language barrier was not very high and I thought it would be
a good exercise for my "active" language skills, too.

3. Forgive my ignorance, but there are obviously active and well known spanking scenes in both the US and the UK;
how does the German scene compare? I get quite a few readers from Germany (my third highest number in fact).

A difficult question. I have never really attempted to be part of the German spanking scene. I guess there is one, but from my impression it is rather
small - although it is a common fetish here, too. The BDSM scene seems to be more active here in Germany;
it would be easy to join a BDSM group, you'll have no problem googling one of the those in your vicinity.
But there are very few German spanking websites or blogs. I know of two or three online communities. So basically there are
quite a lot of spankos here, but they are not very organized and more secretive in general I think.

4. The Spankings of the Week feature is massively influential; what criteria do you use, and do you ever get recommendations?

It has become a somewhat frightening feature really.
It eats up a lot of my time, especially on Fridays. The main criterion has ever been and will ever be: Do I like the post? If I do, I'll include it.
Beyond that the next question is: Do I believe a lot of people will like it or be interested in it? Then I'll include it, too.
That sounds simple, but with the growing popularity of this feature it really isn't.
You have to restrain yourself from including stuff for other reasons - e.g. the general popularity of the blog, sympathy for the author and such.
Nowadays there are so many sites producing good stuff that I sometimes even have to remove items from the list in a second step. Otherwise it would be too long.
After all it is supposed to be a hand-picked selection, not a complete inventory sheet.
In spite of its popularity I seldom get mails suggesting an entry. I don't know why. Maybe people are too shy or think I'd consider it insolent.
But I'm always open for suggestions. You know, I take a look at a lots of blogs each week, but I cannot cover them all.

5. What do you consider to be the Holy Grail of missing spanking scenes?

There is the internet legend that an uncut version of "9 1/2 weeks" exists in which Kim Basinger really gets spanked.
Of course there is no proof whatsoever and it's all down to a matter of belief - just like the Grail.
I don't think this version exists, but if someone could come up with it....

6. I think I first came across your blog in a search for mainstream spanking material;
given that you still champion this, does your taste run to the milder end of the spanking spectrum?

Mhm, tricky. But the answer is no. When I started exploring this strange fetish of mine, canings struck me as way too brutal (and I wasn't even aware of the Russian stuff).
Nowadays that's very different. Evolution of kink, I guess. Or maybe just stopping being afraid of one's desires.
So speaking of spanking porn I do like the whole spectrum. If it is properly set-up, with proper acting and a good script, I can be very happy with a hand spanking scene, too.
But nothing wrong with a good strapping or caning. Anything drawing blood is a no-go for me, though.
I still love mainstream spankings! Pretty actresses spanked, nothing wrong with that!
And every mainstream spanking proves that this thing we do is not too obscure to be shown in regular media.
Plus, there has been an increase in mainstream spankings lately. Good for us and the general acceptance of spanking.

7. Do you ever join paysites, and if so, which ones do you like best?

Only very rarely. It's not about money or the stuff offered. It's more about my own paranoia ;).
If any company would offer an anonymous method of access / payment I'd be happy to join it at once.
There are easy ways to do this (like the pre-paid card kind of stuff, they have systems like this in Germany), but I'm not sure if that might not present a legal problem (sufficient protection of minors?).
I'm not so much worried about the sites abusing the saved personal data - but I have worked for a rather large website and know about the possibility and perils of being hacked.

8. I have a stock, although kind of pretentious question;
In a book I was recently reading the following statement appeared
"No one should ever impose their own perceptions of fulfilment on anyone else". Do you t
hink this applies to the spanking scene?

Of course it does. Know your boundaries, respect the boundaries of others. If you can't talk someone into getting spanked, either respect it or look for a partner that
is willing to submit to a spanking.

9. Have you ever wanted to appear in a spanking video? Who would you like to spank?

Thought about it, yes. Really wanted to, no. Privacy factor again, I guess.
If I had to pick just one from all those gorgeous spankees, it would be Amelia Jane Rutherford I guess.
Or let's me just discipline a whole school class of spanking models like in Exclusive Education :)

10. I have a fascination for one to one girls; have you ever paid to spank someone? Would you consider it, and what would your wife think?

I don't think my wife would mind me spanking another girl - but here a general warning:
steer clear of ex-girlfriends though, wives can be veery touchy as far as those are concerned ;)!
But I would not book a session with a model and pay for it - neither would my wife approve of this, I'm pretty sure.

