Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I think I may have misjudged you...

Now, I know that I'm an opinionated sod who can't resist foisting his views onto others; why else would I write this fucking blog?

If I see a poll I almost always complete it; if it's on a site I particularly enjoy I will do so without fail.

I had assumed that you and I were basically like-minded individuals (especially after the femdom haters left us when I reviewed Strict Women); I hoped that you read this blog because it entertained you, and maybe, just a little, you cared about what appeared here.

Sadly I think I must have misjudged you; most of you, anyway. I thought adding a poll would be fun, and, once I had got more of an idea of what you were looking for, we could have a weekly poll with some more unusual questions.

I really don't think that there is any point.

I had over 500 page views yesterday, and there have already been another 200 today, but, so far, only 10 of you have bothered to complete my little poll.

Now, this may well be because you don't feel your spanking orientation is any of my business, and, if that's the case, I suppose I can't really argue with that. After all, I'm the one spouting my opinions and laying bare my soul for you, and it's strictly of my own volition.

I can take the lack of comments; those I get are intelligent and thoughtful, from people who clearly care. I have had a number of emails too; that's fine, that's why my email address appears.

It's just that I kind of thought you might care just a little more about what I'm doing here. And taking a couple of seconds to tick a box doesn't seem to be asking a lot.

As I've said elsewhere, today is my son's 18th birthday; it's bad enough to feel old, without feeling unloved and unappreciated. Sigh. Pause whilst I wipe away a small salty bead from the corner of my eye.

Pathetic enough? I hope so.

I think that'll do for self pity. One last try; please complete the poll. And avoid me writing more bollocks like this.

All the best


The photos today are all oldies, as befits my mood; I think I found most of them on tumblr, but one or two may be from Richard Windsor's splendid vintage collection.

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