Thursday, 6 November 2014

Sarah Gregory spanks!

Well look, you can call me a lazy old sod (many have, even in the days when I was a fair bit younger) but I quite like this idea of whacking together a bunch of pictures, selected based on some vague link, and calling it a blog post.

The post yesterday on femdom took me two hours to write, plus around 15 minutes to select appropriate images; this one took me 30 minutes in total. it would have been less but I found several of the videos to be quite..uh..compelling.

Hmm. Excuse me while I adjust my dress. And no, I'm not wearing a dress. My good one's at the drycleaners, and it's hardly the cocktail hour.

So I was busy seeking intellectual insight in the films at Spanking Sorority Girls (another of the ex-Clare Fonda bundles of spanking delight, now run by me mate the Cameraman), and it occurred to me just how often Sarah Gregory tops.

I always think of her as a sub, going back to those lovely days on Punished Brats, which was the first site on which I encountered her, I think. She was lovely and bratty, and had a delicious bubble butt. Hard not to fall in love with her.

Although not quite as hard as my friend John (the chief) Osbourne has apparently found it; the guy behind Triple A spanking is now her beau. If you'll excuse such course language.

Anyway, Sarah is now extremely switchy, and I thought it might be pleasant to have a look at a few pictures of her spanking the living daylights out of various bottoms, of the female variety.

Are you ready? Take a deep breath; gird your loins. Here we go, two, three, four:-

Remember all those references to Mike's hard hand? Well, Sarah has one too

Sarah spanks Ashley Graham

Oops - how did this one get in here? Lovely picture anyway

Ah, normal service is resumed
Oh damnit, another one snook in!

Oh, Hell, I don't care. I like seeing Sarah spanked.

And to finish, well, let's have one last picture of Sarah getting her beautiful bottom tanned. 

So there you have it. A delightful selection of pictures of Sarah spanking (mostly). And another gentle post.

All the best


All pictures are taken from either Spanking Sorority Girls or else from Sarah's own site Sarah Gregory Spanking

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