Tuesday 31 July 2012

Oh, and we will go spanking again.

Good morning; welcome to this fine (well, miserable if you mean the weather here in Birmingham) Olympic week.

Just a quick post today, as I'm off to the hospital for some tests to see how the last lot of treatment went; I'm feeling fairly good though.

Anyway, Thursday I have another 1 to 1 session booked; it's taken a little while to get to this, as we had some problems with scheduling, but anyway, the time is now. Well, Thursday, but you get my point.

This time I'm seeing the delectable Miss Tara Red; you can read more about her on the invaluable Spankeefinder. Hey, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

We're going to do a bit of just general spanking, and then we're trying my first role play! Nothing too ambitious - just Headmaster and naughty sixth former. I can't wait!

What do we have coming up otherwise? Well, an interview with The Cameraman, once I get my finger out and send him the questions, a site review of Dallas Spanks Hard (and by God, does he! I've just seen a video of the divine Dani Hunt getting a spanking that, I think, was a little harder than she anticipated. Great stuff.), and, finally, the much delayed Spanking Sarah review. Plus the usual zaniness and uninformed opinion.

Hope you'll be sticking around; I got Chrossed two weeks in a row, and I appreciate everyone's support.

All the best


Piccies are from the aforementioned Dallas Spanks Hard

Monday 23 July 2012

Time to chat - the Pandora Blake interview

Good morning, and welcome to the working week!

Or the not working week, if you're like me, and a lazy toad. Or unemployed. Or cast prematurely onto the scrap heap due to advanced age. Or just on holiday.

Does that cover everyone?

Anyway, to start this week off I have a long interview with the charming Pandora, who's website Dreams of Spanking was the subject of a retrospective review here last week.

This one has been in the works for a little while, as you may gather from some of the references therein.

As ever Pandora's answers are thoughtful and comprehensive, and I'd like to thank her for finding the time to do such a good job of making my questions seem far more insightful than they in fact were.

So, here we go then.

1. You've commented that you consider yourself lucky to be easily able to find spanking video work; have you ever considered doing one to one sessions?

This is a very timely question! I've considered it a lot over the last few years, and my boundaries are still evolving. In fact I've just started offering switch sessions, mostly 221s but some 121s too. See this article on Pandora's blog

2. I know it's different when you work with Tom or D., but, in general, do you find that you are aroused whilst making spanking videos?

One of the reasons I launched my own site was so I could work as much as possible with people I like and find attractive. So it's not just Tom and D! Of course I don't <i>only</i> work with lovers, but now that most of my video work is for my own site, in general I'm lucky enough to be working with good friends to whom I feel some level of attraction. That certainly makes arousal more likely than there's no flirtation.

Still, whether I get aroused or not is really unpredictable. It varies wildly. Sometimes it's just a physical response, and that seems to depend on hormones, how horny I've been feeling lately and other factors as well as whatever attraction I may feel for my co-performer. And yet, I can make a video with a lover and not get aroused. It depends on my mood. Emotional and psychological arousal can be just as powerful as physical arousal, leaving me feeling buzzy or over-stimulated. In general, the more comfortable I feel and the hotter I find the specific roleplay or fantasy, the more likely I am to have a physical response. I wouldn't always mention it to the people I'm working with though, it entirely depends on our relationship!

3. Do you find that the spanking paysite market is very competitive?

Not at all. Each spanking site offers a unique product within our small niche, and I don't really feel like I have any direct competitors who are trying to do the same thing as me. Every producer has a different vision and different priorities, and they all have something unique to offer. I've found the other producers very supportive and have always tried to promote and support other spanking sites in return.

4. How do you feel about working in videos for those who are, at least notionally, your competitors?

I love it! I don't have to do all the stressful work of direction and production - I just get to concentrate on performance, which is lovely. Plus I get paid on the day, which always helps. ;) The closer a site is to my own way of doing things, the more fun I'm likely to have.

5. The site has been running for several months now, and has been very favourably reviewed; are most subscribers 5 day hit and run types, or are they in it for the longer term?

It's in its seventh month now - that's how long it's taken me to answer these questions! I have a good balance of subscriptions, but on average I'd say it's about half 5 days subscriptions and half longer term ones. Repeat customers usually go for the better value 30 day or 90 access so they can see new videos as they come out as well as exploring the archive.

6. I've read that you've been working on ideas and videos for your site for several years; do you have a large sack of scene ideas tucked away somewhere? Actually, do you have a lot of material prepared already to upload?

An enormous sack of scene ideas, yes! I have several documents stuffed with scripts and I'm always consulting them when planning new shoots. I keep coming up with more and more ideas too, which is nice: I'm not about to run out any time soon.

