Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Top Stuff - Miss Aleesha Fox

I'm honestly not sure if you can call Aleesha a top as such; I suspect that there are probably at least as many films out there in which she gets spanked as ones in which she administers the punishment.

I don't really care; this post has an ulterior motive. Good Lord, that sounds sinister!

Let me explain; I've just learned this week that Aleesha has definitely retired from the professional spanking scene. I thought she had; we were talking about an interview for the blog when we fell out of contact, and she had been gradually withdrawing from the scene for a while.

I understand that she and her bloke have moved up North, and settled down happily, and I'm sure that you all will join me in wishing her all of the best for a very happy life. Even if I'm gutted to never end up over her knee.

Or with her over mine. It nearly happened; she was at a spanking party Dani asked me to attend, but which health issues kept me away from. What a sod, eh?

Anyway, Aleesha is gorgeous; she looks scary as a spanker, and has a wonderful full and round bottom, perfect for a good spanking; as you know I tend towards the spanker mostly, so Top Stuff, in this instance anyway, could be misleading. 

Still, I'm sure that you'll enjoy all of these lovely pictures of the lovely Aleesha. And, honestly, if you don't, I know I enjoyed finding and posting them!

With Zoe Page. from Triple A Spanking
Aleesha spanks, from Spanked in Uniform
Aleesha's splendid bum - Spanked in Uniform
Having fun with the cane, from Firm Hand Spanking
Firm Hand again, and a hairbrush this time
Maid for spanking, from English Spankers
Sarah spanks Aleesha, from English Spankers again
Aleesha spanks some lucky bloke (Peter actually, from Yes, Ma'am)
Katie spanks Aleesha, on The Lazy Maid
Just having fun - love that smile
Spanked by Katie again
Aleesha spanks Leia (dressed as a boy!)
Aleesha paddles Leia (bonus - Alice Appleby spanks Caroline Grey)

One last schoolgirl spanking for our star

And that's the end, folks. Sorry, that wasn't really a very toppy load of stuff, was it? More a sneaky kind of "Why I Like Aleesha Fox"; I should have just called it that.

Anyway, farewell to our spanky pal. Have a good life, Aleesha.

All the best


Sources for the pictures this time were (in order of presentation):-
Yes Ma'am
Triple A Spanking
Spanked in Uniform
Firm Hand Spanking
English Spankers
Northern Spanking
The Lazy Maid

Lots of lovely films there; they're all worth checking out. 

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