Thursday, 26 November 2015

Film of the Week - Revenge of the Geek (from Triple AAA Spanking)

I must say how pleased I am that so many of you keep dropping in to see these Film of the Week posts; they're something of a win-win for me, as you like them, and I like writing them.

Actually I like rewatching the films in preparation for writing them, and slowly wandering through each video to select decent looking screen grabs but, either way, I have a lot of fun with them.

This week I want to direct your attention to a film from my good friend John Osborne, and his splendid Triple A Spanking site (yes, I know that legally it's now Sarah Gregory's site, but it'll always be John's to me).

The film in question, Revenge of the Geek, is fairly simple, so far as it's plot goes. John is a science fiction fan, and his girlfriend (played here by the delightful Kami Robertson) thinks he spends too much time watching his Star Trek DVDs.

Pushed too far she sells the discs (although not the cases, rather strangely), a fact John discovers one Friday evening.

As you can imagine, he's not too happy, and so over his knee goes Kami. Young Ms Robertson looks stunning in tight black jeans, but they quickly come down to reveal lovely red knickers. John finds that he rather enjoys this spanking lark, and decides that, from now on, until Kami gets new copies of his discs, he'll spend an hour every Friday night smacking Kami's bottom.

Personally I would have thought that daily spankings would be necessary, but then I never got to spank Kami when she did sessions as a spankee (bloody Hell, is there an epidemic of spankees becoming pure spankers?).

Anyway, ranting aside, I love this film. John is one of those male spankers I don't mind (I know that sounds like faint praise but it really isn't), and Kami has never looked better. I'm a bit of a geek myself, so I can sympathise with John's plight, and the spanking itself is just a classic OTK one - exactly what I like to see.

We get a couple of good angles, the placement of Kami over John's knee is perfect, and the punishment is firm rather than excessive. It's a film I can happily watch again and again, and this is made easier by the usual high production values Triple A employ.

As ever, please forgive any fuzziness in these pictures, which is a product of my poor screen grabbing, rather than anything in the film itself, which is lovely and clear, as you would expect.

So then, onto Revenge of the Geek - The Photostory.

Where have my discs gone?
Enter the babe (sorry, I've been reading too many noir novels)
"Do you know what happened to these?"
Well, of course she doesn't! Butter wouldn't melt....
Oh Kami, time to confess. AAArgh! She sold them!
Don't worry; John knows what to do
Over his knee she goes
First smack
At this point the commentary becomes superfluous
What do you mean? It was always superfluous?
That's pretty bloody rude, you know
I give you these lovely pictures to look at, and all I get is abuse!
Why don't you pick on someone your own size, eh?
Sorry to return to the actual post, but Kami does look lovely here
Time for those jeans to come down
Pleasantly pink under red knickers
Getting pinker - nice work, John
Nice work if you can get it, an' all
John finds he's starting to enjoy this
I'm not sure, but I don't think Kami is so keen
That's a really lovely pose though
Let's have a closer look at how Kami's bottom is doing
And how she feels about it
A last couple of spanks with panties up
And now they're down
How about a closer look just to make sure that they're down?
They look down from this end too
Good Lord these comments are becoming inane
Note from the editor - please ignore the last comment and focus on Kami's bum instead
Grin and bear it.
I think I may have used every word in the English language that relates to spanking
No, not in this post; I mean, in general
Anyway, last piccie - spanking concluded (until next Friday)
I must apologise if those comments became a bit banal as this post went on; I was concentrating on the pictures and somehow there didn't seem to be enough blood available to keep my brain functioning in a sensible manner.

I hope you enjoyed those pictures; I certainly did. In fact, I think I may have to bring the video up one more time, hit play and see what occurs. Ah, what a happy way for a spanko to spend a few idle but self satisfying minutes.

That sounds rather like a double entendre. 

If, like me, you find these images to be a sheer delight, you may wish to hurtle over to Triple A Spanking, so that you can check out the actual video. Should you do so, you'll also finds lots of other fantastic films for your spanky entertainment.

I'll see you next week (or is that too presumptuous of me?)

All the best



  1. Hi Tim! I loved the photostory this week (of course). Thanks for the memories, I loved making this film with Kami, it's a shame she no longer subs! Oh... and in other news, you have made the nominations to go through to a final public vote for "Best Creative Blog 2015" - coming out this week at the Spanking Blogg - really chuffed for you! You deserve it! :)


    1. it's lovely to hear from you John, and I'm glad you enjoyed the memories. It really is a great film, and the two of you are tremendous in it.

      Very many thanks for the news about the nomination. I am honestly gobsmacked! It's wonderful news, and i will blog about it almost immediately.

      I hope all is going well with you; it must be odd to be a true transatlantic gent!

      Thanks again