Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Top Stuff - Michelle Monroe

Welcome back. You are a regular aren't you? Yes, I thought you had that look, my kinky friend.

Well, we'll all a bit off here, so you'll fit right in, first or fiftieth visit. Tell your friends to pop in too - well, those that it won't scar mentally for life anyway. Hell, I'm easy; tell your family too!

Well, not that I want to be a page view whore (I don't want to be - I just am, damnit!) but the first Top Stuff post seemed to go quite well, so here's another one, just for you. 

Michelle Monroe was a professional domme based in the North of England, and she had her own paysite, Strict English CP, for which she filmed a large number of videos. She also appeared quite frequently on the various Institute of Discipline websites.

All of this seems to be past tense, as I believe Miss Monroe has retired from active service; Strict English no longer links to her spanking services site, and she hasn't appeared in any new films for around 12 months. I know she's still involved in the behind the scenes side of video production, so I assume she's healthy and happy.

Anyway, why do I like Michelle? She's a great improviser, and I love the no nonsense Northern accent. She's full figured, gorgeous, and entirely convincing as a spanker. In fact her style is worth noting; the way she starts a spanking with a flurry of spanks, arm falling from shoulder height, with such concentration.

There are a fair number of films with her taking a very decent spanking too, and she has a lovely rounded bottom. The films in jodphurs are a continual delight to me, as are many of the ones in sexy fifties style lingerie.

After all of that build up what can I do other than present some piccies to support my case? No, I can't think of anything else either, so, well, here we go!

Miss Monroe spanks a naughty schoolboy
Michelle gets spanked
And again; do we have a theme here?
Michelle spanks Amanda - ah, bliss!
Miss Monroe and her cane
Naughty Michelle again
Isn't this post called "Top" stuff?
Oh yeah, so it is
Definitely back on topic now
She's a spanking queen
Well, I suppose one more of Michelle being spanked can't hurt
Michelle spanks my good friend Dani
Michelle gets the cane
A rather threatening hairbrush
Spanking Amanda again - such a naughty girl
Amanda's revenge
Down in Jodphurland - apologies to Bruce fans (hey, that's me!)
Three of my favourite things; Michelle, jodphurs and rubbing a spanked bottom
Jodphurs again
More well rubbed jodphurs
I might just be slightly obsessed
Same bottom, different jodphurs
Ah, Hell, one last jodphur shot
Spanking Amanda again; normal service is resumed
Michelle's hand, and Amanda's bottom

I think that went well; I enjoyed it anyway. Of course, there were rather more pictures of Michelle being spanked than you might expect in a post allegedly about a Top, but that's the way my preference goes.

And the diversion into Jodphurland was unforgiveable, I know. Still, who doesn't like a nice bottom in very tight jods? Well, sure, there's bound to be someone, but I'm sure that everyone reading this blog has much better taste.

Picture sources:-
Strict English CP for everything except the jodphur shots (well, they provided the first one of those too)
Institute of Discipline for the other jodphur shots

I strongly recommend that you give both of these fine sites the courtesy of at least a look around; they are both worthy ways to spend your valuable spanking funds.

More next time

Best wishes


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  1. It is pity that Miss Monroe has retired from the scene. Some time ago, I was tempting to session with her as she announced as switch. At any case, congratulations Tim for the post and for the pictures. Michelle in jodhpurs is really stunning.
    Best regards,
    Charles Simpson