Sunday, 9 November 2014

A lazy Sunday super spanking video of the day - from Dreams of Spanking

I don't usually do this, but Pandora has this morning put up a new video on Dreams of Spanking, and it pushes so many of my buttons that I've already watched all 12 minutes and 58 seconds of it three times!

It has a slipper spanking, Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey - what more could you possibly want in a video?

I was going to summarise the plot but, hey, this is a laaaazzzzy Sunday post, so why don't I just lift the scene description that Pandora so thoughtfully provided? There's no earthly reason not to.

So here it is:-

Young teacher Amelia Jane Rutherford is about to start work in a new school. The job is exciting, but involves a task she's never done before: administering corporal punishment to naughty students. Luckily, her good friend Caroline Grey is used to slippering pupils who get out of hand, and she's on hand to show Amelia the basics.
Testing the slipper by whacking it on her hand, Amelia starts to get a feel for the stinging thwack. But, worried that she doesn't know how hard to do it, she shyly asks her friend for help.
Soon Amelia is bent over the bed, taking six hard smacks with the slipper. As she experiences the pain and embarrassment of a slippering first hand, she starts to get the picture. But what if the student is a repeat offender? What if they won't stop misbehaving? Caroline obliges with the details, informing Amelia that in such cases, punishment is usually given on the bare. Gradually, Amelia starts to appreciate the embarrassment and humiliation of having to bend over and lower your knickers for corporal punishment. Her integrity compels her to learn what it feels like before dishing it out, and so she insists on undergoing the full experience: from harder swats over her sheer knickers, to a final flurry directly on her bare bottom.  

That all sounds lovely, doesn't it? Believe me, words don't do it justice. You have to see the pictures!

What pictures? Well, give these a glance for a start. And then, perhaps, gallop over to Dreams of Spanking and get it downloaded. Oh, you will of course have to join up first, but, for me, this film alone is worth a month's membership.

Ladies and gentlemen, our gorgeous stars
No Amelia, you need a bottom there if you're going to spank

The offending implement

All three of our cast assembled

All three of our cast interact

Same concept, different angle
Is there a more beautiful bottom in Spanking Land?
I'm pretty sure that there isn't
I couldn't resist another look
And now on the bare!
Very bare and totally awesome
Glowing a gentle shade of red
Another look. No reason needed
Oh, to slap again!
A final firmer smack

Why do I like it so much? Well, apart from the factors that I have already mentioned, the dialogue leading up to the slippering is brilliant, so reasonable and realistic, with the two ladies looking stunning and acting very convincingly.

The costumes are perfect, and the first sight of Amelia's bottom when she lifts her skirt took my breath away.

The only shame is that Caroline doesn't offer Amelia the chance to try out her slippering skills in turn, just to finish the thing off. Perhaps there will be a sequel.

Anyway, lovely stuff all round.

I may have to go for a lie down after I've stuffed a couple of sausage and egg baps down me throat. Lad's got to eat, y'know.

Have a happy rest of the weekend.

All the best


All pictures, and the text block, are taken from Dreams of Spanking and are protected by their copyright.

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