Sunday, 1 November 2015

My New Favourite Video - Vengeful Parent Spanks Teacher (Strictly English)

I watch what many people would consider to be an obsessively large amount of spanking videos; hey, every growing boy needs a hobby, and mine involves masses of kinky films.

Everyone now and then I come across a film that just presses my buttons, and leaves me gasping for more. These usually aren't videos with the hardest spanking, or the most complex plots, or even with the most gorgeous spankees. They're just films that enter my psyche and won't leave.

I've recently returned to Strictly English CP, a site that I reviewed in pretty glowing terms about 2 years ago. The site has changed quite a bit (a full review will follow soon), but the films are still just as enjoyable as ever.

The film in question, Vengeful Parent Spanks Teacher has a very simple plot, and indeed could well be the sort of story you might use as a role play scenario.

Mr Paul Jones visits his son's Maths teacher. She, Miss Amanda Ackroyd, has spanked him for misbehaving in class, and Mr Jones is not happy. They discuss the legality of spanking, and Mr Jones proposes that Miss Ackroyd should sample what she handed out; being rather an Alpha Female she is unwilling to back down, and takes the punishment.

Nothing new or unusual there at all. Simple linear storytelling, and a clear reason for the spanking to take place.

Paul Jones is a spanker I have only seen on this site, and he isn't a favourite of mine, primarily because he spends so much time rubbing the bottoms of the girls that he spanks. Yes, they have lovely bottoms, and I can understand the impulse to run your hand over their silky smooth flesh, but this is supposed to be discipline, damn it! Just spank them already!

Quick rant there folks, This rubbing, especially at the start of the spanking, is the only negative thing that I have to say about this film.

I haven't encountered Amanda Ackroyd anywhere else either, which is a shame because she is quite stunning. She appears in a lot of films on the site, both as spanker and spankee, and she is brilliant as either.

She has a no nonsense approach as a spanker, and a stern voice that rises easily. Physically she is entirely convincing as she beats her victim's bottom bright red.

Amanda has a full figure, with a gloriously rounded bottom (of course you will see that for yourself further on), and she genuinely seems to love spanking. She is a very good actress, and improvises well. 

I've never seen her listed anywhere, so I imagine that she doesn't do one to one sessions, which is a real shame as she would undoubtedly be brilliant as a switchy partner.

I think it is Amanda who makes this film for me; she looks stunning in that red dress, and I'd love to see her put some poor lucky guy over her knee in it. Or some girl, come to that.

I tell you what. Let's break away from my endless whaffling and look at a whole bunch of screen captures from the film. That's why you're here, after all. Not that I blame you.

Mr Dean arrives
Discussion ensues
Miss Ackroyd is not impressed
Still not impressed
Miss Ackroyd demonstrates inappropriate underwear selection
"Over here"
Delightful in red
"Get on with it then!"
Still spanking after all these minutes
A nice shade of pink
Still stoic while spanked
Sometimes a hand is not enough
Plimsolls are not just for feet
A healthy glow
What? More of the hand?
Well, he may have made an impression but....

I'm sure that you enjoyed that lovely selection of pictures, all taken from the Strictly English CP video Vengeful Parent Spanks Teacher; the site is well worth a look around, and I think it's money well spent if you join for a month or so.

Go on, tell them Tim sent you. It won't get you anything, or me, come to that, but it's nice to be acknowledged.

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  1. What I like about the photo's are that Amanda is wearing garter-belt and stockings which accent her bare derriere to the fullest. Also because is playing the part of a female teacher. Two turns on's for me. Thank you.

    1. I'm glad that you liked it; Amanda's bottom accentuated by the garter belt is a delight. I'd love to put her over my knee!