11. You state that you are "happily married to a beautiful brat". Sincere congratulations. Was your wife into spanking before you met?

Sometimes she still claims today she's not into it ;). Although she just tells me that this is - of course - not true. She did have some submissive and violent fantasies when I met her, but is not the typical born spanko.
She is quite open to a lot of things, though, that all point to the Domination/Submission direction - thankfully including a good, hard spanking.
And she often demands one, too.

12. How long each week to you spend on your blog? Have you ever considered trying to make it into a commercial enterprise?

Well. If you include maintenance work: at least 6-10 hours a week, I'd say.
I am a pretty effective worker and have written little scripts to simplify things and speed them up.
Otherwise it probably would be impossible to balance work, family life and the site.
I have always intended this blog to be non-commercial although I have received various offers for advertising.
I can make a decent living without the additional money. I believe this also contributes to the reliability and credibility of the site.

13. Just being nosey (actually that's true of most of these questions) but how many page views a week does your blog get, on average?

Not much of a secret here. I believe the stat counter is even publicly accessible! Alltime since installing the counter a couple of year ago the site has registered an average of 17.500 page views a day.

14. Vanilla question; are you a reader, and can you recommend a book to us?

Yes, I read quite a lot. At the moment I read "Altered Carbon" by Richard K. Morgan, but most of what I read is fantasy literature.
Lots of great authors I read lately to recommend, like Brandon Sanderson, Brent Weeks, Joe Abercrombie or Peter V. Brett.

15. Another one (sorry, but I like to know if someone I follow has interests in common with me); do you follow sports at all, and if so, what team/s do you support?

Well, being German I'm of course interested in football (read: soccer if you're American) although not as enthusiastically as lots of my male fellow citizens.
I am a huge fan of the NHL, though, and have been a Pittsburgh Penguins fan since I started following the league in the 90ies.

16. Another of my regular questions: perhaps I've been lucky in the people I've interacted with, but it seems to me that most spankos are particularly
intelligent and polite; what do you think about this?

Personally, I second that impression. But then, female blogger sometimes publish the mails they get and that illusion is smashed to very little pieces.

17. A final question; do you have any plans to change your blog at all? (I'm not suggesting that it needs it, but, you know, entropy abides, and all that).

Right now: No. I am pretty happy with how things are going and looking. There are a few bugs to be taken care of (search function in the Showcase e.g.),
but otherwise there is no urgent need for changes.
Maybe a litte redesign of the database pages in the future. The Movie Database has really grown to a huge size by now....

Many thanks to Chross for taking the time to answer my questions so fully, and honestly. I think it's nice to learn a bit more about one of our more private public figures.

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Story time; are you sitting comfortably?

Well, if you are then you haven't been spanked sufficiently, have you?

Anyway, the title of this just came to me, and I was too amused by it not to write a short little story to go with it. It's not profound but hopefully it will manage to amuse you.

Ladies and gentleman, Tim the Tum's A Spanking Good Time are proud to present a brand new tale for your delight. Take it away, Wally!

Teeny Tiny Chilly Toes of Terror

On Winter nights in our old creaky house the cold infested the floorboards like a living thing, hungry to nip at any exposed flesh, leaving rosy red bite marks at every opportunity.

I crept into our bedroom, the balls of my feet aching with each frosty contact with the floor; carpet would have been a fine idea but we bought the house fully equiped with varnished floors throughout, and they did look beautiful.

I slid past the end of the bed, a cat burgular in my own house.

I lifted one foot away from the ice flow beneath it, a little too quickly. I swayed to the side, and bumped gently against the bed. My breath trapped tight in my chest, I looked towards the small lump beneath the covers, to see if there were any movement.

My wife slept on, undisturbed.

I sagged a bit as my breath hissed its way to freedom.

My tiptoe mission continued, as I rounded the corner of the bed, and treked along my side of it.

Gently pulling back the covers I slipped beneath the massively togged duvee, and pulled it up around my shoulders. I wriggled down into its happy embrace, facing towards the edge of the bed.

My head disappeared into the uppermost of the three feather filled pillows that I insisted on, and I sighed in satisfaction. Mission safely accomplished; cosy in bed without waking Janet. A bit proud of myself, as she is a very light sleeper, I felt the first strands of slumber creep into the corners of my mind.

The room was quiet, save for the small lilting breaths of my love; the thick curtains shut out every speck of dancing light.

I dived deeper into the beckoning arms of sleep; she can be a fickle bitch but I love her madly.

I began to drift towards the magical fantasy land of dreams.