I haven't managed to get very far ahead with my editing yet. I have a few months' worth of updates shot in advance at any one time, but I'm usually editing scenes only a week or so before they go up. If I have to take time off to travel or something that eats into my buffer. It's a precarious way to work, so I'm intending to build it up and get further ahead over the coming months.

7. You've used a fairly small number of models so far; I get the impression that they are largely friends of yours. Will we be seeing anyone else we might know in the near future?

It's important to me to have a good personal connection, trust and chemistry with everyone I work with, and when casting other performers together I put a lot of thought into how people will get on. I've just shot with Nimue Allen, and am hoping to shoot with her again, and her girlfriend Rosie over the summer. Other models I'd love to work with this year include Danielle Hunt, whom I'm meeting for the first time in a couple of weeks, and some male and female models who are new to spanking video.

8. Do you see others following your example and adopting a fair trade approach to video production? Do you believe that there are commercial benefits to doing so?

Many websites already shoot along what I'd call fair trade principles, they just aren't always outspoken about it. I'm hoping more producers will become comfortable discussing their ethical approach and being transparent about their production choices, because I think it's something that needs to be talked about publically.

9. I asked Tom this as well, and I still think it may be a bit pretentious but let's give it another go. In a book I was recently reading the following statement appeared "No one should ever impose their own perceptions of fulfilment on anyone else". This seems to fit in with the fair trade approach; what do you think?

When it comes to porn performers, I certainly think we should take someone's word for it if they say they are fulfilled by a particular act, and not try to impose our own judgement. A lot of anti-porn feminsts could do with learning that.

10. As you become more experienced at the production side of the videos do you start to find that more satisfying than appearing in them?

They are entirely different satisfactions; it's hard to compare them. I feel more in control of the final product when I'm operating behind the camera, able to devote my full attention to direction and camera work, and that's very fulfilling. But I love performance - I always will - and there's nothing really like it. There's something particularly magical about bringing to life a long-held personal fantasy on video, and getting to work with people I really connect with. I thrive on diversity, so both sides of it are equally important to me. I can't see myself ever giving up one or the other as long as I can help it!

11. Perhaps I've been lucky in the people I've interracted with, but it seems to me that most spankos are particularly intelligent and polite; what do you think about this?

I'm not sure that spankos are on average more intelligent or polite than most people, to be honest. In general I find that people tend to reflect your own attitudes back to you; if you're polite to people and treat them as intelligent, you will tend to bring out their polite and intelligent side.

12. After all these years in the scene does the sound of someone saying "spank" still give you a shiver?

Sometimes, yes :)

13. Tom has strong views on the role of the top, especially in videos; given the power of his presence (at least as it comes across on film) do you find topping around him to be intimidating? What lessons have you learned from him?

I've learned a lot about topping from Tom. As I come into my identity as a top I'm also learning about the things I do differently from him, and why; but I still love his topping style.

I haven't co-topped with him very much, but that's something I'd love to do more of. The thrill of being recognised and respected as a fellow top by him is absolutely delicious.

14. You've mentioned some favourite authors on your blog, and I know that you've been influenced by a couple in the scenarios that you have produced; what are you reading at the moment? Any recommendations? And do you have a Kindle (my favourite new toy after my wife bought me one for Xmas)?

I do, and I'll never go back! No more the days of carrying around heavy hardbacks on the tube. It'll come in very handy when the next Game of Thrones book comes out.

I'm reading Iain M Banks' Culture books at the moment - I'm halfway through the fourth one, Look to Windward. I've really enjoyed all of them so far. Use of Weapons and Consider Phlebas were both very demanding. I've had my mind blown more than once, and I'm loving it.
I know I've used this shot before, but I love it; the combination of the stern Headmaster and the look on Pandora's face!

15. Tom commented that you are looking to work with Danielle Hunt (another model that I did an appreciation piece on a while back); she's one of the few non-white models working in the spanking scene. To what do you attribute the lack of ethnic models in spanking videos?

Hrm: I'm not sure a white model is the right person to ask, but here goes. Part of it is just maths: If 10% of the UK is kinky and 10% is BME then 10% of the kink scene won't be BME. You won't see a representative sample of the population as a whole within a minority. It's also partly self-selection - if people of colour don't see themselves adequately represented in the kink scene and kinky iconography, they might not seek it out, just as a lot of female tops end up avoiding the "scene" (or even thinking they aren't kinky) because they don't recognise themselves in the dominatrix stereotype.

I wonder if there's also a class element: the spanking scene in the UK is quite upper middle class on average, particularly people who can pay for sessions or to travel to attend ticketed events. Wealthy people are still more likely to be white in the UK.

