Thursday, 12 November 2015

Video of the Week - Chatty Juliet (Punished Brats)

How's the weather where you are? It's damp, cold and miserable here, but then, this is England, after all.

Still, I have a nice warm spanky glow from watching the video we are about to discuss. Are you sitting comfortably? Yes, me too. What a shame, eh? Onwards, then, ever onwards.

This week's film is an oldie from the delightful Punished Brats. See that fuzziness in the pictures? For once that has more to do with the lo fi video image than my inept screen grabbing. It's an old film, and hi definition or HD imaging was a thing of the future when this came out.

Never mind the image quality though (and it is perfectly watchable); what's important is how entertaining this video is.

The cast is limited to two performers; the spanker is the venerable David Pierson, and, if I'm right, he doesn't have a line of dialogue throughout the whole video.

All of the narration, and explanation, and much, much more is delivered by the gorgeous Juliet Valentina, one of my top two or three all time spanking favourites. She is stunning looking, she had a wonderfully bubbly on screen persona, she has one of the cutest bottoms you will ever see, and, on top of that, she is genuinely a very fine actress.

Sadly it seems Juliet retired a few years ago; about 3 years ago I spoke to David Pierson about her, and he had lost touch with her, believing she no longer performed in spanking films. As she ever only shot for Punished Brats (I believe), then this is a pretty strong clue that she has left Spanky Land, for other climes.

For now though, there are, at my count, 33 films on Punished Brats in which she got spanked, and they are all worth watching. Again and again.

Chatty Juliet features a young lady who has acted poorly, and who can't stop talking. She gabbles away, in a very amusing fashion, for the entire length of the film. She discusses what her punishment should be, how it's going, and much more.

I'm not sure that a bunch of pictures can really do justice to this one, but as that's all I can offer you, they'll have to do for here and now. You could rush off and join Punished Brats, which remains one of the cheapest sites around, especially when you consider how many hundreds of clips they offer.

Anyway, some pictures, along with my inane comments - you can always just focus on the images.

"Oh, hi Dad!"
"You look angry"
"Oh, a spanking. I'd have gone another way"
"Perhaps a few good whacks are just what I need"
Most definitely ow!
The firm hand of parental authority
"What are you doing?"
"Well, I probably deserve a bare bottom spanking"
"Just a few whacks!"
David provides a few whacks
And a few more 
Just a few more
Juliet gets wriggly
"I'll wait here until you get me"
"Thanks, Dad"
The end

I've just sat and watched the film again; it's quite short. For me, the film works extremely well for a handful of reasons:-

1. Juliet is wonderful, convincing and funny
2. David not engaging with her conversational efforts is funny and effective
3. It's a very nice spanking, thorough without being over the top
4. It's really very simple, as a plot. We don't even learn what Juliet has done wrong

At the end of the day this is just a quality film produced by a very professional company, who clearly love their spanking; David is one of the best male spankers around (in my opinion), and, well, Juliet is Juliet.

Anyway, please consider checking out Punished Brats and their masses of quality spanking films; the latest ones with Briar Rose, Audrey and Joelle are all particularly hot.

I'm off to do something dull now (by which I mean, of course, not spanking related).

Best wishes


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