Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Pandora's Dreams of Spanking - 6 months on

I know that it's difficult when you're as old as we are, but I need you to cast your minds back into the deepest pits of your past; dig through the earth slides of time and strike a vein of purest memory.

Okay? Right then, those of you who've been coming here for a few months may remember that, in it's early days, I produced one of my very first website reviews of Pandora Blake's (then) very new site, Dreams of Spanking.

Hard as it is to believe, the site has now been running for just over 6 months, and I thought that it would be  interesting to review it's progress. I contacted Pandora who agreed to the idea, and granted me access to the  site.

I don't intend to produce a formal review, as I did last time; you can still check that out on my blog, and there you have all the technical details of costs, video formats and download times.

This time I want to do something a bit more freeform.

Bare with me. Please.

Take a deep breath; I just popped off and read my original review (from 27th January, if you're interested). I hate going back to stuff I've previously done, but that review doesn't read too badly. I gave decent consideration to the scope of Pandora's project, and I was considered in my views of the bits that I didn't like. An okay review I think.

So now then; 6 months on. How is the site doing?

Well, the look of the site is still as professional and striking as ever; I approve of this, as there is really no need to fix something that works so well. I also like a well organised site, where it's easy to locate the particular clip or photo gallery that you want, and DoS is certainly that.

There are now 68 items of spanking interest for your attention; these comprise 43 films, 4 audio stories and 21 photo galleries. There are also photos attached to each of the film clips.

As before the items run the gamut of M/F, F/F, F/M and M/M; I believe that DoS is still unique on offering such a cross section of spanking material. Pandora's goal is that her site is inclusive, with something for every taste, and she has certainly put her money where her mouth is.

Over the last 7 days I've sat and watched everyone of the clips that appear on the site; it may be an odd thing to say but my overall impression of these films is that they are challenging.

Let me explain that a bit. Most spanking sites produce popcorn porn. The clips they offer are fine, entertaining and arousing, but often largely interchangeable. There aren't many that live in your memory, or at least not with regard to the details of the film. For me the vast majority are girl does something wrong, girl gets spanked.

I have no complaints about this; I watch these things in order to be aroused and they manage that comfortably. And I always know that I can look to, say, Punished Brats for a good humoured or amusing clip, or to My Spanking Roommate for an actual storyline where incidents in one film are referred to in later ones, or Northern Spanking for just about anything.

None of these have any depth though. I love to read an instantly forgettable thriller. I reach for the latest Lee Childs as soon as it arrives on the shelves (or is available for my Kindle, nowadays). I know that it won't stay with me the way, for example, Brideshead Revistited does, a book I can read endlessly and enjoy each time.

I suppose you could say that Dreams of Spanking is the Penguin Classics of spanking sites.

The clips have spankings; oh yes, and lots of them, of pretty much every imaginable type, and you can certainly zip over the other bits to get to the action. If you do though you will be cheating yourself out of the opportunity for a much deeper experience.

Many of these films would not look out of place on television. Well, you know, if not for the nudity and frequent spanking. And the acting, occasionally. By spanking standards it's pretty good, but some of it you wouldn't mistake for full time professionals.

The production values are extremely high; costumes are realistic and detailed, and the sets are largely authentic looking. Image quality is tremendous, and sound is generally very good, although it can on occasion be a bit quiet.

Music is used to great effect.

A relatively small number of models star in the films; Pandora and Tom of course, but they are often joined by Dana Kane (probably my favourite female top), Caroline Grey, Zoe Montana, Adele Haze and Amelia Jane Rutherford.. It's lovely to see Kaelah involved too (if only because she reads my blog, and leaves thoughtful comments!).

In the end though it's the stories that make these videos more than just wank material; Pandora draws from a huge range of sources, from literature to popular television, and most everything in between. Some reflect social issues (I particularly like Backlash), and some revel in pure fantasy (The Avenger's Return might have been written to my order).

If you commit to these films (which really is the appropriate word; clips undersells them), and spend time watching the whole things they are easily worth your time. It may be my imagination, and I'm not privy to the order in which the videos were shot, but Pandora in particular seems to grow as a performer over time.

Do I have any issues with the site? Well, as first time around, I'm not a fan of M/M scenes, but with the greater amount of material available this is much less of an issue. I believe that I said this was likely to be the case. In fact, on balance I'm glad that it's there for those who are into it.

Certainly I enjoy the F/M stuff, and I know that a lot of my readers aren't keen on that either. Dana Kane is entirely wonderful (well slap my face, I nearly used "awesome" - I swore to never do that), and it's great fun to watch Pandora's journey into switching too.

Any suggestions? Well, I'd love to see a film based around a manga storyline; I think that Pandora's large adorable eyes would lend themselves to it, and I can just imagine her in one of those tiny schoolgirl dresses that seem so prevalent.

Otherwise it would be interesting to see a film along the lines of Over His Knee, but illustrating a typical switch session perhaps. I admit it; since my first session I'm keen to do whatever I can to encourage others to try out a professional switch.

One last thought; how about a follow up to The Avenger's Return; AJR in that costume and Pandora in that dress deserve an encore. Or better yet a continuing series on primetime television. Now that would be a sign that spanking is becoming mainstream!

What conclusions do I draw from all of this? Well, nothing terribly profound. DoS in a one of a kind site, fueled by the personal vision of a driven and talented performer. It isn't always the quick fix that you might want, but it does carry films that have storylines, characters and actual reasons to exist.

You may not enjoy every clip here; I don't. I still find M/M difficult to watch, and it doesn't excite me in the slightest. Some of the clips indulge in slightly heavier punishment than I like, but I am a lightweight (just not physically, sadly). And my internet connection isn't terribly fast, so downloading some of the longer videos can take 10 to 15 minutes.

Overall though I think that Dreams of Spanking is a site that deserves your attention; it continues to push the envelope, and provides a mature spanking experience, with some extra thought thrown in. Not your every day site maybe, but certainly a glass of port after a good dinner; something to be savoured for it's depths and subtleties.

It's a site to be admired as much as enjoyed; oh, and it will get your dick hard. Sorry, but that is what it's there for, and it does. I urge you, at least, to take the very reasonable 5 day membership and splash around in it's pleasures.

I can't wait to see what Pandora will have produced by the time DoS's first anniversary arrives.

All the best



  1. Thank you very much for your kind words, Tim. :-) Pandora's site is really great!

    By the way, your reports about your first experience with a professional spanker / spankee inspired me to write a post about the subject of paid spanking sessions. Thanks for the thought-fodder. :-)