Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why I love....Erica Scott

Oh, this one has been so long coming! In fact, I'm so in awe of the wonderful sexy, funny and articulate Ms Scott that I'm really not sure where to begin.

This picture certainly isn't the worst place, and Erica looks adorable in it, with a slightly knowing smile. Well, I suppose she knows what is going to come next.

Which is more than I do!

Tell you what, let's start with this. Erica has a blog that should be compulsory reading for all internet based spanking fiends; you can find it here:

I'm going to shamelessly borrow (or, if you are of a cynical bent, steal) a brief description of her many attributes, from her very own blog (which means that she doesn't get to deny any of this).
From Erica's blog; spanking fun

Erica in her own words:

Can be loving, affectionate, loyal, quick-witted, playful, sensitive, empathic, tenderhearted, mercurial, stubborn, sarcastic, impatient, perfectionistic, contrary, opinionated, cranky, antisocial, restless, kinky, exhibitionistic, rebellious, incurably flirtatious, or any combination of the above, depending on the day.

Dunno what you think, but I'd say that all of that makes for a pretty terrific lady. If you read her blog you'll see that she certainly is one.

Luckily for all of us, sitting here millions of miles away (geography was never one of my strong points), whilst we are unlikely ever to meet this divine lady in person, we can spend a few happy moments in her company through the magic of spanking videos.

Unlike a lot of the ladies upon whom I focus my gimlet gaze (and, let me tell you, if you need glasses that can give you a hell of a headache, and a nearly permanent squint) Erica has not lavished her lovely presence on one particular site. She turns up all over the place, her bottom getting pinker and perkier by the moment.

And for those old British farts like me, that is not intended as a veiled reference to puppet pigs (oh, go on, look up Pinky and Perky on Wikipedia).

I hope this doesn't offend Erica but it is fair to say that she is one of the slightly more mature spankee ladies that appear on the Web. She is slim, elegant, and rounded where it means the most. I'm not sure what it says about me (other than that I'm old and kinky) but I love to see older ladies getting spanked.

Well, I love to see all ladies getting spanked, but, whilst you see a lot of pretty young things, you don't see so many nearly middle aged ladies across a willing knee.
Triple A

Quickly getting back to Erica. she has clear, slightly sharp features (which I adore), and she always seems to be having more fun playing than we do watching. Which is really saying something.

In the interests of giving you all the barest hint of why I like to see her so much, I have trawled the web (well, the chunk of it that's downloaded to my Seagate hard drive anyway) to seek out splendidly spanky examples of Erica's art.

The choice of websites to look at is at least restricted a bit, as Erica does not switch, and only likes to be spanked by men. 

I've gathered a few; I'm more or less certain (and how certain is that, exactly?) that I have a few more lurking around on my computer, but I can't put my fingers (or mouse) on them, just at the moment.

I can't contain myself anymore. Let's just pull the velvet curtain aside, and, leaning forwards, take a peek at the joys that await us behind it's blank faced glare. Or, you know, here are a few fun photos of Erica. Being spanked. Well, d'uh!

John, you lucky,lucky bastard (have I mentioned that before?)
Pictures of John and Erica from Triple AAA of course
Just Erica, mostly
With Paul Kennedy, on Dreams of Spanking
Mind you, Paul's pretty lucky too
Proof Erica's bottom does go red
With Stephen Lewis, on Northern Spanking
Come to think of it, Stephen's not exactly walking under ladders, or kicking black cats, is he?
He's handy with a slipper too
I think possibly Steve has come out of this more tired than Erica
Different video, same Erica. Oh, and Steve too
If I was Steve I'd be out buying lottery tickets every day
Of course, getting to spank Erica may have used up all of his luck
If he has then I guess that makes the lottery a tax on lucky bastard spankers
Erica's bottom, from Shadowlane
This could get repetitive if Erica didn't have such a lovely bottom
Spanking in action
Sadly that's all of the films that I've managed to locate on my PC. I know that Erica has also shot with Lily Starr Spanking, and Spanking 101, but they are currently only downloadable from a clips store, and I don't really use them.

If anyone knows of any other producers Erica has shot with please leave a comment; I might be able to post more pictures. I'm sure that you all want that.

Anyway, book keeping bits; these screen grabs are taken from films downloaded from the following splendid sites:-

Triple A Spanking
Dreams of Spanking
Northern Spanking

Please take a few minutes to check out their site tours; you may well find that you can't resist joining one or more of them, for all of their fun spanky goodness.

All the best



  1. Tim -- this is very kind of you. And you're right -- I had so much fun doing all these films. I was in the rare and luxurious position of doing them just for the fun of it, rather than for my livelihood, so I was able to pick and choose and do what I loved best. It's been an amazing run, and I'm still flabbergasted sometimes that my 15 minutes lasted for 15 years.

    Just to give everyone their due accolades, I also shot for Spanking Epics, Spanking Court, Amateur Spanking, Sarah Gregory Spanking, and Uncle Bob's Woodshed. The gentleman in the last picture is Steve Fuller, and the one above him is Ralph Marvell. The hand appearing in the top photo belongs to Keith Jones, and the man in the second picture is my most excellent top Steve.

    Thank you again for all the kind compliments. ♥

    1. I'm glad that you liked the post; I loved preparing it! And many thanks for the additional information - it's good to put names to these guys.

      All the best

  2. Erica is indeed a super-duper lady in person. can't wait to catch up with her again early next year. I have nothing but praise for her and when she starts to get sassy - that just means it's time for "schhhpankings!"
    Tim, you might want to check out one of the most recent AAA video releases "Slip of the tongue thrashing!" I blogged about it when it came out - ouchies!

    1. Hi John; yes, I saw your blog post. I can't afford any memberships until the New Year, but I will check it out at some stage.

      All the best

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