Thursday, 5 November 2015

Video of the Week - Twins (Northern Spanking)

I really enjoyed the little feature I did on my new favourite video, and it seems like a few of you did too.

I have many favourite videos; I think that this speaks to my breadth of taste, although my wife says it's because I actually have no taste at all. If I wasn't so scared of her I'd spank her for that! 

Anyway, this being my blog an' all, I have decided to start a new weekly series of posts, in which I will highlight various films that I have particularly enjoyed. With lots of those screen grabs that so many of you seem to enjoy.

Pride of place goes to a film that I'm certain I have mentioned, at least in passing, in an earlier post; the film is an old one from Northern Spanking, and it's called Twins.

The film stars the ever gorgeous, willowy Amelia Jane Rutherford, and the now sadly retired Lucy McLean, as identical twin sisters. Now, you and I know that these two ladies do not look in the least bit alike, but they are apparently similar enough to fool their Headmaster, played by Stephen Lewis.

They've fooled their teachers too. And playing pranks on them using their stunningly similar looks is what has led to their current predicament.

The plot of this rather funny film revolves around Mr Lewis's mistaken belief that Amelia is actually both sisters, and is trying to get away without being punished. Of course this means that she receives both her own spankings and those due to Lucy.

After each punishment he either turns away, or leaves the room, and then thinks that the girl he grabs is Lucy. She is visibly amused at the way poor Amelia keeps getting beaten in her place.

It's all very light hearted, and works particularly well because of the acting skills of the three performers, especially the divine Miss Rutherford.

Would you like to see a few screen grabs from it? I bloody well hope so, because otherwise I've just watched it for no good reason (apart from the bulge in my trousers that it provoked - oops, is that a little indelicate?).

I hope these prompt a similar reaction in you, dear reader. Erm, except for you ladies, of course, whom I hope are stimulated in your own way.

Identical twins awaiting the Headmaster's arrival
And here he is
He's going to spank Amelia first
Over his knee she goes
Lucy isn't impressed
Neither is Amelia!
Is this Lucy or Amelia?
Amelia's bare and beautiful bottom
A closer view
A dose of the slipper
A rather red bottom
Taking Lucy's knickers down (really?)
Unmoved by Amelia's protests
All's well that ends well (for Lucy anyway)

This film is huge fun, and it's hard to not like a film that has Amelia being spanked, especially over the knee. Lucy is very funny, and the contrast between her Scottish accent and Amelia's very English one is a delight.

Stephen is great as the entirely unaware Headmaster, and he always delivers a good spanking.

Northern Spanking are still the best value UK originated site around (although ownership is now US based with Alex Reynolds thanks to that fucking stupid video law), with a huge archive of often very original films. 

I'd love to write a proper full review of them, but when I mentioned it before Paul Kennedy asked that I wait until the site had been revamped (it is a bit long in the tooth), and I'm still waiting for that to happen.

If you have a few quid spare Northern Spanking is well worth checking out; there's something for every lover of ladies being spanked, with their huge range, and most of the models you can think of feature at some stage (the UK based ones anyway).

And that'll do me until next time, I think.

Best wishes


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