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Spanking Heaven - Part Two

Thanks to every one who read Part One yesterday; I had my most daily page views since the last time I was Chrossed! And thanks to Kaelah for the comment; I'm sure everyone else is saving theirs until after the conclusion is published.

I'm right, aren't I?

Anyway, weak jokes aside, let's get back to Walsall, and spanking fun!

SO, Winks settled herself onto the settee, and beckoned me towards her; I lay across her lap, head deep into the cushion, and brow on the arm of the sofa.

Winks lifted the back of my shirt.

"Ah, jeans! They hurt my hand!" Still, she raised her hand and began spanking.

Her palm whooshed down, and peppered my rather large bottom; I could feel more from the smacks through jeans than I did when my wife spanked me bare!

"I think we'll have these down now." said Winks. I obliged, taking them off altogether, and climbing back over her knee. "Ah, much better." She said, viewing the seat of my boxers. "Now, do tell me if this is too hard. I can always dial it back a bit."

She resumed the spanking, for a minute or so, and then she eased my boxers down away from my buttocks.

"Oh, already a bit pink!" Throughout the spanking we chatted along, about spanking, how I felt, and just whatever came to mind. The heat and sting from Winks's hard little hand quickly built up in my bottom, and she often paused to rub and run her nails across my reddening flesh.

I became more and more relaxed; being spanked takes me away from myself. I get lost in the illusion of surrender, each smack a little explosion of pain and warmth. Winks is an expert spanker; she varied the speed and power of her slaps, covering my entire bottom until I imagined it radiating red light, like a rather bright but rotund lighthouse.

At once stage the sting began to grow a bit more than I was comfortable with; Winks realised this, and asked if she should ease up a little. I agreed, and her next volley of smacks were less painful.

I'm not entirely sure how long we kept this up; Winks checked frequently whether I wanted her to go on, or if I wanted to try something else. Finally I felt that I was getting too relaxed, so I signalled that I had been spanked enough for now.

With two gentle last smacks Winks finished; as I climbed up onto my feet she pointed me towards a mirror, and told me to check out my bottom. I shuffled across and admired the red flesh; I had certainly never been spanked so well.

I pulled up my pants and reached for my jeans.

"You may as well leave those off is we're playing some more. Would you like a quick coffee while you recover?" I nodded yes, and wondered over to the table, to look again at the implements that lay there.

"Do you fancy trying any of them?" I picked up the pink flogger, which, with the metal studs in it's handle, managed to look both threatening and cute.

The kettle sang as it reached the boil.

"C'mon then, give it a try." Winks bent over, placing her hands on a low table and presenting her bottom, hugged by her black slacks. I slapped a back hand flick across the centre of her buttocks. "Harder than that!" she encouraged.

I walked around behind her, so that I could slap the flogger onto her bottom from my natural right handed position. It lashed down, across the width of both buttocks, making the loudest combination of lash and splat that I could imagine. Fascinated I placed a few more smacks, some onto one side or the other, and a handful across the centre of the target.

Wow, I could get addicted to this; what a wonderful sound.

"Does it feel anything like it sounds?" I asked, a little worried.

"It's not bad at all. Just a little sting. Here, bend over, and I'll show you." We changed places and I presented the seat of my boxers to her. She whacked a quick flurry of smacks with the flogger; she was quite right. I really wanted one of these!

"Anything else interesting?" I picked up the old familiar; the rubber soled slipper. Winks looked at it with a little reluctance, but bent over obligingly, while I delivered a quick 12 of the best to test it out.

So then we took a couple of minutes to drink some coffee; I carefully positioned my burning bottom onto the cool chair and we chatted idly; Winks mentioned another switch who used the same venue, who I had discussed a session with previously.

"Okay then, what now?"

"Can we maybe try out the Headmaster's study a bit?" Winks concurred; I picked up the pink flogger and we wandered through.

"Where do you want me?" asked Winks. I walked over to the Headmaster's Desk, and perched on it's edge, my left leg lying parallel to it.

Winks face lit up. "Trousers down? Pants down?"  I told her to present her bottom, pants only, and she placed herself over my knee; raising my hand I began to spank her. I was a little inspired by the force of Winks's hand when she spanked me, and I din't want to seem a wimp, so my smacks were definitely more forceful than before.

After a minute or so I pulled down her pants, and was delighted to see that her bottom had definitely coloured now; I was beginning to feel like a real spanker!

I used my hand on her bare bottom for a bit, and then switched to the flogger; the noise it made against bare flesh was, if anything, even better. I enjoyed using it on the slowly reddening flesh before me for a little while. Then I stopped and pulled Winks's pants back up.

I handed the flogger to her, and bent over the desk. Winks lowered my boxers and placed the flogger against my buttocks. It rested there for a moment, and then she drew it back. I tensed, awaiting the first splat against my flesh. It didn't come.

I felt Winks leaning over the desk by my side; I looked across to see what the problem was. Her face was split by an evil grin. "Now it's my turn!".

She bounded back onto her feet, and the flogger began to work it's magic on my rear; I have to say that the sting was lovely, and actually less intense than the one I experienced from Winks's hand.

I stood up, and rubbed at my bottom. Winks was watching me, her eyes still full of mischief.

"You are evil!" I said. She nodded, smiling. I grabbed her, and bent her across the desk, whacking a few juicy smacks across her bottom.

"But it's not punishment for me!" she hooted. I snorted with laughter.

"Now what?" she said. I indicated the horse, and she lay across it. I spanked her for a bit, enjoying the sensation of hand on flesh, and the shiver that made it's way up my arm each time I smacked her bottom.

"You know, thinking about it, this is a really odd way to spend a morning."

"Maybe, but it's such fun." Winks cackled gleefully. I was delighted to find that she seemed to be having as much fun as I was.

"This is exactly what this is for." said Winks, placing the pouffe in front of a low leather arm chair. She knelt on the footstool, and placed her hands on the seat of the chair. I stood by her side, placed an arm across her waist, and began to spank about as hard as I could. The smacks echoed around the studio, accompanied by the occasional grunt from my victim.

I continued to spank away, and, after a particularly firm and sharp volley of smacks I felt Winks move forward.

"Wow. You made me flinch. You're smacking much harder now."

"Just trying to live up to your example."

We continued in this way for a minute or two, until I was ready to move on. We had 10 minutes left; I chose to go back over Winks's knee for a bit more bottom warming to send me out into the world.

We dressed and chatted; earlier Winks had extolled the virtues of seeing a number of professionals, in order to get different experiences. She asked if I was likely to repeat my experience, and I said that I was sure I would.

My bottom was stinging, as was my hand, but I felt like a heaviness had been lifted deep inside of me. Not wishing to offend anyone's religious beliefs but someone really needs to found the Church of Spanking. An hour a week with a good professional would relieve a lot of the ills of the World.

We talked a little more, and finished our (now cold) cups of coffee. Winks took me back to her car and drove me to the station. I thanked her for making my first time so relaxed and comfortable, kissed her cheek, and headed back to real life.

As I sat, a little uncomfortably on the hard train seat, I began planning my next session. This was much too good to be a one time thing.

All the best


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