It's worth pointing out, though, that it's the social spanking "scene" that's self-selecting, not being into spanking per se. I think it's likely that a lot more people of colour enjoy kinky sex than attend spanking parties or comment on spanking blogs. The question is how to make them feel welcome in our community. Hiring performers of colour to star in spanking photos and videos is definitely one step we can take, and it's something I need to work on at Dreams.

16. Whilst there seems to be something of an upsurge in mainstream spanking virtually all of these are presented as sexual spankings: do you think it's possible now to film a mainstream M/F disciplinary scene?

Presumably you're asking about M/F because you're thinking it wouldn't be acceptable to feminists? But I think the sexualisation of spanking in the mainstream is more general than that.

A mainstream M/F disciplinary scene could be filmed, sure, but it's risky. Is it consensual adult discipline or is it an abuse story? If it's consensual, then chances are the film industry is going to sexualise it. Asexual consensual adult discipline is pretty much invisible in the mainstream. I don't think people who aren't kinky understand that it doesn't have to be about sex.

Thinking about M/F as opposed to other orientations though: most of the big spanking references in mainstream film and TV have been M/F, if you think about it. Secretary, 50 Shades, 9 1/2 Weeks, Weeds, Community, A Dangerous Method - all M/F. M/F is sexy. F/M, if you ever see it, is played for laughs; or the dominatrix stereotype is just used as a cipher in TV adverts, because it's a striking, immediately recognisable image (and advertising tends to use female models). I don't know of any mainstream F/M spanking relationships that compare to the M/F ones for sex appeal.

Of course, mainstream same-sex spankings are even rarer! And don't get me started on the invisibility of switching in mainstream media...

17. A last vanilla question; have you seen the comedian Sarah Millican? Are you a fan?

I have, and yes, I really like her stuff :) I've recently discovered gay Glaswegian comedian Susan Calman, she did a lot of work for Radio 4 recently and I absolutely love her. I'm also listening to a lot of Josie Long and Meera Syal at the moment.

And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen.

I think the Pandora is a great interview subject, and her replies have given me several weeks worth of blog article ideas; in particular the idea of class in the spanking scene, and orientation in mainstream spanking are fascinating.

I'll be back in a couple of days.

All the best


The photos are predominantly from Dreams of Spanking, with one (favourite) from Spanking Sarah, and one from Sarah Gregory Spanking (anyone confused yet? Just me then, eh?)

Thursday 19 July 2012

Wibbily Wobbily Fleshy Mounds (or how I learned to stop worrying and love my bottom)

So, you don't know me. Personally I mean. We haven't met; well, mostly anyway.

Despite this, if you've paid more than a passing amount of attention to my blog, you'll likely have picked up on self-deprecating comments relating to my physical shape.

Come on, Tim, you can say it. Take a deep breath and gird your loins (whatever the fuck that actually means!).

I'm fat.

I'm not chunky. I'm not cuddly. I'm not horizontally challenged. I'm not a person providing lot's more to love.

I'm fat.

Now, most of this is focussed at my stomach; it's much too large for my frame. Some of it though has migrated around my body, to my arms, chin, thighs and, yes, it's true, to my arse.

I have a big bottom. Queen could have released singles about me (apart from my gender, that is).

Now, few in this World have perfect bottoms, although as a community I suppose we're blessed with more than our fair share. And what is a perfect bottom anyway? Leia, Pandora, Amelia, Danielle, Sarah, Amy, Pixie and Snow all have bottoms that I adore; firm, rounded, well-fleshed and spankable.

Their bottoms are all very different from each other though.

So what's perfect?

It's the middle of the night here; I generally sleep in either the nude (no, don't look Ethel!) or a t-shirt and boxers. I've just got back up, as I can't sleep, and I'm wearing the latter.

I've been lying in bed, trying to capture that elusive moment when oblivion overwhelms the cares of the day, but to no avail. Sleep won't come. On the pillow next to me, my wife gently snores, exhausted by a day of shepherding young children around a safari park and funfair. Her rest is well-earned.

Naturally enough, as you do, I found myself fondling my bottom. Resting on my side, my legs slightly drawn up, my boxers cling lovingly to my thighs and buttocks. Running my hands up and down them, I appreciate their curves, and the smoothness of the flesh.

There's a lot back there for my hands to caress, but it's not a bad old bottom really.

There's a lot back their for my wife, or a professional partner, to spank; I love to see the two mounds glowing after a good session.

My bottom serves me well; it amply supports me when I put a willing spankee over my knee, and gives a firm base as they wriggle around under a fusillade of smacks.

We've gone through a lot, my bottom and me, over the years; some of it unpleasant (several colonoscopy's live large and horrid in my mind), but most of it good.

It's a shame that I haven't treated it better.

So, it't not a perfect bottom, but I love it all the same. And so does my wife; she's not the most committed spanko around, but she loves to rub, caress and pat my behind.

