Monday, 16 November 2015

This Year's Model - Bianca Rose

If this is Tuesday then this must be a bonus post! Just because I adore you all so much, and you do keep turning up here for our regularly scheduled bits of spanking fun.

Why have I called you all here at this time? Glad you asked. I'd like to introduce you to my new favourite spankee, the stunning redheaded Bianca Rose.

I have a real weakness for red headed ladies; I went so far as to marry one, back in the dim and distant past, and we're still happily together, nearly 30 years later.

Bianca is particularly stunning; slim and with sharp features, and, most importantly, a nicely rounded bottom that, as with most redheads, goes red very, very quickly when spanked.

If you need proof of this last assertion, beyond the pictures that I've so generously provided, and you're in the UK, you could try visiting the crimson haired Tara Red, a wonderful spanking lady. The link is to her Spankeefinder page.

Back to Bianca; as far as I can tell she is currently exclusive to Punished Brats, and you can forgive them wanting to keep her to themselves; she is stunning, and she wriggles and cries out delightfully when spanked.

She can also give a decent spanking, as Audrey can confirm; of course, the pictures I've added confirm it too!

Her scenes are often more of an erotic than disciplinary type (although there are some lovely mother/daughter scenes too) and she has a splendid playful nature. I especially enjoy the way that she interacts with Audrey, in the spanking contest series.

I'm not sure whether it's just that Bianca pushes several of my kinky buttons, but I find her to be an especially lovely young lady, who I'm happy to see being spanked any time at all. Of course, I'm basically happy to see any female (of adult age) being spanked, so perhaps this is damning with faint praise.

In any case, I hope to see many more films of the divine Miss Bianca Rose on Punished Brats; they really have a stable of particularly attractive spankees at the present (I also particularly like Audrey and Joelle).

For now I invite you to sit back and celebrate a new spanking superstar; Bianca Rose, ladies and gentlemen.

As a schoolgirl over Mon's knee
Leaving her lover, the wonderful Joelle
I've looked at Bianca from both sides now
Starting to go red
Two lovely ladies
Now this end is red too!
Playing with Audrey
Audrey wields the strap
Bianca looks lovely in jeans too
Let's just have another look without them
Looking long and delicious
Red bottomed girls, you make my rockin' world go 'round
Jeez, her Mom's strict!
Hey, Bianca spanks!
By hand too
Just looking lovely
Well, yeah, from this angle too
What a way to finish; red hair, red bottom, and Audrey.

Are you still here? Go home; show's over. That's all we have until, well, tomorrow.

All the best


All pictures are my slightly crappy screen grabs, taken from far clearer Punished Brats films; take a look at them, 'cos they're still the best value site out there. And their films are great too!

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