Monday 5 March 2012

Website Review - Real Life Spankings

Welcome in my friends; I trust that you are feeling well, and that your intimate parts have been well lubricated of late.

Back in the early days of this blog I produced my first pay site review, of Mike the Dutchman's wonderful Spanked in Uniform; you can check back to December if you have a mind to read it.

I know; in today's fast-paced times no one can be bothered to read anything old. I'll summarise; great site, well-worth your time and money.

Now, thanks to Mike's generosity, I bring you my review of his original site, Real Life Spankings.

This is, once again, a Dutch based site, and Mike is the principal lucky bastard. Ah, that should read, principal spanker. Easy mistake to make, honest.

Real Life Spanking is set up to give exactly what it says; a long, long series of real life spankings.
We'll talk a little more about that later on.

Details; membership is through CCBill, and is very reasonable. 1 month costs US$22.95 (£15.23) on a recurring basis, and 3 months will set you back US$49.95 (£33.14).

This is tremendous value as there are over 1000 videos on the site, along with nearly 800 additional still galleries.

The videos run for between 5 and 10 minutes each, and they download very quickly. File size is generally between 40 and 130 mg.

Image quality is a little variable, as some of the clips date back over 7 years, and are offered in a very basic realplayer format. This improves with time, and currently videos are presented in a very crisp WMV format.

The site is nicely organised, with clips organised in collections for each of the girls; a picture and title is provided for each film, and when you click on the link it takes you to a page with a decent description of that clip, along with a number of stills from it. You can download from this page, or go to a further image gallery.

There is also a separate page that links to numbered image galleries.

While some of the earlier clips feature a handful of different spankers, the vast majority feature Mike dishing out the punishment; it's a pleasure to watch his somewhat languid style, with the first spanks almost looking like pats. Don't be fooled though, as Mike clearly has a heavy hand and well developed spanking muscles; bottoms soon grow red, and there is a lot of wriggling and many facial contortions from the girls.

Given the huge number of clips I don't expect it'll surprise anyone to learn that there are quite a variety of implements used; slipper, belt, strap, paddle, birch, cane, carpet beater and table tennis bat all feature at some point.

Having said that, a good fifty percent of the videos feature over the knee hand spankings, which are and always will be my personal favourites.

Videos are shot in a variety of locations, including a flat, outdoors, and, more recently, an office building that you may recognise from Spanked in Uniform shoots.

There are quite a lot of different girls being spanked here, but generally you won't recognise them. With one recent exception they are not professional spanking models (Sarah Bright has recently featured in a couple of clips), and the only other place I think you may come across these girls is on Spanked in Uniform, where several have made an appearance.

This is actually one of the best things about Real Life Spankings; while I love to see my favourite models on other sites it is refreshing to come across a whole site with new spankees. The girls also cover a wide spectrum of looks; there are varying builds, hair colours, sexual orientations and (somewhat unusually but extremely pleasingly) much more ethnic diversity than we are used to.

I suppose it depends upon your tastes but I find pretty much all of the models to be attractive in their own ways, and some are undeniably extremely attractive by any rational measurement.

Each model gets a number of videos; the first is typically a brief introduction by way of a short interview, followed by an introductory trip across Mike's knee. Subsequent clips tend to feature a first use of the paddle, and then other varied implements, not forgetting the inevitable and welcome return of Mike's hand.

Spankings are quite firm; most begin over clothing, progressing to underwear and then bare bottoms. A lot of attention is paid to the reaction of the spankees, so that you can see the effect of the punishment building from both the increasing pinkness of their rears and the growing grimaces on their faces.

A number of the clips end in tears; a lot have the girls frantically rubbing their seared bottoms.

All of this brings us to another of the noteworthy differences RLS has from other sites; these clips are not about long contrived storylines. The site's main conceit is that these girls have come to Mike for behavioural modification; he spanks them for their everyday errors, such as overspending, dressing too sexily, speeding, lateness or inefficiencies at work.

This means that each video is pretty straightforward; the offence is briefly detailed and then the punishment is swiftly begun; while I like the detailed fantasies that you get on say Dreams of Spanking there is something extremely refreshing about this direct approach. It certainly means that you get a lot of spanking for your money.

I had been a member of this site in the past, but I had forgotten the simple pleasures it provides; Real Life Spankings gives you just what it says. Anyone who enjoys M/F spanking for it's own sake will love this site.

Is it perfect? Well, as this is the real world, no, it isn't. I'm not wild about the corner time Mike likes to give the girls after he has spanked them (not in every video by any means, but still often enough) and I suppose I dislike the overt paternalism a bit (the suggestion that men know better than women, and should treat them like children who can't learn without negative reinforcement) but that's my personal hangup, and doesn't detract from the massive fun I've had wandering around the site for the past couple of weeks.

So finally, a recommendation; is this site worth your time and money? Financially, given the vast wealth of spankings held there, it is one of the best bargains available on the web, so that part is a no-brainer.

Personally a lot of the spankings push my specific buttons; there's a lot of OTK hand spankings, with progression from clothed to bare. I love to see the reactions of the girls. We see women spanked in tights. There is use of table tennis bats, slippers and carpet beaters, all of which I enjoy.

I think this is a wonderful straightforward site; if you want to see the spankings, they've got 'em here! Rush to have a look right now at Real Life Spankings.

All the best


I'm sure that none of my readers will be shocked to learn that the accompanying photos all come from RLS


  1. Very interesting. Looks like there are some very cute spankees there too.

  2. There is, I think, pretty much a spankee for every taste; I forgot to mention the age range from around 18 to 40 I believe.

    Lots of good stuff here.


  3. Hi Tim
    Interesting views of RLS, like you I am not into the corner bit either. However RLS is still up there with the best spanking sites.I like to see the more mature lady at times, and this is the site for that,many other sites sometimes forget that the bottoms of these ladies are just as spankable, if not more in some cases. I tend to sign up for RLS and SIU quite often, more then any other site actually.
    Thanks for the reviews,and by the way,I like your idea of telling us about a particular spanking model from time to time.Nice one.

    1. Hi Alastair

      Thanks for the positive, thoughtful comments. Mike does do a tremendous job with the two sites; between the two there really is something for everyone.

      All the best


  4. hi tim my compliments for your story and pictures from RLS i'm a member from RLS and i can tell you and other people who visit your site that RLS it's the best spanking site together with SIU in the netherlands great pictures and exellent quality video's and not forget lovely naughty models . greetings from me for you all my friend warm regards: BEN

  5. Hi Ben

    I'm glad that you enjoyed the review; it was an easy one to write really, as RLS is an extremely good site I would recommend to anyone.

    All the best