I might try sleep again now, buoyed by happy thoughts of bottoms.

All the best


Pictures are from sources as marked (but mainly Northern Spanking), and are of bottoms. Some of my favourites. Well, yeah.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Pandora's Dreams of Spanking - 6 months on

I know that it's difficult when you're as old as we are, but I need you to cast your minds back into the deepest pits of your past; dig through the earth slides of time and strike a vein of purest memory.

Okay? Right then, those of you who've been coming here for a few months may remember that, in it's early days, I produced one of my very first website reviews of Pandora Blake's (then) very new site, Dreams of Spanking.

Hard as it is to believe, the site has now been running for just over 6 months, and I thought that it would be  interesting to review it's progress. I contacted Pandora who agreed to the idea, and granted me access to the  site.

I don't intend to produce a formal review, as I did last time; you can still check that out on my blog, and there you have all the technical details of costs, video formats and download times.

This time I want to do something a bit more freeform.

Bare with me. Please.

Take a deep breath; I just popped off and read my original review (from 27th January, if you're interested). I hate going back to stuff I've previously done, but that review doesn't read too badly. I gave decent consideration to the scope of Pandora's project, and I was considered in my views of the bits that I didn't like. An okay review I think.

So now then; 6 months on. How is the site doing?

Well, the look of the site is still as professional and striking as ever; I approve of this, as there is really no need to fix something that works so well. I also like a well organised site, where it's easy to locate the particular clip or photo gallery that you want, and DoS is certainly that.

There are now 68 items of spanking interest for your attention; these comprise 43 films, 4 audio stories and 21 photo galleries. There are also photos attached to each of the film clips.

As before the items run the gamut of M/F, F/F, F/M and M/M; I believe that DoS is still unique on offering such a cross section of spanking material. Pandora's goal is that her site is inclusive, with something for every taste, and she has certainly put her money where her mouth is.

Over the last 7 days I've sat and watched everyone of the clips that appear on the site; it may be an odd thing to say but my overall impression of these films is that they are challenging.

Let me explain that a bit. Most spanking sites produce popcorn porn. The clips they offer are fine, entertaining and arousing, but often largely interchangeable. There aren't many that live in your memory, or at least not with regard to the details of the film. For me the vast majority are girl does something wrong, girl gets spanked.

I have no complaints about this; I watch these things in order to be aroused and they manage that comfortably. And I always know that I can look to, say, Punished Brats for a good humoured or amusing clip, or to My Spanking Roommate for an actual storyline where incidents in one film are referred to in later ones, or Northern Spanking for just about anything.

None of these have any depth though. I love to read an instantly forgettable thriller. I reach for the latest Lee Childs as soon as it arrives on the shelves (or is available for my Kindle, nowadays). I know that it won't stay with me the way, for example, Brideshead Revistited does, a book I can read endlessly and enjoy each time.

I suppose you could say that Dreams of Spanking is the Penguin Classics of spanking sites.

The clips have spankings; oh yes, and lots of them, of pretty much every imaginable type, and you can certainly zip over the other bits to get to the action. If you do though you will be cheating yourself out of the opportunity for a much deeper experience.

Many of these films would not look out of place on television. Well, you know, if not for the nudity and frequent spanking. And the acting, occasionally. By spanking standards it's pretty good, but some of it you wouldn't mistake for full time professionals.

The production values are extremely high; costumes are realistic and detailed, and the sets are largely authentic looking. Image quality is tremendous, and sound is generally very good, although it can on occasion be a bit quiet.

Music is used to great effect.

A relatively small number of models star in the films; Pandora and Tom of course, but they are often joined by Dana Kane (probably my favourite female top), Caroline Grey, Zoe Montana, Adele Haze and Amelia Jane Rutherford.. It's lovely to see Kaelah involved too (if only because she reads my blog, and leaves thoughtful comments!).

In the end though it's the stories that make these videos more than just wank material; Pandora draws from a huge range of sources, from literature to popular television, and most everything in between. Some reflect social issues (I particularly like Backlash), and some revel in pure fantasy (The Avenger's Return might have been written to my order).

If you commit to these films (which really is the appropriate word; clips undersells them), and spend time watching the whole things they are easily worth your time. It may be my imagination, and I'm not privy to the order in which the videos were shot, but Pandora in particular seems to grow as a performer over time.

Do I have any issues with the site? Well, as first time around, I'm not a fan of M/M scenes, but with the greater amount of material available this is much less of an issue. I believe that I said this was likely to be the case. In fact, on balance I'm glad that it's there for those who are into it.

Certainly I enjoy the F/M stuff, and I know that a lot of my readers aren't keen on that either. Dana Kane is entirely wonderful (well slap my face, I nearly used "awesome" - I swore to never do that), and it's great fun to watch Pandora's journey into switching too.

