Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Alex Reynolds goes to Amsterdam

Hah hah! I bet you though I'd forgotten all about these Dutch spanking posts, didn't you?

I know that it's been a little while, but you need to have more faith. Like the song says, faith will be rewarded.

Busy day today; new cooker to buy, shopping to put away, cat to take to vets. Lots of other stuff. Oh, and Jesse Malin in Wolverhampton tonight, so I need to sort out a route to get there.

Just time though for some fun pictures, this time featuring the delightful Alex Reynolds. Alex hails from the US, and is the author of the splendid blog Alex in Spankingland, which you really need to check out. Of course, if you're here then you clearly have impeccable taste so I'm sure that you're a regular there already.

Alex has been busy recently; apart from turning up in Amsterdam with our friend Mike she's been in videos for a number of our UK producers, probably most notably at Dreams of Spanking, where she receives a very severe six of the best in Pandora's latest spanking epic (if you like schoolgirl caning you will definitely love seeing the 4 girls getting their just desserts).

But now it's picture time:-
Alex not being spanked, as a stewardess (just in case you don't recognise her!)
Alex definitely being spanked
Clearly from this shot Alex's rather lovely bottom has already been spanked, quite a bit
Mike proving there's more to him than just a hard hand
The perils of waitressing (around Mike at least)
Great shot of well smacked bottom
Spanked by Caroline Grey (in this in the right folder?)
And from another angle
The leather paddle - ouch!
More owies
Red bat, red uniforms and reddening bottom
Remember the stewardess uniform? 

Sadly our last picture today, but hey, what a view!

Well, that's all we have time for. Or at least all I have time for. Pictures from Spanked in Uniform (plus 2 from Real Life Spanking, I think).

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