Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The OTK Spanking Files - Northern Spanking Part One

I've been spending an awful lot of time with Northern Spankings masses of wonderful spanking films. When I downloaded them I set them in files marked with film names, but, generally, I prefer to list them by spankee, so I've been working away to do that.

Of course, this does mean that I actually have to, at the very least, look at each film.

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it. Well, they're on my hard drive so obviously I have to do it. You're all very welcome.

Several things strike me about them, in general:-

1. there are more light hearted films, or ones with a sense of humour, than you'll find anywhere else

2. the range of subjects, stories, lengths and topics is immense

3. there are a lot of models that I've never seen elsewhere, mixed in with all of our old favourites; features and body types for pretty much all tastes

4. there are tons and tons of films that feature multiple ladies being spanked. In fact I think more have 2 or more spankees than have 1.

I have described Northern Spanking as my favourite spanking site previously, and, despite the large number of excellent producers out there, I really do think that it is, for the volume and variety.

Anyway, after that unsolicited commercial for the site, here are a few of my amateurish screen grabs; really they don't begin to scratch the surface of the wonders that are on offer.

Please enjoy.

Starting with an old favourite - Amelia Jane Rutherford
And Amelia spanking Nikki Flynn - you don't see that every day
Sascha Harvey in one of my favourite films
Stephen Lewis spanks Zille Defou
The sadly retired but totally gorgeous Irelynn Logeen
Lucy spanks Lottie Kinsade - how have I never come across her before?
Lottie from another angle
Ah that's better - we can see her face this time
Amy Hunter - still a spanker but no longer a spankee
Ah, but Leia's still going strong
Another look at Leia, with Nick Nightingale
Andie Switch, um, switching
Nimue Allen spanked by Amy
Also retired (I think) - Miss Jean Bradley
Kami Robertson - another ex-spankee
Amy at it again, spanking Sarah Collins
Spanking Rosie Bottomley - best name ever
Our Australian pal, Zoe Montana
Sam Johnson - hey, I've spanked that bottom!
A better look at it, just to finish off.

All pictures are grabbed from Northern Spanking videos; I really can't recommend them highly enough.

All the best


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