Any suggestions? Well, I'd love to see a film based around a manga storyline; I think that Pandora's large adorable eyes would lend themselves to it, and I can just imagine her in one of those tiny schoolgirl dresses that seem so prevalent.

Otherwise it would be interesting to see a film along the lines of Over His Knee, but illustrating a typical switch session perhaps. I admit it; since my first session I'm keen to do whatever I can to encourage others to try out a professional switch.

One last thought; how about a follow up to The Avenger's Return; AJR in that costume and Pandora in that dress deserve an encore. Or better yet a continuing series on primetime television. Now that would be a sign that spanking is becoming mainstream!

What conclusions do I draw from all of this? Well, nothing terribly profound. DoS in a one of a kind site, fueled by the personal vision of a driven and talented performer. It isn't always the quick fix that you might want, but it does carry films that have storylines, characters and actual reasons to exist.

You may not enjoy every clip here; I don't. I still find M/M difficult to watch, and it doesn't excite me in the slightest. Some of the clips indulge in slightly heavier punishment than I like, but I am a lightweight (just not physically, sadly). And my internet connection isn't terribly fast, so downloading some of the longer videos can take 10 to 15 minutes.

Overall though I think that Dreams of Spanking is a site that deserves your attention; it continues to push the envelope, and provides a mature spanking experience, with some extra thought thrown in. Not your every day site maybe, but certainly a glass of port after a good dinner; something to be savoured for it's depths and subtleties.

It's a site to be admired as much as enjoyed; oh, and it will get your dick hard. Sorry, but that is what it's there for, and it does. I urge you, at least, to take the very reasonable 5 day membership and splash around in it's pleasures.

I can't wait to see what Pandora will have produced by the time DoS's first anniversary arrives.

All the best


Monday 16 July 2012

Website Review - Girl Spanks Girl

Hello again; I hope that the new week finds you well. I must confess to being just a touch under the weather this morning, although it is entirely my own fault.

We attended a BBQ at the home of some Iranian friends yesterday; the food was spectacular (including some marinated lamb fillet that may be nicest thing I've ever eaten, so tender that it fell apart in your mouth), drink flowed freely and we had a most strange phenomenon - strong sunshine with no rain.

All of which combined to leave me with sore feet (I  stood around talking a lot), acid indigestion (rich spicy food) and a glowingly sunburnt head. A great day though.

But now to the business at hand; a new Website review.

I'm sure by this time that most of you know of Clare Fonda's much lamented retirement from the spanking scene. Luckily her group of spanking sites have been left in excellent hands, as our good friend The Cameraman has now assumed total control.

With a little luck this will be the first of several reviews of his sites, but for now, let us consider Girl Spanks Girl.

Before I begin I must admit to a bias in favour of this site, for two reasons:-

1. The Cameraman has granted me free access in order that I might produce this review

2. I enjoy F/F spanking films more than any other, as I have detailed on this blog in the past.

So, having declared my interest, let us proceed; what do you need to know? Let's start with some basics.

As the title suggests this is a girl on girl spanking site; it's been around for several years so there is a mass of material available on it.

Membership costs £16.93 (US$24.95) per month on a recurring basis (there is an option for a one off 90 day membership for £37.29/US$54.95.  Payment is via the ever-reliable CCBill, and cancellation is straightforward.

There is a very nice preview feature for those considering membership, which gives you details of the latest update, and then presents a page for each of the site's three main sections (more on that shortly), with brief details and a couple of photos of each of the films that appear under them. It's well worth a look - there's some really hot stuff there.

Following this is a page showing the models who appear across the group of sites, along with a note of which  particular ones they appear on; I have already reviewed My Spanking Roommate on this blog. I think that this is a relatively new feature, although it may just be something that I missed in the past. Either way it gives a nice overview of who you can expect to see.

There are links from the page to each of the sites, some of which are pay per view download sites.

So, as a member what do you get? I'm terribly pleased that you asked that (or else I'd be just sitting here twiddling my thumbs - would twiddling my dick be a slang phrase for masturbating? Humph, well, must get on).

First of all there is the update page, which advises that the site is updated 7 days a week; it also gives some advice on watching the clips, which are now always presented as WMV files, although a number of the older ones are in the lower quality Realplayer format. It should be noted that there is an ongoing process of remastering these older clips into the higher quality format.

The rest of the site is split into three areas, based around the type of spanking that they show; erotic, sensual and disciplinary.

Let's take each one in turn.

1. Erotic - this is a group of around 55 films which all feature spanking in an erotic context. A lot of these spankings are nude on nude, and all of the clips feature a degree of lesbian sexual content. If this bothers you then you should probably skip this bit of the site - don't worry, there's lots in the other sections that you'll like.

