Tuesday, 10 November 2015

OTK Spanking - Firm Hand Spanking Part 1

Roll up, roll up, and welcome to my Circus of Spanking. I suppose you might just call it my blog.

Last week I did my first in this series, featuring Bad Tushy, and quite a few of you seemed to like it. That being the case I will now barrel head first into the second entry, in which we will cast our spotlight on a number of delightful spankings from the US site Firm Hand Spanking.

I have so many entries in their folder that one post couldn't possibly hope to contain them all. This, then, is Part One. Part Two (and possibly a couple more after that) will follow when I feel like it.

Oh yes, I am MAAAAAAD! with power.

Well, if you're still here after that, I suppose you want to see some pretty girl's getting spanked. It just so happens that I can provide exactly what you want. Isn't that a lucky coincidence?

Yes, I thought so too.


The lovely Abigail Whittaker
A rarity - Amelia spanks (Aleesha Fox, as it happens)
Abigail spanks Alison Miller
Slippering Belinda Lawson
Kayla Apple, front....
Oh, and back too
Lizzie Madison spanks Michaela
Sam spanks Lizzie
Earl Grey spanks Sam
The lovely and sadly retired Valerie Bryant
Tanya spanks Jennifer Torrance
Amelia spanked
Amelia from the front
Another view of Amelia
Sasha Harding spanked
The wonderful Alaura Shane spanks Corinne
An old favourite - Stacy Stockton, as a schoolgirl
Whew! That was a fairly exhausting selection, and there are lots more where they came from.

Firm Hand Spanking has a huge archive of brilliant spanking films, and I'd urge you to check them out. All of our spanking sites need support, especially those that offer you so many spankings for your kinky buck, so have a look, and tell 'em Tim sent you.

I'll be back next week with another set of OTK screen grabs from a different spanking video producer. Until then, savour these, why don't you?

Best wishes


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