Monday, 17 June 2013

The Perils of Pandora

Now, if you've been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you probably know how I feel about the divine Pandora Blake.

On balance I think that she better combines the independence, intelligence and beauty of today's woman than anyone else that I know, and I honestly believe that the spanking scene is more richly endowed with these exemplars than most other sectors of society.

You can imagine then my distress at reading of the problems she has been experiencing with CC Bill, and their draconian approach to anything that strays beyond their unreasonably restrictive definition of what constitutes safe porn.

Pandora has always worked to ensure that her site Dreams of Spanking serves an extraordinarily wide constituency in our country of kinkiness. Part of this is allowing models the freedom to express their innermost desires and fantasies, without concern as to whether they are politically correct or acceptable to society as a whole.

Through her use of frank informative blog entries and additional material presented with her films, it is always clear that all of the actions filmed are done with the clear and informed consent of her co-conspirators. There is no coercion and to suggest that this material is damaging to the adult mind is frankly ludicrous.

I should also like to add that Pandora tends to film with models that show strong personalities, and most are well known in our field; it is impossible to conceive of them acting in any way that did not meet with their desires and wishes, even when some of the material clearly pushes their boundaries.

I have reviewed the site on two occasions; whilst I admire it immensely I freely admit that not all of the material Pandora has produced is for me. Her caning scene with Thomas, for instance, is just too intense for a wimp such as me; whilst you can see the bond between the two performers the level of the punishment left me uncomfortable.

You know what though? I'm an adult with the ability to make decisions for myself. I deleted that film, and turned to ones that entertained me more.

Ironically one of these was the delightfully playful period romp "The Avenger's Return", which is one of the films CCBill has taken issue with. 

Stupid fucking idiots.

Anyway, ever resourceful, Pandora has found a simple and elegant way around the ban; she has simply set up a new free access site on which she can host the films CCBill find objectionable. The site is Darker Dreams (a fitting title) and I urge you to both try it out now, and also, if it is at all affordable for you, to make a donation in support of Pandora's work.

Pandora, we have your back. 

All the best


Pictures borrowed from Pandora's Darker Dreams

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