The clips star a number of extremely attractive models  (many of the recent ones have either Alexis Grace or Veronica Ricci), and they are extremely entertaining, on several levels. I believe that most straight men are turned on by lesbian scenes (don't know why other than that there are 2 sets of lady parts rather than just one, but it is true), and I can recommend this section most highly.

Each film is downloadable in a number of parts, of varying sizes from 30 meg up to 180 meg. As might be expected the later films tend to be of a higher video quality, and this is reflected in the file size.

There is also a picture gallery for each film, with many (if not all) of the shots being video captures.

I should note that there are also smaller downloads available; when you go to the video page for each film, in addition to the "Full" part downloads (between 2 and 12, I think) there are a number of screen captures each of which conceal a small file for download. It does leave you with rather a lot of parts for some films but it is ideal for anyone with a slow or inconsistent internet connection.

2. Sensual - this is a group of around 35 films which feature generally fun spankings, with a lot of switching between the girls that star in them.

There are some extremely inventive clips here, such as Brokebutt Mountain, USO Wannabies and Wonder Blond.

Despite their essentially playful nature these are decent spankings, leaving the girl on the receiving end with a very red butt.

3. Disciplinary - the most self explanatory category, and easily the biggest, with around 60 films, some of which are very long.

As the title suggests this is the section containing hard punishments, including Snow Mercy's Aunt Bella films and the splendid Exclusive Education films. If you have any interest in school girl spankings you owe it to yourself to have a look at these - each one of the 6 films features around 10 school girls, all of whom are beaten several times.

This is the primary section that has benefited from the remastering of older films, and the new releases (such as the first three Exclusive Education videos) are crisp, clear and with crystalline sound. Very nice job to whoever is responsible for these.

So, altogether in excess of 150 films, ranging in length from around 5 to 60 minutes each. The filming is of a high quality and the plotlines are fairly inventive. The standard of acting is better than in most (although as always with amateur performers it's a bit uneven).

I've mentioned a couple of the girls who appear already, but to them you can add Clare Fonda, Lana, Ten, Sarah Gregory, Chloe Elise, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Alicia Panettierre, Alanah Rae, Kat St  James, Lily Anna and Amber Pixie Wells, to mention but a few of my favourites. There are lots more pretty girls here too.

The spankings are pretty severe, especially for an F/F site, although it does vary quite widely between films; there are quite a few nude spankings, and I think that all of them end up on bare bottoms. There are a lot of hand spankings over the knee (my particular favourite) but pretty much every implement that you can think of makes an appearance too.

In short, if you like F/F spankings you will like this site; if you like to see a bit of sex with your punishments then the erotic category will comfortably satisfy you, but if you prefer just disciplinary spankings there are plenty of them too, not to mention the more playful and fun spankings.

If you insist on men spanking women then steer clear; you won't enjoy this one (but there is stuff on other sites in the group that you will like).

The range, number and length of films, combined with the frequency of updates, and the overall quality, make this a very good option for your money; most of your favourite spankees will be here, and the spankings are very good.

It's a site that I've paid to join several times over the years, and I'm never disappointed by it; Clare's name on a spanking site is (for me) the sign of a quality product, with a lot of videos that I know I will enjoy. I do not see this changing with the new management; after all, the new boss shot most of this stuff anyway, and he certainly has an eye for a hot model.

If I graded sites I'd give this one a definite A; while I confess that My Spanking Roommate is slightly more to my taste it's a close thing, and there is masses of stuff here that I will come back to (if you'll excuse the phrase) again and again.

All the best


All photos are from Girl Spanks Girl (because to do anything else would be idiotic); I hope to bring you a full interview with the Cameraman shortly (once I've finished writing the questions!)
Please let me know if anyone is interested in a blog about the Exclusive Education series - I'd be happy to write one!

Friday 13 July 2012

So, are we weirdos? Or what?

No, no, don't run off. I'm not insulting you. Not yet anyway. This includes me, so I'm loath to label our little group as all that odd.

It's just that, well, we may be.

Let's just think about this a little.

If you're a spanker, then at least part of what turns you on is either inflicting pain, or else dominating (or controlling) another individual. Perhaps both.

I love to spank, but I don't consider myself to be a sadist. I certainly don't spank in order to place myself above someone. I like fairly gentle spanking; I love the sensations, and the rituals.

I love to be spanked, but I don't consider myself to be a masochist. Apart from where my bottom is concerned, I hate pain, of any sort (well, I suppose I appreciate the day after muscle ache that comes from a useful physical activity, but that's hardly relevant). I don't need to be told what to do or how to behave. Again, it's all sensations and rituals.

