Tuesday, 17 November 2015

OTK Spankings - Triple AAA Spanking

If this is Wednesday then I suppose you might be expecting a new entry in the OTK files series.

Well, you know me, I love to pander to my readers desires (that sounds far filthier than I meant it to)  so I've delved into the depths of my hard drive and I am pleased to present a series of lovely over the knee spanking screen captures from my mate John's splendid Triple AAA Spanking site.

Of course, thanks to the recent shitty legislation the site has had to relocate abroad, a process made easier for John as he has Sarah Gregory as his sweetie, and he's simply shifted ownership to her, so he can maintain UK citizenship.

I like his site a lot, in part because now it has a lovely mix of UK and US models, as he shoots in both countries.

Check out his site, at the link above, and also it's well worth a squint at his blog, which does a good job of rounding up spanking releases, and is now home to the annual spanking awards. You can find his blog here.

Now then, sit back and relax while I provide fodder for your spanking appetite, full of delight and OTK beauties.

John spanks Maddy (guest appearance from Alex Reynolds)
Alex couldn't resist coming back, and look what happened!
Ah, spanking at it's finest - AJR OTK from AAA
Alright ,  I can't remember who this American girl is. Any ideas?
Paul Kennedy spanks Pandora Blake - did you recognise them?
Same film, different bottom - Leia's turn
The heavenly Erica Scott - finest semi-pro bottom around
And a closer shot, just 'cos I wanna (John is a lucky bastard isn't he?)
Leia and Paul again; it's a very fine combination
John and, I think, Jasmine. Lovely bottom, nicely coloured
John and the wonderful Joelle Baros - damn, he's a luckier bastard than I thought!
Paul and the great Jean Bradley - hmm, I must do a Top Stuff about her soon

Oh, my favourite Dutch spankee, the stunning Leandra (although it's hard to tell through all that hair)
Zoe Page (an exception that proves the rule), with someone I can't quite identify, in a different OTK position
Amelia once more (one is never enough, is it?) - I love this angle
Two favourites - red pants and Kami Robertson

And, sadly, with this picture we come to the end of this post. As usual any blurriness is down to my image capturing - Triple AAA's films all look lovely, and , for my money, are some of the cleanest HD films around. Gorgeous, every last one of them.

If you like these stills, just imagine how much fun you can have with the actual films! Please check out Triple AAA Spanking, for lots of lovely spanking films, with all of these girls and many more.

All the best


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