Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Is F/F best? The Great Debate Rumbles On....and on.

What? You're here already? But it's so early. What do you mean, you never left? Come on, you're just messing with me, aren't you? Although there was that strange noise in the night. You haven't been here all along, have you?

Hmm. I'm disturbed. Don't all rush to agree with me.

Anyway, today is my son's 18th birthday. Shit, I'm getting old. Still, if you'd all join in, and sing along; no miming at the back. Take a deep breath and, all together now:-

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday name left out to protect the innocent,
Happy Birthday to you.

Ah, that wasn't bad; not all in the same key. Or tempo. And I'm not sure you all used the same words as me either. Still, it was a nice gesture, and I'm sure he'd appreciate it. If I ever let him see this blog, of course.

Onwards to the reason for this (already long winded) post; a couple of times recently I've mentioned in passing my enjoyment of F/F spanking, and I have received an email taking me to task for this.

Oh, and while I'm happy to receive any contact, please consider posting in the comments box next time - I've received more emails about content than I've had comments made in total.

The email was quite thoughtful, and couched in very polite language, but the crux of it was this; men are physically strong, and it is realistic for them to spank women. Women are weaker and it is therefore pure fantasy to suggest that they would be able to spank other women (or men).

There was also some stuff about God setting Man over Woman, but the religious stuff lost me a bit. Sorry.

This raised several issues for me, but the biggy is this; I'm a big fan of consensual spankings. I'm not so keen where a spanking is forced onto the recipient.

So far as I am concerned all of the videos I see, and all of the images I upload, show consensual spankings. And if both parties agree then it is as reasonable for a woman to spank as it is for a man to do so.

Of course this ignores any arguments relating to aesthetics, or personal taste.

Taking those in reverse order there really is not argument so far as taste is concerned; you like what you like. If you prefer to see only M/F spankings that is entirely your prerogative, and no one (not even almighty I) have any right to say that you are wrong.

The aesthetic argument is a different top hat full of bunnies altogether; I don't necessarily expect to change any minds here, but this is intended to explain why I like to look at F/F spankings.

Take a glance at the pictures to the left of these scribbles; go on, look at the top two. Now as you're reading this I'm going to assume that you are either a heterosexual male or a gay female, and accordingly you enjoy the sight of these two female bottoms (Abigail Whittaker and Leia Ann Woods I believe); they're both gorgeous, whether being spanked or not.

Let us compare the spankers; the top one is, of course, the magnificently talented Audrey Knight. Look at the concentration on her face, the totallity of focus on the backside before her. The fingers of her left hand are hooked slightly as they steady her victim, and her right hand bends to fit the contours of Abigail's bottom. She is dressed nicely, and her breasts protrude over her spankee as she bends slightly forward in the follow through of her smack. I could stare at this picture all day.

The male spanker is the estimable Richard Windsor; raconteur, spanking expert and website entrepreneur. I'm sure he exhibits the same concentration and mastery of his craft as Audrey does, but I just don't want to look at him. The only thing of interest to me in this shot is Leia (who looks fabulous in those sheeny purple knickers, sheer and nearly transparent); it's tempting to crop the picture so just she appears.

So which picture do you prefer to look at? Much as I adore Leia the top one wins hands down for me; it's much more satisfying to look at 2 attractive women than one attractive woman and some guy, even if he's one that I envy and admire.

You see, the thing is this; when I look at photos of spankings, or when I settle back and letch over a spanking video, I do not mentally place myself into the position of either spanker or spankee, when the bottom is female. I don't fantasise about the clip; I just enjoy it.

The situation with F/M is very different, but that's a post for another day.

Take a look at the other pictures; they're from a range of sources (Punished Brats, Miss Audrey Spanks, Spanked Sweeties, Tears for Audrey and Spanked-in-Uniform), and they all show beautiful women being spanked. No disrespect to Richard, or to Mike or Sir Christopher Robin, but don't you find the F/F shots to be more attractive?

To me it's simple arithmetic; two hotties are better than one (I already hate myself for putting it like that). It's not that I don't like M/F; the first spanking videos I ever saw showed men punishing women, not to mention the several mainstream spankings that I stumbled across, and I still love to see them. I'm still turned on by them.

It's just that I'm a little more turned on by seeing two women together.

What do you think?

All the best


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