I guess that the rituals side is important to many of us, given the number of spankos who indulge in role play; if it's only the act of spanking or being spanked that turns you on, then no build up is necessary. How many spanking videos do you like that just start with a spanking, and feature only that? Not too many, I'd guess.

We need the story, the build up, the justification.

In short, we love the ritual.

In part this explains our fascination with the stock phrases that even vanilla people associate with corporal punishment; come on, you know them as well as I do. "Bend over", "six of the best", "you need a good spanking" "don't you dare do that", "my palm is itching" and so many more.

Let's assume that, for most if not all of us, spanking has a sexual element, even if it doesn't always lead to intercourse. The enjoyment of spanking, with nothing more, is generally sexual. Most of us become aroused seeing spanking videos and photos, or reading spanking stories.

I assume that, at least in part, that's why you guys keep coming back here.

Hey, it's why I do. I often finish a post with some tension in my trousers (of course, I usually add pictures last, which may have a baring on this).

To be entirely natural, sexual intercourse should lead to the possibility of procreation (on it's most basic level). Sex being physically pleasurable leads to a Darwinian imperative to reduce.

It's really only since the 1950's that society as a whole has accepted sex can be pleasurable for both sexes, and not be undertaken with the assumption that conception is a possible result.

Before you yell at me, I know that many men have practiced sex for pleasure before then, and that women have too, but societal mores have always suggested that, in the case of women at least, sex isn't supposed to be fun. Just look at the Victorians, for God's sake.

"Lie back and think of England " may be joke advice now, but for 150 years after it was first coined it was considered to be good advice to married women, whenever their husbands presumed to inflict their physical person upon them.

This is, of course, the root cause of the double standard that a man who sleeps around is kind of a hero, and that a women who does so is a slut. The potential consequences have an impact too; men can walk/run away, whereas women are left holding the unintentional fruits of their relationships.

It's all bullshit, of course.

I don't know about you guys but I tell my kids that there's nothing wrong with premarital sex, provided they take precautions, and care for the person that they sleep with. Irrespective of the sex or inclinations of their partner (my son considers himself to be bisexual, and I must admit that I suspected he might be gay, although he has only ever been in relationships with girls - I'm honestly fine with it either way, and I've told him so).

Actually heterosexuals and homosexuals should be jealous of bisexuals. Not an original thought, I know. And I'm not sure I agree. Sure, theoretically they have more choice but me, I'm boring. I really only like women, to the extent that I only want to spank or be spanked by women.

Not too fussy about their age though, so long as they're of legal age.

Okay then, back to it; sex is intended for procreation, spanking is sex, and spanking, unless you combine it with fucking, isn't going to make babies.

So, if those definitions are accurate, spanking is, at least, deviant.

I don't consider that to be a judgement. I'll go with the Lenny Bruce quote, which I'll have to paraphrase, as I'm fucked if I can find it on line; 2,3 4 people, none of it's dirty to me, so long as no one is harmed.

If he didn't say that, he should have.

Incidentally, I think Bruce actually said hurt, but we have to change that; spanking does hurt, which really is okay, so long as no one suffers physical or psychological harm. Hurt = sting. Harm = long term damage.

Quick question (I'll give you my answer in a moment); how out are you? Are you embarrassed if your colleagues know that you're a spanko? How about your close friends? Your family?

My wife is the only person I currently know who definitely is aware of my tastes, although I suspect that my son does.

Let's face it; despite the increasing profile of spanking in popular culture, it's still seen as something unusual. A little odd. Maybe the subject for jokes.

There's a thought. In films in the 1930s to 1950s spanking was often placed in a comedic context (the two most famous spankings, in Kiss Mr Kate and McLintock, both are). Now spankings are starting to rear (if you'll excuse my use of the word) their head again, they are usually shown in a sexual context (fair enough) but, again, for comedic purposes (off the top of my head, My Family, Bored to Death, Doctors).

I think that this is a sign that society has not yet accepted our kink. You tend to laugh at things that make you uneasy (black comedians use this to great effect in their reclaiming of the word "nigger" - watch a Reggie Hudson DVD if you doubt this - watch one anyway, as he's a brilliant comedian, although some of his stuff can be particularly unsettling, such as his discussion of rape in history).

So, I suppose we should look at how we define a weirdo. The dictionary has it as "person who is bizarre, unusual".

I'm a firm believer in the idea that everyone is unusual; no two of us are the same (leaving aside the genetically odd identical twins, who fascinate me - perhaps because I'm a Gemini, although maybe not). SO that bit of the definition is worthless.

Bizarre? I think that overstates the issue.

Synonyms vary as widely; honestly, the English language is fucking hard to analyse. I particularly like screwball, odd bird and eccentric. I'm pleased to put up my hands to any of these. Even without the spanking fetish.

