Friday, 21 November 2014

Whatever happened to our heroes? Some pictures of the stunning Ms Samantha Woodley

Always nice to start with a spank, isn't it?

And you really can't go wrong heading a blog post up with a Strangler's reference, I always say. In fact, come to think of it, I'm pretty sure that's an old family saying, passed down from father to son for generations.

Or perhaps my memory betrays me.

Anyway, welcome to Friday, and a slightly different version of the lazy picture filled post. Still lots of nice screen grabs but this time from a different source, the splendid Firm Hand Spanking.

And, lucky you, all of the pictures feature the frankly stunning Samantha Woodley.

There is a school of thought that holds Sam is the most beautiful model ever to be spanked on video. Whilst I tend to be a bit parochial, and assume that, if spanking is the vice anglaise, then the best spanking models should certainly come from these shores, I still find it hard to argue with this sentiment.

Sam has it all really. A stunning figure, a beautiful face and the most rounded bottom imaginable. She clearly loves spanking, as Firm Hand have featured her in videos for over ten years.

She has also been active on the production side, writing and filming her own stories. When she talks she comes across as intelligent, and her acting is certainly better than the industry standard.

Best of all, Sam is a wriggler and a kicker. Watching one of her films, while you may know intellectually she's probably having a good time getting her gorgeous bottom warmed, she always acts as though it is the greatest and most unimaginable indignity in the world, as she struggles and complains. 

Whatever your taste in spanking videos I find it difficult to believe that you wont find something to enjoy in one of the very many films she has appeared in.

There are also some delightful Shadowlane films with Sam, and some early ones from Chelsea Pfeiffer, but over the years Firm Hand has generally been her home.

In some of the earlier FHS films they had their models talking to the camera, both before and after their punishment, and to see the look of regret and anticipation on Sam'd face as she explains what is likely to happen to her is almost worth the admission price itself.

Of course, then the spanking starts, and that is certainly worth paying for.

I always say that, if you have Amelia Jane Rutherford for a shoot, you should always put her over your knee, as her long elegant frame looks at it's best that way. Sam is a very different build, shorter and more solid, but I always think the same of her.

A lot of the FHS films shoot her, in part, from the front at an angle, so you see her face, her boobs, and her bottom. This is very nearly the perfect angle to capture her spanky magnificence.

And so to the pictures. As I said, all are screen grabs from Firm Hand Spanking films, and I would strongly recommend you get a membership there, and add them to your collection.

All the best  

In fine kicking and wriggling form

Sam clutches a well spanked bottom
On occasion Sam also spanks

Sam in costume No. 1 - in school uniform
 No. 2 in stewardess uniform

No. 3 - in birthday suit

Girls like to spank Sam

Guys like to spank Sam
I'm guessing even Sam would like to spank Sam

I know that I'd like to spank Sam

Looking innocent and adorable will not save her

And sometimes she is too naughty for just a hand spanking

Quite often really

But still there's something about hand on bottom

So, ladies, gentlemen and any others who are reading this, there you have the sheer sexual gold that is Samantha Woodley.

I apologise for the slightly fuzzy quality of some of the pictures, but they're screen grabs from some quite old films. You'll notice that the more recent ones are cleaner.

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