It was though I had missed a step; I jolted, and shivered! Lifting my head slightly I shook it, and listened to find what had disturbed me.

I could hear nothing unusual, but the skin crawled across the small of my back, as though some terror were waiting to pounce on my naked form.

I listened for a moment more; still nothing. My brow a little wrinkled by confusion I dropped my head back down into the downy swamp of the bed, and tried to shake off the feeling of discomfort that lingered.

Sleep and I are comfortable lovers; very quickly I began to wind my way down into her embrace.

An electric shock raced through me! Ice had rammed against the bare base of my spine!

My body spasmed, and I bent nearly double as the middle of my back tried to pass my head and feet, which still drowsed on. The horrible cold followed it's every movement.

I lost control of my frame; my head tried to turn, to find the source of the assault, whilst my back rushed to escape, and my feet, still chilled themselves, remained frozen to the mattress.

All of this combined to prompt a salmon-like leap, twisting and oddly elegant. I went up, and across. And, inevitably, off the edge of the bed.

My bottom thumped to the icy floor, and my head bumped against the bed side table, sending my alarm clock crashing to join me.

I shook my head, slightly stunned. The lamp on Janet's side of the bed clicked into life.

A peal of delighted laughter floated down over me from the heights of the bed; looking up I saw my wife's head peeping over its side.

Her mouth was stretched wide with glee, and she rocked backwards and forwards as she spluttered her uncontrollable mirth.

“Gotcha!” she gurgled, her auburn hair bouncing with delighted satisfaction.

“What the flecking hell was that?” I exploded, as I dragged myself to my feet.

She raised her right foot in the air, and wriggled her toes at me. Her silky nightdress slid smoothly down her thigh.

“My toes are a bit chilly tonight, love. And your back is so warm.”

“And so me...”

“Wasn't a kick; I just prodded you with my toes.”

I felt a stiffening in my groin, as I stepped to the edge of the bed, and gripped Janet's wrist.

“I can't help your toes petal, but I'm certainly going to make sure that part of you is well warmed.”

“No, hold on Tim. It was just a joke! I'm sorry, honestly.”

I nodded, accepting her apology. My plans had not changed however.

“C'mere; you've earned this.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed I hauled her around, so that she fell over my lap. The silk nightdress, a gentle shade of purple, provided an appealing cover for the raised mound of her bottom as she lay there.

Janet knew what she had done wrong, so there was no point in delaying or lecturing; I raised my right hand, splayed my fingers slightly, and smacked it down against the centre of my target.

I was rewarded with a satisfying cry of “Ah! No! Tim!”, and a shudder went through her body.

It took very little time to lift my hand again, this time spanking down onto Janet's right buttock. And, so as to show no favouritism, I quickly slapped the left one too.

Each blow flattened the slippery material against her flesh, making a crisp cracking noise. The shock of each impact rushed back up my arm.

Smiling I delivered another trinity of blows, and felt Janet wriggle against my groin; my dick was stiff against her side.

Still, no time to dwell on my arousal; I reached down and hauled up the skirt.

The delicious hills of her buttocks revealed themselves to me, flesh already growing pink from the punishment that they had received.

I began a furious round of spanks; my targets shivered as they received repeated smacks in quick succession.

By this time Janet was gasping, or crying out, at each slap; she was generating a wall of near constant noise as I spanked furiously away. Under my rapidly flailing palm her bottom had assumed a deep red sunset glow.

When I heard the first sob I knew that I had spanked her sufficiently. My hand dropped to her throbbing behind one last time, but instead of whacking into her I began to rub the wounded globes.

My hand moved in circles across red flesh, soothing where earlier it had punished.

My penis prodded my slightly overhanging stomach as I tilted a little further forwards.

“My toes weren't cold enough to deserve that.” Janet pipped up.

“Well, cold toes, cold floor under my arse when I fell out of bed, a bump on my head, and your unsympathetic laughter add up to a good spanking in my book.”

“Maybe. I really am sorry though. My feet were cold!”

“What about your hot water bottle?”

“Oh, that's much to hot to touch. Your back was just right.”

Fleetingly I thought about the benefits of a further spanking.

Janet must have sensed my thoughts; she pushed herself up, and off my lap. She stood, hands on hips and regarded me thoughtfully.

“I can think of one way to warm us both up.” she said, and reached for my dick.

I hope you liked that one; I'm out of here.

All the best


Oh, photos come from Real Life Spankings, mainly because Mike looks a little like me, only with more hair on his head and less on his chin. Plus I don't wear glasses.