Are we weirdos? I think this ends up being very much an "eye of the beholder" issue; I don't think that we're weird, but it's not hard to see why some vanillas do.

I know that my wife, who is a spanko purely by necessity rather than inclination, finds my desire to be spanked odd. I've never gotten her to explain why she's okay with me wanting to spank her, but somewhat freaked by my sudden enjoyment of going over her knee.

I would say it's a pain thing, but I fail to see why it's more reasonable to enjoy inflicting pain (even at a mild level) than it is to enjoy experiencing it. If anyone out there can set me straight on the issue I would genuinely appreciate it.

Totally beyond me though.

Is being a spanko a natural thing? Difficult question. I always thought that homophobes who said homosexuality was unnatural were talking through their arses. Lots of animals will happily penetrate anything, irrespective of gender. Dogs can be right arse bandits, for example.

I'm not sure that there is an equivalent in spanking.

I know that a few animals, such as cats, hunt for pleasure, and will toy with their prey before killing it, torturing it slowly, but that's rather different from our thing. Unless you are much odder than I care to think about!

Leaving aside Beatrix Potter and Rudyard Kipling, I don't think that animals practice corporal punishment, even for disciplinary reasons, and certainly not 'cos they're kinky for it.

So I guess it is a little unnatural.

But oh so much fun!

At this stage, if I'd planned this piece out properly, I would present you with a neat conclusion. Sadly I can't do that, as I don't know the answer.

Weirdos seems just a bit too harsh. I don't think that I am one, anyway.

Of course, I am fairly fucking odd.

Ah, I dunno.

Do you think you're a weirdo? Why not complete the poll over there, and let me know?

All the best


All pictures this time are from Girl Spanks Girl

PS I wrote this last night, after several drinks, but I'll post it as is; it's a bit rough but generally holds up, I think.

Thursday 12 July 2012

What? Third post today? And no spanking, you say

Just a gentle observation; taking advantage of one of those very rare dry days, my son and I have just spent two hours in our front garden, mowing, strimming, weeding and generally tidying.

Now I really hate gardening, and my son appears to have inherited the trait (although he's far more profoundly lazy than I ever was at his age).

We finished off, and whilst washing green strains from our hands we came to the conclusion that there are only three reasons to do the garden:-

1. it makes my wife happy, especially with my son who she's being pestering to do something practical before he goes back to school next week following exams (and then he breaks up for 5 weeks after 3 days at school!)

2. that indefinable sense of satisfaction at having actually achieved something tangible, and the sense that you've earned this beer (ice cold Extra Strong Oranjeboom if you're interested; very tasty)

3. a distant third - the garden looks much better.

Sorry to waste your reading time.

All the best


That little bastard green eyed monster

Starting off with (an almost) quote from the Immortal Bard; well, he was the first person to refer to jealousy as a green eyed monster.

If he actually wrote his plays of course.

"Tim", I hear you say, "what reasons could you possibly find to be jealous of anyone? Life is grand, isn't it, from where you sit?"

And life actually is pretty spiffy at the minute.

With one fucking big problem.

I woke up this morning with an almost physical desire to spank someone. It's sitting there now, deep inside my chest, cackling away to itself as it grabs bits of my insides and twists them into improbable pretzel shapes. I ache to feel my palm slapping down onto a lovely backside.

And by lovely I mean any female one I could get at.

Which brings me to the jealousy thing.

I am spitting mad with jealousy of all of you out there who live in a spanking relationship. Who can turn to your partner and say "Hey, I really want some spanking action. Come here." or something else similar. Perhaps a bit more subtle. Or erotic. Or begging may be involved. Or imagined faults. Whatever.

Fuck. None of these thoughts are helping me. In fact they have the opposite effect. I want to spank some more.

I've tried watching a few videos; a couple of Pandora's,. a handful of Sarah's, two from Northern Spanking featuring Leia-ann. And yes, they aroused me. Oh, own up Tim! Yes, I had a wank. I thoroughly enjoyed it too.

Didn't take away that tightness in my groin though. Didn't silence the gremlin in my chest, which bounces around the walls of my torso, chanting, in an evil little Exorcist voice. "Spank, spank, spank, spank." Imagine the Spam song, altered just a little bit.

My wife is at work, and, even if she wasn't, we only spank as foreplay. My son is around, so sex wouldn't be an option either.
I love this picture; doesn't Amy Hunter look fierce? And gorgeous.

"Not tonight, Josephine" Please add your own stereotypical French accent.

I just want someone to spank.

And some of you lucky bastards out there have someone.

I shall now sob quietly into my coffee - it's a bit too early in the day for beer.

All the best

(Unless you have someone handy to spank - in which case, well, sod you.)


Pictures are from my good friends at Northern Spanking