Wednesday 25 January 2012

Freebie site review...Sculacciate - Spanking Italy Gallery

Well hello there; no ranting this time, I promise!

It's the middle of the night here in good old England (odd phrase, since it's really the early hours of the morning) and I'm feeling kind of crappy so to cheer myself up a bit I thought I'd bring to your attention a fun site that not all of you will be aware of.

The site is Sculacciate - Spanking Italy Gallery ( and it's the off shoot of a bigger Italian spanking site. Unfortunately, although I did study Latin at school (and boy did I ever suck at that, and not in the good way that my wife enjoys) I cannot read any Italian at all, so let's just stick to this bit that I do understand.

Sculacciate is a great site bringing together approximately 1200 spanking illustrations from the mainstream; there are separate sections for:-

Spanking Art
Spanking Advertising
Spanking Anime
Spanking Manga
Spanking Cartoons
Spanking Animated Gifs
Spanking Comics
Spanking Comic Covers
Spanking Postcards
Spanking Magazine Covers
Spanking Satirical Cartoons

As you may expect the pictures are a mishmash (that may be my word of the day) of M/F, F/F, F/M and M/M. Be warned; a lot of the comics show children being spanked. This is inevitable considering the source of many of them is children orientated comics and cartoons.

Image quality is variable, from very clear to pretty damn murky, but there is a lot to look at here. If you can spend a couple of hours meandering through the dusty hallways of this mansion of images you will find a lot that you haven't seen before, and I think there is stuff that will entertain most of you.

The galleries detailed above are created as a series of pages, each with 18 cartoons on it; clicking on a picture will bring up the next one in a slide show effect.

I stumbled on this site by accident, from a link on an art wiki and it is one of my favourites. The site does say that there are daily updates; take that with a pinch of salt. There seem to be little bursts of activity, with very frequent posts, followed by lazy Sunday afternoon wallows that go on for several weeks at a time.

I hope that you get a chance to check this one out.

All the best



  1. How can I get the password for Spanking Italy Gallery? I'm a fan of spanking toons... Hope you'll answer me, I miss that site! Thanx - zio Polipo

  2. I would like to know also how to get the password for the Spanking Italy Gallery site, I use to visit all the time.