Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Yes, go on, I admit it. This is going to be another one of those pathetic whining posts about not getting to do enough spanking. And not getting spanked enough.

I think I was okay, albeit just a little frustrated, until my immensely satisfying birthday session with Miss Tara Red. Whilst it wasn't quite a case of "you don't miss what you've never had", my previous session had not inspired me to seek out another, and it had been a good long while since I had experienced spanking beyond the fairly mild version I occasionally get to indulge in with my wife.

The session with Tara was revelatory. It was the first time that I had tried role play, and I loved it, especially the domestic one that we tackled..

I'm aching to repeat the experience/

On the assumption that my living arrangements would have been resolved I corresponded with the delightful Miss Danielle Hunt about a 90 minute session at the end of June. Sadly matters did not progress as I had hoped and we are still trapped in limbo, making it unwise to commit to spending a couple of hundred quid on sheer pleasure.

Or, in other words, my wife wouldn't go for it.

Danielle took my decision well, and understood my issues. We have promised each other that we'll get together as soon as I can resolve my domestic situation.

I'm pleased by all that, and I've even mentioned a couple of role play scenarios to Dani for when we do get together.

Still, I'm left as frustrated as a hungry woodpecker which has mislaid it's beak.

Yeah. I know. Wood peckers don't peck wood for food. It just seems better than the original dick metaphor i initially typed.

It's not reasonable to expend liquid funds we may need and I don't have the connections to hook up with a play partner. In all fairness whilst I am fitter than I've been in several years I am still pretty overweight, and not an attractive option physically when it comes to finding a partner for pure spanking pleasure.

Plus, I'm getting on in years a bit!

Unfortunately there's no real way of offering a bartering arrangement to obtain spanking fun, and even if there were, I'm not sure that a write up on my blog would be adequate reward for a couple of hours of spanking. It's okay to ask for access to a paysite for a couple of weeks but that's pretty much as far as it goes.

I know that this situation won't last for ever, but, like a nagging toothache, it just seems like an eternity of pain looming ahead. And, as I've discussed previously, pain isn't the primary motivator in my spanking desires.

They say a problem shared is a problem halved. That's bollocks, isn't it? All I've done is whine hopelessly, and perhaps made a few of you feel a bit superior, knowing that you can get spanking whenever you want it.

I can't say that I feel any happier because of it.

Ah well.

Back to the fun spanking stuff tomorrow.

All the best


All pictures of ladies who do offer 1 to 1 meetings, taken from Spankeefinder (except for the picture of Pandora and anonymous friend), and whom I yearn to spank without, as yet, any success.

Watch this space though.

Pandora spanks Amelia (yes, I know Amelia doesn't do 1 to 1s, but it's always nice to dream!

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  1. Even with her pants on you just know that Irelynn has damn fine legs.