Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Oh, to Hell with this Top Stuff; how about if we just talk about Andi Switch?

Oh, I know I'm fickle. Sometimes I just change my mind entirely at the drop of a hat (not that I own a hat, mind!).

I started off the Top Stuff posts full of enthusiasm, but last week's, featuring the delightful Aleesha Fox, was more spanky than spanking. And that's just my confused way of saying that I found more pictures I liked of Aleesha on the receiving end than otherwise.

I did give some thought to starting the Switchy Files, 'cos that's what a lot of the Spanking Ladies I like best actually are, but it just seemed a bit artificial.

Really what I wanted was to post some pictures of whichever lady had caught my eye in any given week. Well, it's my blog, so if I can't do that, well, what's the point? So I'm gonna!

Andi Switch (or sometimes Andie, or even Abi) is one of a particular type of Spanking Lady that really appeals to me; the slightly more mature, but still very naughty, girl.

I'm an old fart meself, tha' knows (apologies to anyone actually from the North, which I plainly am not, in view of that butchered dialect) and, especially when I play, I generally prefer a partner within 10 years or so of my age.

It's not that I don't enjoy spanking younger women too, it's just that I like domestic role plays, and these seem more realistic to me if my playmate is of a generally appropriate age.

And there's just something fun in seeing an older lady being subject to a form of discipline most people outside of the scene would associate with children.

When a lady is switchy, especially in videos, older women tend to look more authoritative; I love scenes of them giving parental spankings.

All of which brings us to the lovely and now, I believe, sadly retired Andi Switch (hey, perhaps I should make this series the Retired Files!). She had been in the fetish scene for many years before she discovered the joys of CP, and, in common with a lot of our ladies, I think she joined as a spankee.

At one point she had her own website packed with spanking films, usually with Andi being the punisher.

After some time she hooked up with Northern Spanking and she made a number of lovely films with them, as both bottom and top. Delightfully she often undertook both roles within a single film, which is probably my favourite spanky thing ever (except for you Cherri, if you're reading this).

Apart from Northern Spanking Andi shot really only for her own site (although I have seen a Strictly English film of her with dark hair spanking her room mate), so all of these examples come from their stock of wonders.

Andi did also hold sessions on a one to one basis, although, so far as I can tell, only as a domme, not as a switch; she went by the name of Miss Switch, and I have also seen a film of her spanking a man in this guise (from our old friends in the Institute of Discipline stable). 

Anyway, on to the pretty pictures section of our post; please enjoy my screen grabs of the spectacular, stern and switchy, Andi.

Andi spanks Leia (well, someone may not know who they are)
Andi spanks Amy Hunter
Andi caned (this seemed to happen quite a bit)
Andi spanks Amy again (well, I would if I could)
School teacher Andi spanks
Andi and that cane again (I love this shot)
Forever caned in blue jeans
Absolutely the last shot of Andi being caned
Santa spanks Andi
A closer look at Andi's bottom
Andi's bottom, with Steve's hand in the way
Look, it really is Andi
Or perhaps you can tell more from this angle
Nice and toasty spanked
Yes, definitely worth a quick rub
And that, ladies, gentlemen, adult children of all ages (over 18 of course), is our show for today.

Please feel free to check out the actual films at Northern Spanking, and tomorrow I will be sharing another of my favourite spanking films with you, from another different producer.

I'll see you then.

All the best



  1. She has also appeared in Shadowlane's video "London Derrieres" with LAW and Jadie Reece, and made several appearances on the Spanked Cheeks site.

  2. Oh, and she also makes some appearances on Sam Johnson's clips site.

    1. Many thanks for this; I do have most of Spanked Cheeks films, and looking at them for Andi has inspired me to do an OTK file post on them.

      I've also got the Shadowlane film, but, much as I love Sam Johnson, I don't do clips store stuff - much too expensive.

      Thanks again


  3. I was lucky enough to receive a judicial from miss switch - an amazing unforgettable and very painful experience from a wonderful lady, Shame she is retired