Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Top Stuff - Katie Stricktland

If you've been a reader of this site for a long while, you may recall that I have issues with some of the spankers that are featured in our spanky little scenes.

I dislike abusive spankers, arrogant spankers, unpleasant spankers, hypocritical spankers, most male spankers and women spankers who never get spanked themselves.

That's not an exhaustive list; really just the highlights. And it's not even always true. The beautiful Miss Zoe Page has never properly been spanked on film (although there is an extremely sexy film that shows her waiting, bent over, to be punished), but I still adore her.

I felt much better about admiring Cassie Hunter and Dana Kane when I came across a couple of films of each of them across a knee, for a well deserved bottom smacking.

But the thing is, I hate to be negative, so I thought it might be fun to do a couple of posts that feature spankers I do like; I'll tell you what I see in them, and I'll post a couple of pictures of then in action, especially for those of you who venture over here just for the fun piccies.

How about if I start with the wonderful Katie Stricktland, star of many Institute of Discipline clips, and her own site hosted by the same group?

What can I say about her? She's a wonderfully thorough spanker, with a hard hand and a well muscled arm to swing it. She's left handed (like my wife), a more mature lady who plays both Headmistress and auntie beautifully.

You want more? She spanks both men and women, and loves the slipper and cane as well as her hand. She also seems to be a big fan of OTK spankings.

And, as you may have guessed in view of my comments above, she has been known to be naughty enough to deserve a good spanking of her own.

I believe in show, don't tell (actually that's bollocks - I'm a writer, so I'm always more than happy to tell you, but I'm also bloody lazy, and pictures are quicker), so here are a few more action shots that I've grabbed from Katie's films.

Please sit back and enjoy. 

A strict aunty
Katie spanks Trisha
Katie canes the wonderful Amy Hunter
Poor guy! (Lucky guy?)
Checking out Kami's bottom
Katie and her slipper
Nurse spanks naughty nurse (Vicki Carter)
Very naughty Simpson
Got to finish with Katie in jodphurs

Hurry back next week for another exciting installment in this new series!

Best wishes


All pictures are my own screen grabs (which explains any fuzziness - the videos are crystal clear) from the following websites, all of which are worth checking out:-
Miss Stricktland - entirely F/M
Institute of Discipline - mostly F/F, with some M/F
The Lazy Maid - mostly F/F, with some M/F

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